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Use berate in a sentence

Definition of berate:

  • (verb) censure severely or angrily | to criticize harshly

Sentence Examples:

He almost wished his mother would berate him, but she continued to lie there, breathing heavily under her disarranged covers.

It is not that the departure of the Portuguese is regretted (there are exceptions, of course) but the question of why, Portuguese colonization remains so strenuously berated.

He was roundly berated by his mistress, but finally forgiven by the worried woman who needed his help around the store more than she needed the contrite promises and effusive declarations that he would 'behave alright for the rest of his life.'

Being a healthy, active boy, there was a great deal of mischief in him, and in her attempts to discipline him the mother scolded, berated, and often cuffed and slapped him, occasionally administering a whipping.

An Adela would certainly have berated him in her shrewish, thin tones.

There are those who blame and berate; volumes have been written to show the inconsiderateness of this man toward the gentle lady who was his intellectual comrade.

Nothing annoys or embarrasses a Filipino more than the American habit of railing at luck or of berating the unfortunate purveyor of disappointing news, or, in fact, of insisting on accurate information if it can be obtained.

Berated by later generations as an adventurer, a schemer, a charlatan, Law originally deserved anything but such a verdict of his public.

His patriotism outran his knowledge, for the first discoverers bitterly berated these poisonous creatures, though no more warmly than Neo, who drew heavily upon his stock of English curses to tell his opinion of them.

The second act opens in a chamber in Baptista's house, where Katharine is berating Bianca for accepting serenades from suitors, and abuses her even to blows.

At any rate, grandmother had a shrewish tongue and often berated him.

Many a time he had berated his friend for what he termed his pigheaded obstinacy.

After she had berated me soundly for submitting so tamely, she flounced back to her own room, declaring she would get even with the robbers.

Raising his cutlass in air, he was about to bring it down upon one of the cowards he berated, when suddenly he was seized by two powerful hands, which pinned his arms behind him.

In a corner partition a slovenly woman in bedraggled finery berated the man who sat with bloated eyes across from her.

And Patrick thought a little regretfully of the dollar and a half he would insist upon foregoing if he took a day off, but at the same moment he berated himself soundly for having such an ungenerous thought.

She was volubly berating him, to his grim amusement, when the lattice doors from the corridor swung open and two officers entered.

It served to blind them with fury, and the next moment the captain fell forward over the dead hound, and three of his gallant sailors sprawled over him, for which piece of awkwardness they were berated and kicked and cuffed by their irate employer.

With these words did the countenances of his tempters grow long like their beards and take on a grievous expression like a beast unjustly berated.

Lin grabbed his clothes from the spectacled lady berating both soundly, giving them but little opportunity to explain.

Men contribute generously to the relief funds who, if asked to surrender a fractional part of their dividends in order to make work safer and more healthful and more humane for employees, would berate the suggestion as anarchistic.

From his manner it was not difficult to imagine that he was soundly berating the secretary, who, whenever he could make himself heard, was just as plainly attempting to present some extenuating argument.

"I suppose I shall be emblazoned and lauded and berated in the newspapers, and shall come out at the end of the campaign with scarcely a rag of reputation left, whether I win or lose."

The thickset man was also exercising the privileges of his rank; but the more he berated his attendant's awkwardness, the more nervous the other became.

The rest of the reviews, as far as I could see, pitied and berated us pompously.

He berated her traducers and persecutors in long and fierce personal letters.

Such a berating did they give me, telling me of all my faults and foibles, that I certainly ought to remain humble all the rest of my days.

He addressed the King of Prussia in language that no gentleman ever employs, and he berated his underlings in a style that even President Johnson might despair of equalling.

No wonder that he sometimes bewails, and sometimes berates, the storm of angry passions raging around.

For the first time men of the line shouted insults after the Emperor, and with impunity; even the faithful guard indulged in double-meaning quips, but they, on the other hand, were at the proper time soundly berated.

He hoped they would offer an apology or explanation for their conduct and thereby furnish him with the opportunity for berating them and relieving his soul of the bitterness that rankled there.

