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Definition of cessation:

  • (noun) a stopping; "a cessation of the thunder"

Sentence Examples:

Intercourse in from two to six days after cessation of the menses produces girls, in from nine to twelve, boys.

The cessation of Ethiopian trade, which mainly used Eritrean ports before the war, leaves Eritrea with a large economic hole to fill.

Nor were the military reasons for the cessation of warlike operations of a nature to convince men of their irresistible weightiness.

The abolition of the slave trade, and the suppression of intemperance were once as apparently hopeless as the cessation of war.

The bugler, sticking close to the officer, had to sound the order this time, for the cessation of firing.

While the bike and the motor have taken roving Londoners farther afield for their well-earned seventh-day cessation from work.

The corruption of the monasteries meant the laxity of vows, the cessation of ministration to the poor and the sick.

This occurred about sunset, and all night the roar of musketry and artillery was kept up without a moment's cessation.

Here they are compelled to hibernate during the winter, and this cessation of growth marks the intervals between each ring.

Owing to the cessation of hostilities, it has been deemed inexpedient to finish and equip her as for immediate and active employ.

For a full hour with little cessation I was casting over them, hooking, unhooking, killing two brace, or returning fish.

Whilst dancing and gesticulating they are chanting and singing without cessation, often repeating the same words over and over again.

Possibly the fruitlessness of any such speculation had much to do with his gradual cessation of interest in the enigma.

She never sought in any way to excite me until a day and a night after the cessation of her menses.

This new movement of Pacific exploration, destined to continue with no cessation to our own day, was ushered in by Spain.

Under such happy conditions, and with the cessation of Irish obstruction, the end of the Session proved curiously fruitful.

With every submission after long persistency, there is a strong reverse action, as from the sudden cessation of any motion.

When the soft, quiet voice ceased, it was like the sudden cessation of sweet music to the enchanted ears of little Maude.

Promptly but slowly, he headed the advance, for this silence, this sudden cessation of resistance, might betoken some deadly ambuscade.

Our postilion was a thorough master of his calling, and his spurs and whip seemed to know no cessation from action.

You can only define it as the total and final cessation of perception and apperception, both functions depending on the nerves.

As it was, there was a cessation of hostilities in many parts of the line and meetings of enemies which amounted to fraternization.

Immediate cessation of all hostilities at sea, and definite information to be given as to the location and movements of all Austro-Hungarian ships.

Immediate cessation of all hostilities at sea, and definite information to be given as to the position and movements of all German ships.

The latter, its errand over with the cessation of the demand for antiques and curios, disappears to await a fresh chance.

This River swells so much in the Winter, that it becomes unpassable, and occasions a Cessation of Arms on both sides.

The menopause, also termed the climacteric and the change of life, marks the permanent cessation of menstruation and of sexual activity.

The frontiersmen did not molest them in any way or trespass upon their lands; yet their ravages continued without cessation.

Our victorious armies and fleet, which were destined for other services, were suddenly stayed by the tidings of a cessation of arms.

The mob after a day or two became so uproarious that the magistrates were compelled to order the cessation of the illuminations.

With the cessation of masturbation, the feeling for women became in a measure more natural, but only in a coarsely sensual way.

The belly continued to increase, and about eleven months after the cessation of the menses she had the pains of labor.

Our paper has been approached by an agent of the Russian government with a view to purchasing a cessation of our support of you.

The union of France with Russia was no doubt one cause of the cessation of Italian hostility to France; but others were at work.

For half an hour the fusillade continued without cessation, and, indeed, at the end of that time, became even louder and fiercer.

On the cessation of hostilities between the Dutch and the French, ambassadors were chosen to bear a reply to the French monarch.

They do effect a cessation of the local symptoms, render the urine alkaline, and diminish the amount of fibrin in the blood.

The third skulker took advantage of the cessation of firing to tumble down from his perch and fly for his life.

This, in connection with the poorness of the soil for hickories, seems possible may be the reason for the cessation of bearing.

A buzz of approbation ran round the room, warm in proportion to the relief which the cessation of the Dutch concert afforded.

It was made in considerable quantities, until the expertness of the smuggler and the cessation of the war caused it to be laid aside.

My hearing was affected in a thousand strange ways: I heard a swimming noise which went monotonously on for weeks without cessation.

Then he enunciates the four truths of the nature of suffering, its origin, its cessation, and the method of bringing about that cessation.

During the Revolution the rate was raised to four shillings, but was lowered to one shilling six pence after the cessation of hostilities.

There was an unforeseen surprise, a cessation of the winds and odors of life, a social pressure that would have her think conjugally.

The cause of kyphosis may be of genetic origin or due to some environmental damage to the vertebral column prior to the cessation of growth.

As a result of age, for example, the ovaries undergo changes which invariably bring about the permanent cessation of menstruation, called the menopause.

Frederic's impetuous and ungovernable brother Leopold, was unwearied in his endeavors to combine armies against the emperor, and war raged without cessation.

He instantly proclaimed by trumpet a cessation of hostilities and plunder, commanding all to their quarters, and enjoining the arrest of stragglers.

Here in the valley there is no cessation of waters even in the season when the niggard frost gives them scant leave to run.

Employment, regular and well requited, had become so much a matter of course that its sudden cessation now bewildered and angered them.

To add to the general desolation a steady downpour of rain drenched us, into which, without cessation the German flares went shooting up.

Hoping to enlist her sympathies, and recall to her some recollections of her childhood, he expatiated, without cessation, on the horrors of slavery.

