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Use ambient in a sentence

Definition of ambient:

  • (adjective) completely enveloping; "the ambient air"; "ambient sound"; "the ambient temperature"

Sentence Examples:

The smell of lunch and the cigarette smoke filled the room with an ambient, steamy vapor.

There is produced in this manner round each ion an assemblage of molecules of water which constitute a germ capable of causing the formation of a drop of water out of the condensation of excess vapor in the ambient air.

I was by no means sure that I should dare to say even so much as this to Ambient himself, and there was a kind of rapture in speaking it out to his wife which was not affected by the fact that, as a wife, she appeared peculiar.

Ambient exclaimed.

Ambient standing at the front gate of the grounds, in colloquy with the physician.

Then, like an ambient fungus, it slithered off into the jungle undergrowth.

The ambient fluid of the Winds is born, Air is born, invisible Element, felt yet unfeeling.

Calm and beautiful is the warm ambient air of repose and affection after a matrimonial blizzard.

I have heard of persons feeling, under the effect of laughter, as light and buoyant as if floating in ambient air.

Or is it something imperceptible to us, which flows out from the substance into the ambient air?

The little animal stood there like a protest against the ambient discouragement.

The ambient air was too full of a shrapnel burst of screaming, darting, pecking, whirling, shrieking blue jay.

Williams, his roving glance searching ambient heights.

That was all those measly, close-fisted people donated for the pleasure of seeing me navigate the ambient air.

Characteristics of a medieval type still persisted, such as faulty drawing, color lacking in energy and richness, a sad and sober ambient, and a disregard for everything in a painting except the human figures.

Prior has the following line: "These pointed spires that wound the ambient sky."

Behavior of Chemical Weapons Chemical agents can be disseminated as a gas, vapor, or aerosol under ambient conditions.

His head, bent a little forward in the agony of listening, whirled madly round; the ambient darkness surrounding all.

He could, he knew, pull his consciousness back enough to let the creature's own consciousness carry it through its daily cycle of eating, avoiding destruction, and the manifold businesses of being an ambient creature.

Far off in the ambient air, and immovable, an eagle pinioned, as if pondering on the great tree's overthrow.

The air it breathes is the intuition itself, from which it detaches itself, but in whose ambient it continues.

The shrieks of that youth, usually so self-contained, rent the ambient air.

If a quantity of grapes is crushed into an open half-barrel or other suitable vessel, and covered, the phenomenon of fermentation will be noticeable within a day or two, depending on the ambient temperature.

If the extremity of the neck of one of these vessels was suddenly broken, all the ambient air rushed into the flask, bringing in all the suspended dusts; the bulb was closed again at once with the assistance of a jet of flame.

The air was thin and ambient; the sunlight, broad and blazing, exhaling from the sea a thin white haze, which, at the dim horizon, made the sea and sky so blend together, that none could tell where cloud began and water ended.

At the moment in which man expired, his soul escaped through his mouth and floated in the ambient air.

The most splendid art works adorned the ambient.

For example, the Indian knows nothing of the ambient air.