He had no more soul than a brickbat, and without a doubt had heaped abuse upon his father, had berated him for not burning the will, and for permitting me, by his weak fears, to be a bombshell in their path so long.

Now she was like a lolling passenger in a jinrikisha, who berates the shabby coolie because he stumbles where the roads are rough and sweats where they are steep.

On my way I soundly berated myself for my folly in venturing so recklessly and without authority to interfere in behalf of a sheep, when besieged by wolves, and in danger of losing no more than his fleece.

To part from his uniform was agonizing, and he berated the fate that pried him loose from tunic and puttees.

Even Jimmy was unmercifully berated for falling down on the job, Jimmy, who one short week before was praised to the skies for springing one of the greater newspaper stories in history.

I berated myself for taking the story seriously even for a moment, as I dropped a token into the turnstile and pressed forward.

They spoke sternly of the thin moral fiber of the country, berating the people for what they called their amoral evolution brought on by indifference and negligence until they no longer could hear the still guiding voice of their conscience.

Enraged, loudly berating the faithless Moor, we rode slowly home on our exhausted steeds.

He stole a furtive backward glance at the frump, but she was enjoying herself berating a fat girl she addressed as "Flora."

Now the sound of firm, officer-like boot steps stormed past the door, headed out this time, after which the two young soldiers began berating each other in high-pitched Spanish.

The king, on hearing this, declared, angrily, that he would hear of no peace; he called the earl a traitor who deserved to be driven out of the country, and berated him for having married a woman who sympathized with the king's enemies.

The hissing downpour of rain descended pitilessly, its noise almost drowning the infuriated voice of Captain Bunker, who, foaming with rage, berated the saturnine mate.

I remembered how Mammy Susan used to berate our darkies for their delinquencies on days following meetings.

Fun, a highly personal noun, too often was used generically, which led to overrating certain pastimes and berating others.

Sometimes it's a tone that is most adoring, and again he berates her scandalously.

A certain day he went into the blacksmith's shop and, finding something out of order, began to berate the blacksmith unmercifully.

From this or whatever cause, the judges of old times were crusty and abusive; and old Judge Paine, besides being all this, was moreover deaf, and used to berate counsel roundly at times for what was no fault of theirs.

The earliest social satirist, like the latest, berated the accursed greed for gold, and castigated his contemporaries for their love of luxury and their eager pursuit of money.

This gave a doubly keen edge to the animosity of Stephen; and he berated his brother-in-law, in terms, almost as vulgar and abusive, as those we daily meet with, in so many of our leading political journals, of all denominations.

In his rages he berated her as a cabby might have scolded his drunken wife.

This eloquent lady heartily berates the wives of tradesmen for presuming to copy the fashions of the rich and noble.

On the contrary, he rather berated the young man behind his back, for a fop who cared for nothing but dress, or a fool who was occupied with dreams and poetry instead of devoting himself to his business.

He berated his bungling, fumbling, thoughtless notions and cursed himself for trying to help Penny by the "loco" means he'd used.

Springing out of the car, the chauffeur, a dark-skinned little man, rushed up to the carter, who had been trudging on the off-side at the horse's head, and began to berate him excitedly, with much play of hands.

Weary and exasperated from her day among the jostling shoppers, she berated David in loud and angry voice.

Instead of reminding them of the laurels they have won, and the territories they have overrun, he berates them for their habits of lavish expenditure, and for contracting debts which they have no means or expectation of paying.

These very same niggardly men (individually) would berate the doctor, be he ever so needy, or be his family ever so large, who would accept a fee for even cold-night services to any but the richest patients.

On arriving at the column they were soundly berated by General Sully for their temerity in venturing so far; for if a party of Indians of any size had cut in between them and the main body they might easily have all been killed.

Sam, choking with rage, berated his punchers for not having thrown out the insulting visitor and commanded more speed, which was impossible.

The stoker resented the insinuation, and I overheard him berating the old lady in Irish so sharply and threateningly (I had no doubt of his guilt) that she was quite frightened, and ready to retract the charge to hush the man up.