From ten to twelve days at most are supposed to elapse after the cessation of the flow before the final ejection of the vesicle.

Bewildered by this abrupt cessation to the speed at which they had been hurled through streaming space, Stuart scrambled to his feet.

That it is the inequality of such influence, which occasions the difference in the cessation of the two lives in the case of asphyxia.

After the menses are established, until the time of their cessation, they generally return every month, unless interrupted by pregnancy or nursing.

With a deep interest, Hardin sees the cessation of all hostilities, the death of Lincoln, the disbandment, in peace, of the great Union armies.

The agents and friends of the Irish Catholics on the Continent were greatly embarrassed, and not a little disheartened by the cessation.

Men diligently dig away at the earth, and bevies of young girls run to and fro without cessation, with baskets in their hands.

She had a partial cessation of menses, and had complained of tumultuous movements of the child and overflow of milk from the breasts.

The cessation of the secretion on the forehead was followed by the ejection of a similar substance from the bowel, stomach, and kidney.

Clarke has pointed out, be followed by paralysis in the ovarian plexus itself, with consequent cessation of ovulation, and amenorrhea, or absence of menstruation.

Nightfall brought no cessation of the roar of cannon, and the roll of musketry seemed to be continuous, both from the left and right.

In the eighth the Quakers reluctantly yielded their meed of praise, showing it by a cessation of their savage wordy attacks on the Rube.

On the cessation of light, the after-effect showed no enhancement of rate of growth, the recovery from retardation to the normal rate being gradual.

"In which case," went on the German, "we have to request a cessation of hostilities while we return to our lines for further instructions."

Only in the latter case is there a further attempt at pictorially elucidating the nature of the obstacle and the cessation of the suffering.

The little shop was full at times, and feminine tongues and fingers flew without cessation, mixing millinery and misery in strange confusion.

We had traveled far and fast all day long, without cessation, through clouds of smoke and dust, parched by a scorching sun.

Their army was as naught; their long cessation of military operations by land having totally demoralized that once invincible branch of their forces.

For instance, the rays of the sun are continuous, the heat of the sun emanates from it without cessation; no discontinuance of it is conceivable.

He has some degree of attraction for women; this is strongest during cessation from masturbation and tends to disappear when the habit is resumed.

Usually, or at least oftentimes, eternity is explained and understood as being the entire cessation, the perfect nonexistence and unconditional negation of all time.

There was the same talk of profiteers, of the men who dreaded the cessation of hostilities, of the ministers who were clinging to office.

There may be a cessation of smallpox, but (unless the result of sanitary improvement) the work of death is merely transferred to cognate agencies.

That such a course would involve cessation of hostilities by Russian troops would of course mean a cessation of all hostilities on the Russian fronts.

Day and night officers and men worked with unflagging energy in the advanced batteries, with no relief and no cessation from their toil.

The sound of the musketry fire, and the immediate cessation of that of the enemy's guns, told Clive that the grove was captured.

To Fall calm, pacifier, a phrase expressed of the weather, implying to fall into a state of rest by a total cessation of the wind.

The most disappointing feature in the records of the clinics is the cessation of treatment by so many patients before they have ceased to be infective.

There was a half-minute cessation of the baa and blat, and before it was resumed the tender had prodded the two herders into wakefulness.

The gap produced on the surface of the lamina (the open part of the groove) results from cessation of growth at the onset of hibernation.

It is found that the removal of original taste from any given bolus of food coincides with cessation of salivary flow and complete alkaline reduction.

Do you observe how it is not the cessation of bodily anguish, but the necessity of chastening the expression of it that keeps him silent?

If we say that the bestowal of existence ceases or falters it is equivalent to saying that the sun can exist with cessation of its effulgence.

We have made the adjustments in personnel permitted by the cessation of the Korean War, the buildup of our allies and the introduction of new weapons.

In the afternoon, a messenger hailed the sentry to say that one of the sheiks wished to present himself to me to crave a cessation of hostilities.

With bad watermen cessation of rolling is a sign that the styles have at last assimilated; with good watermen the deduction is not necessarily sound.

I remember listening, during a little cessation of the din, for the sound of my own voice, wondering whether its tones were calm and equable.

After a time of quieting down in her behavior tendencies, although there was never complete cessation of the inclination to falsify, a new exacerbation of lying arose.

The approach of winter was however destined to enforce, not a cessation of hostilities, but the prosecution of them in a slow and uneventful fashion.

Goodwill among men is conspicuous in cessation of private feuds, in overladen postbags, in family reunions and Christmas hampers and all manner of homely frivolities.

With such imperfect methods it is but natural that one did not always succeed in obtaining the immediate cessation of the pain resulting from caries.

Next to the vivifying light and the apparent cessation of the shocks, nothing did more to restore confidence than the appearance of the familiar paper.

He was, therefore, incessant in his exertions; and for two whole days ordered and disordered, demanded, commanded, countermanded, and reprimanded, without pause or cessation.

The nervous perturbations and the cessation of the menses, which are natural to this period, are looked upon as confirmations of the opinion that pregnancy exists.

Her weeping caused cessation in hostilities for a moment, but as soon as the four figures started forward they were again surrounded and the teasing recommenced.

The surface ship, mystified by the sudden cessation of the noise she had been pursuing, also waited, and this stagnation sometimes lasted for hours.

She glanced up at him penitently after his last speech, and marked the cessation of her involuntary resentment by slipping back into his arm.