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Definition of carnivore:

  • (noun) a terrestrial or aquatic flesh-eating mammal;
  • (noun) any animal that feeds on flesh;

Sentence Examples:

Carnivores and ungulates develop into importance.

The species are related to the carnivores, ungulates, and rodents.

Of the carnivores only the cat and the dog are truly domesticated.

Must be a lull between the night carnivores and the daytime ruminants.

The skeleton of a typical carnivore is the perfection of strength and suppleness.

We are primates, not carnivores like the dog, nor omnivores like the hog.

Besides civets and polecats, we caught mongooses, palm civets, and other carnivores.

Her array of apes, antelopes, carnivores, and thick-skinned beasts compels unbounded admiration.

The great carnivores, pachyderms, and ruminants of the region are examples of this group.

His early life, the life of a predatory carnivore, had been an unthinkingly happy one.

Large carnivores lived also during Jurassic time and even as far back as late Triassic.

Our table is said to be such as would weary or revolt any but gobbet-bolting carnivores.

Comments on the taxonomy and geographic distribution of some North American marsupials, insectivores and carnivores.

He can not compete with carnivores in strength and ferocity, nor with herbivores in fleetness.

And then, even as he watched, corruption bloated the carnivore plant, and it collapsed into itself.

Probably the bobcat and the gray fox are the most abundant carnivores in the Park.

Like many other carnivores, each bobcat has a home range which varies with the available food supply.

You would probably be indigestible to an alien carnivore, but he'd probably kill you first to find out.

Many of the mutilated box turtles that I observed may have survived such encounters with carnivores.

The vegetarians suffered an appalling reduction of their food; the carnivores would dwindle in the same proportion.

Now, like a metallic carnivore scenting blood, the robot tracker nuzzled the gate and rebounded to nuzzle again.

It grazed the tawny shoulder, inflicting a flesh wound which aroused all the terrific bestiality of the carnivore, and the lion charged.

Not far from the brain was found a sacrum, which is described above as belonging to some carnivore, though further determination was impossible.

Above all things, carry with you plenty of strychnine, use it industriously, and it will bring you many a fine carnivore you would not get otherwise.

The man clubbed his rifle and struck futilely at the broad head, and then he was down, and the carnivore was standing above him.

In these were found large quantities of potsherds, some well painted and polished, together with part of the inferior maxilla of a medium-sized carnivore, probably a puma.

While the ungulates, because of the nature of their food, must almost necessarily be rather large animals, the carnivores occur both in large and small forms.

This can hardly be, however, for not only are the markings unlike those of the water opossum, but the large canine tooth indicates a large carnivore.

In the more open parts of the pinyon-juniper association, sign of coyotes was noted, and they were the dominant carnivores in the juniper belt and Joshua tree woodland.

All have rather long bodies, short legs armed with strong, sharp claws, pointed heads, catlike teeth, and brains equal, if not superior, to any other carnivore.

Our small mammals may be roughly classified by their food habits into three main groups: Rodents, or gnawing animals; carnivores, or flesh eaters, and insectivores, or insect eaters.

He differs from that great cetacean, though, in a most important particular; i.e. by having a complete set in both upper and lower jaws, like any other carnivore.

Nocturnal rodents and carnivores often stole bait in the night; the percentage of capture of cottontails after dawn might have been larger had bait remained in all the traps.

Sign of raccoons was most often found near water; tracks, however, indicated that these animals, along with other carnivores, used fire roads for traveling through the chaparral.

A terrified buck, blind to all save the single thought of escape from the talons of the dread carnivore, was bolting straight for the tree in which Tarzan sat.

From these primitive flesh eaters, with small and simple brains, numerous small teeth, and plantigrade tread, the different families of the carnivores of the present have slowly evolved.

The common European brown bear is a carnivore by descent, who has become a vegetarian in practice, though whether from conscientious scruples or mere practical considerations of expediency, does not appear.

Raising itself stiff and hunchbacked to the top of a massive, sunlit boulder, it took flesh as an enormous reptilian carnivore, like a tiny lizard slowed, and swelled to immense proportions.

The complex heavy grinders of the horse and elephant, the sharp cutting teeth of the carnivores, and the cropping teeth of the grass eaters were all still to come.

There might have been on every hand fierce carnivore or savage warriors, but so dull are the perceptive faculties of civilized man, the most blatant foe might have stalked them unperceived.

For a carnivore indeed is he, the very wolf of the ocean, and enjoying, by reason of his extraordinary agility as well as comparative worthlessness commercially, complete immunity from attack by man.

