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Use banter in a sentence

Definition of banter:

  • (noun) light teasing repartee
  • (verb) be silly or tease one another

Sentence Examples:

Succeeding, however, he tried the effect of joshing and banter.

The book as a whole is very free from banter or persiflage.

You have frequently bantered me on my stoical indifference to female beauty.

It was made for airs and banter and persiflage and coquetry.

The Kentuckian looked up in surprise, and his bantering smile vanished.

Then the tone of banter, of irony, almost of persiflage, is discouraging.

He laughed sneeringly, the insinuating banter all gone from his manner.

They instantly began to banter us in Spanish to come up to them.

Bob stood looking at Carey, smiling his old bantering debonair smile.

At this stage an intermezzo interrupted the light, bantering tone of conversation.

When he roguishly allowed all sorts of bantering by-thoughts to peep forth.

Sabrina laughed too, despite the unmerciful way she was being bantered.

She either dismissed him in a dudgeon or cajoled him with elusive banter.

A tone of pride and glee, and, occasionally, of bantering jocoseness, is discernible.

Sang out one of his new messmates, giving vent to a bantering laugh.

Instantly his attitude of good-natured bantering and pompous boastfulness dropped from him.

In all this banter the cowmen joined with their own well-flavored wit.

Yet any claim but one tittle less urgent I should have bantered aside.

The loafers called out rude, bantering comments, and Missy burned with shame.

Miriam had been exasperated at not being able to read between the bantering lines.

She seemed preoccupied and her contributions to their banter were perfunctory and spiritless.

Completely taken aback by her domineering manner, I sought escape in embarrassed banter.

Her plane of motive was so high that his banter would be a desecration.

Though with his sincerity there was also the bantering tone of the unbeliever here.

She replied, quaintly, with that air of superior banter which puzzled, fascinated, defied him.

There were purpose and feeling, banter and scoff, playing, mingled, on her mobile lineaments.

Somewhat bewildered by this banter, Glen answered rather doubtfully that he believed he could.

The bantering tone in which Tom had begun to catechize his servant had gone.

"Really," she bantered, still laughingly, not to be confused by her old playfellow's look.

Whistler's happy thoughts are often irresistibly comic, the very perfection of flippancy and banter.

A friendly remonstrance, delicately conveyed, is one thing, but the buffoonery of a banter is another.

For answer the scout gave him a bantering push and tousled his hair for him.

Our conversation during these peaceful interregnums mainly consisted in friendly banter, parish news, and gossip.

Answered the melancholic man morosely, for he was hungry, and in no humor for banter.

She said this with a bantering smile that again perplexed Mark and set him reflecting.

Holt stared truculently at him; suspecting further banter and not relishing it from a stranger.

"Your plebes are getting away from you, Miriam," exclaimed the older girl in a bantering tone.

As much as the next man, I would find pleasure in bantering with the tavern-keeper's wife.

He was humorous, flippant, almost slangy in phrase; and his favorite style was one of banter.

As the people collided in the dark, jokes and friendly banter were bandied to and fro.

Mott, however, appeared to be in nowise disconcerted and laughingly received the bantering words of his classmates.

He may look in upon a party of carousing friends, with banter that is not without reproof.

His banter is nearly always ungainly, his wit blunt, as Johnson said, and often unseasonable.

She laughed at him, but behind her bantering was a new respect for Ward's astuteness.

The religious punctilio of this most discreet cavalier immediately took umbrage at what he conceived a banter.

"Oh Monseigneur," I cried again, deeply hurt by his jeering banter with its pretended misapprehension.

The concierge, in a bantering tone, assures her that she will be well in six weeks.

All through the day she warbled out her happiness, lovingly bantering the two crippled men.

He insinuates truth with a friendly indirectness, and banters us out of our folly with a foreign instance.

Laughed the Girl, saucily, and, apparently, trying to relieve the strained situation by her bantering tone.

Laughed the Girl, saucily, and, apparently, trying to relieve the strained situation by her bantering tone.

Muttered the appellant, who saw no such convenience, and imagined that the servants were bantering him.

The drawers of the day were the butts of the evening, and were bantered and teased unmercifully.

He began in a light bantering tone, described with delicate satiric touch the objects of the Colony.

Maggie shook him by the hand, and her father's bantering voice now startled his dignified mood.