"She was so taken up with berating the rest of us for his tardiness that when he appeared she had apparently forgotten all about his being to blame in anything."

As clearly as if he had been present he saw the angry bewildered boy, fresh from David Stewart's berating, mystified over some commonplace legal matter requiring a signature.

Diffuse in language, confused in arrangement, and overladen perhaps with its thousands of examples, it was berated for its labyrinthine qualities even in the Middle Ages; yet its sixteen books remained the chief source of etymological knowledge.

Ignoring his abased presence she was addressing her two daughters, her deep voice rising above their berating tones.

And having berated my friend for his irresolution, I seized the first opportunity to prove my own capacity for meeting emergencies.

In the same way her much berated love of dress and personal adornment can be explained, that leads to increasingly eccentric follies of fashion and often causes financial troubles and unpleasantness to fathers and husbands.

Instead of berating me for being lacking in affection, the editor should have drawn a lesson from the fact that when the time comes to turn our hogs into bacon we are mercifully enabled to do it without any wrench to our finer feelings.

She berated him for his shiftlessness and declared he ought to be ashamed to allow two strangers to saw and split the wood which had too long awaited his attention.

It is not wise for the stranger to show too much interest in the personal affairs of mountain men, and Hale left the judge berating them and went to the hotel to get ready for the Gap, little dreaming how fixed the faces of some of those men were in his brain and how, later, they were to rise in his memory again.

The old man berated her with shrewish fury, while McNamara stood silent.

My ears fairly tingled with hot anger at the harsh orders, but I stuck to the work, smothering my rage at being berated while doing my very best to please and to expedite the work.

Now we traverse the self-same track in a day and a night, reclining on luxurious cushions of ease, covering fifty miles while dining in luxury; and we avert the ennui of the journey by berating the railway company for lack of speed.

It had dropped something and was howling, grovelling in evident appeal at the feet of a woman who soundly berated it.

Especially is this the case when they approach the question in a captious mood, determined to find fault, to berate and ridicule, rather than to fairly investigate.

Force, who was the prince of snobs, berated her soundly for petty snobbishness.

The roads were once more channels of bottomless mud, and eastern people, whom business errands brought out into that part of the country, sourly berated a country "in which everything depended on the state of the roads."

Like many another of her age, she berated as weak or shiftless what she could no longer enjoy.

All their frantic declarations of revenge end in nothing, and they content themselves with following the licentious nobleman about in masquerade; once in a while picking him up in the streets, unmasking, and entertaining themselves in berating him.

I suppose he scarcely ever takes out a stone or root without apostrophizing, adjuring, and berating it in tones and vernacular so queer that one might imagine he hoped to remove the refractory object by magic rather than by muscle.

The far-off booming had also died away, so the only sounds that reached his ear consisted of the loud voice of the Greek captain berating his men for not doing something as he wished it.

The angered giant then began to berate the giantess for the mean trick she had played on him and kept grumbling until he had devoured the bread and meat and disappeared into the tree.

With his men gathered about him, Mike spluttered and fumed, alternately cursing the newcomers and berating his men for a lot of cowards for allowing them to land.

The Martians looked on stolidly as the outlaw raved and cursed, berating them.

Moses on the double, shouting volubly in French and berating him severely.

I laid awake half the night morbidly berating the American father who is so afraid of his wife that he lets her bully him into sacrificing their joint flesh and blood upon the altar of social ambition.

Then he fell to berating the poor beasts, the Emperor, and finally his passengers, whose weight, he asserted, had overtaxed the horses' strength.

At almost every move through the drill he berated them caustically, though in such faultless military language of reproof as to keep him from censure.

She saw me, and began to berate me rapidly and wrathfully, at the same time making threatening movements with the musket.

The drivers were tossing the blame of it back and forth, gesticulating and berating, while from the ambulances, both crammed with wounded, there came an occasional groan.

The cities were berated as hubs of moral turpitude, decadence and greed.

When over three hundred youths criticized, condemned, and berated him one night, and the next, even before he reconsidered his decision about football, came under his window and cheered him, no wonder the young Norwegian was bewildered.