Unlike the small armadillos, it was unable to roll itself up into a ball; though an enormous carnivore which lived in those days must have made it sometimes wish it had the power to do so.

A stout branch deflected the raking talons of the carnivore, but so close was the call that a giant forearm brushed her flesh in the instant before she scrambled to the higher branches.

It is interesting to note that the muskrat is no match for the agile mink, and that one of these fierce carnivores moving into an area has resulted in the extermination of a whole colony of muskrats.

The great geographic area from the far east to the far west over which ranged similar or identical species of these pachyderms and carnivores is indicated by the oblique lines in the geographic chart.

The old statement which has gone the round of the textbooks since the time of John Hunter, that the stomach of carnivores may be transformed by vegetable diet into a herbivore stomach, is absolutely unproved.

The puma often kills full-grown cows and horses, but exhibits a still greater daring when attacking the jaguar, the largest of American carnivores, although, compared with its swift, agile enemy, as heavy as a rhinoceros.

Among the carnivorous mammals, phylogenetic series are not so clear and distinct as among the hoofed animals, chiefly because the carnivores are individually much less abundant, and well-preserved skeletons are among the prizes of the collector.

The carnivores lacked the secretions, obtaining them from their prey, and had given the colonists a lot of trouble because of their fondness for the generous supply of heat a human necessarily carried around with him.

From this common stock the two orders have gradually separated, the carnivores becoming more and more adapted to one mode of life and the herbivores to another, by a process following the laws of evolution, as already explained.

This species seems most common at the foot of the range where large dry washes prevent man from occupying the land immediately adjacent to the foothills, and are the dominant carnivores of the coastal sage belt.

A single terrific blow upon the flattened skull of the beast laid him insensible and then as Tarzan's knife found the wild heart a few convulsive shudders and a sudden relaxation marked the passing of the carnivore.

In these the skull was remarkably similar to that of the carnivores, or flesh-eating mammals, and the teeth, unlike the teeth of any later reptiles, were divisible into incisors, canines, and molars, as are the teeth of mammals.

Apart from overpopulation, forcing groups to adapt themselves to different regions and diets, and apart from the geological disturbances and climatic changes which occurred in nearly every period, the shadow of the advancing carnivores was upon them.

Then, one by one, the abortive, the inelastic, the ill-fitted types are destroyed by changing conditions or powerful carnivores, and the field is left to the mammals which filled it when man in turn began his destructive career.

Their efforts to exterminate it have resulted in grave biological problems at times, but in the light of more advanced study it seems probable this big carnivore will be spared in the future to keep its rightful place in our wilder areas.

Nearly all of them have the five-toed foot of the reptile ancestor; and the flat nails on their toes are the common material out of which the hoof of the ungulate and the claw of the carnivore will be presently fashioned.

The lions were fed sufficiently so as not to be goaded by pangs of hunger and as for Tarzan he seldom ate the meat of the carnivores; but a point of ethics was at stake and neither side wished to back down.

Then it had been that blood-drinking began among them, that Amphibians began seducing Humans to come live with them by their tales of easy immortality, and that they started the system of leaving savage little carnivores in the Human nurseries.

The ferocious certainty with which he seized the white-footed mouse by the head and bit through its skull indicated that in relation to small mammals he, probably like all his kind, had the predatory instincts and habits of the carnivores.

We find social habits even among the carnivores, and we can only name the cat tribe (lions, tigers, leopards, etc.) as a division the members of which decidedly prefer isolation to society, and are but seldom met with even in small groups.

A light wind was moving through the jungle aisles, and it wafted down now to the nostrils of the eager carnivore the strong scent spoor of the deer, exciting his already avid appetite to a point where it became a gnawing pain.

At the same time it must be noted, that the number of individuals in a species undoubtedly does bear some relation to the amount of the food-supply available; for instance, it is very low among the large carnivores, the lion, the eagle, and the like.

These tombs are roughly constructed wooden coffins raised a few feet only from the ground, and it is probable that these carnivores make their way into them, in the first place, to devour the corpse, and that they make use of them as lairs.

Now this period coincides with two circumstances which throw a complete light on the step; one is the great rise of the land, catching myriads of fishes in enclosed inland seas, and the other is the appearance of formidable carnivores in the waters.

The man was confident that they could not hope to cross the desert country to the east in the face of thirst and hunger, while behind them in the valley of plenty lay almost equal danger in the form of carnivores and the warlike natives.

He saw the strong, brown arms encircling the body of the carnivore, the left arm in front of the beast's left shoulder and the right arm behind his right foreleg, and with the impact the two together rolling over and over upon the turf.