Some of them would speak in good-humored banter, some with premeditated malice; but their jibes would sting.

She bantered Mary, deferred to Helen and the Riches, appealed in comradely fashion to Katherine and Rachel.

The president puffed at a churchwarden and exchanged genial banter with those who came up to deposit offerings.

Dorothy joined Lady Carlisle before our absence had been noted, and began to banter Fitzpatrick upon his losings.

They did not expect or want a woman to know anything and preferred light banter and persiflage.

She laughed and bantered him a little, remembering too late that she should have been dignified and reserved.

Besides, he must stop this light banter, which was like drawing plaster off a sore and unhealed wound.

The others shouted bravo, and gave him a bantering ovation, with a series of profound bows and numerous handshakes.

From the banter of the man of learning the queen of the dingle sought refuge in a precipitate flight.

He talked with a kittenish banter in his voice as if he were patting a child of five on the head.

His banter is nearly always ungainly, his wit blunt, as Johnson said of it, and very often unseasonable.

To be infused, even by bunkum and banter, with the idea of killing, is a sad overthrow of sane balance.

Something idyllic and noble had entered into and stopped the bantering, mocking, scoffing tone of the average Parisian.

While we were bantering in this edifying fashion, the table had been laid, and we sat down to supper.

One of the first forms of a reciprocal mirthful attack or bantering between classes is that between the Sexes.

There were a few cat-calls and an attempt at bantering from those who looked upon his attempt as a joke.

The lawyer continued in the same bantering way, but Rex had not the heart to match his flippancy.

Lucy, meantime, was undergoing the broad banter of her unrefined cousins on the subject of the Irish clerk.

Perplexedly the White Linen Nurse tried to stare her way through his bantering smile to his real meaning.

Germans can never understand the form of friendly banter which we term chaff, and always resent it deeply.

The chief was riding his horse to and fro in front of his men, in order to banter me.

The unlettered hinds gathered in a thick semicircle and began to nudge elbows and banter one another to bet.

Ken was callow, young, and backward; but he had a temper, and this kind of banter roused it easily.

I found my father greatly discomposed, though at first he sought to hide his trouble by jest and banter.

Presently an idle baker, whose shop adjoined the bridge, came out and leaned upon the parapet, and bantered the girls.

And again adopting a bantering tone, "I trust, fair lady, I shall not return this time from a bootless errand."

The 'Squire's offers were tempting, and, from byplay and bantering, at last amounted to what appeared a perfectly fabulous sum.

Among sayings in the English language attributed to the notes of the meadowlark are some expressions of banter and raillery.

A butcher-boy, with basket on arm, was lingering at a basement door in lively banter with a good-looking Irish cook.

All this is mere poetic banter; but there is a substratum of truth which the poets must have dimly felt.

To haggle, banter and blarney were parts of the game, and parts which the buyer demanded as his right.

The heroine, a belle in the gay Tory circles, bewitches the hero, after much banter and playing at love-making.

Richard at first received her gentle remonstrance with good-natured banter, and generally turned it off with a playful witticism.

With this constant bantering from students and the sad complaints of the women, my mind was sorely perplexed.

Monroe with such a load of banter and mirthful sayings that that gentleman eventually smiled, to the surprise of everybody.

Democritus Junior did not mince matters, either in writing or when indulging in lusty banter with bargemen on the Thames.

The introductions of the toastmaster may, of course, contain some good-natured bantering, together with compliment, but always without sting.

If it occasionally required some mental agility to respond to her banter, a Californian gathering was, however, seldom lacking in humor.

Banter prescribed the actual cautery, and put the poker in the fire to be heated, in order to sear the place.

He changed his key accordingly, seeing that his own rough banter would stand no chance against Hiram's subtler wit.

He was engaged in a bantering conversation with a youth who lolled at such ease as a well-worn, cane-bottomed screw-chair afforded.

The Basque stood staring at him, inarticulate with fury; Don Mike faced his enemy with a bantering, prescient little smile.

Some bantered him roguishly and some spoke in chest tones of what was the real inner meaning of life after all.

She wrinkled her Greek nose at him, but she liked his banter, and with assumed offense she replied: "Frog."

I allude to the curious, angular, enigmatic, spasmodic, often playful and bantering communications, with frequent "unexpected replies" and philosophic platitudes.