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Definition of chivalrous:

  • (adjective) being attentive to women like an ideal knight

Sentence Examples:

Like La Fayette, Shelley was intoxicated with virtue and glory; he was chivalrous, inflammable, and sentimental.

He was a chivalrous defender of poorer brethren in art, and he was never a respecter of persons.

Galsworthy's noble and chivalrous interest in social questions militates against the intellectual detachment of his curiosity.

In the Armenian question the initiative of chivalrous action was no longer ours, and bitterly I regretted it.

Stumpy, you know, is just the sort of chivalrous ass that a child like Dinah can appreciate.

The chivalrous sentiments of war fire his eye, distend his breast, and give erectness to his figure.

His views on most subjects were romantic and unworldly, and his ideas about women were peculiarly chivalrous.

This chivalrous France framed and interlaced her image, aided in idealizing her, and was in turn transfigured.

"With a chivalrous disinterestedness," added M. de Morin, "worthy a place in the records of practical morality."

This chivalrous freak, the imprudent straightforwardness of the proceeding for a moment appeared to seduce the Spaniards.

It was the God-trusting Norman against the chivalrous Catalan gallant, and he never doubted the result.

Rough though these Hebrew soldiers were, they were capable of the most gentlemanly and chivalrous acts.

Irish, maybe, is still burning with a desire to be nice and chivalrous; but you can count me out.

This worship was dishonestly confounded with chivalrous reverence for the Madonna, which was quite another thing.

They were a proud but a chivalrous race, bold, hospitable, courteous, generous, unswerving in faith and in honor.

Gladstone had conceived the chivalrous idea of doing battle with this doughty chief on his own ground.

Nor, from that time, was there any slackness in acquiring or practicing all skill in chivalrous exercises.

And I remember that that small ruling class has a long tradition of romantic and chivalrous swordsmanship.

His highest range is a dignified melancholy or a certain chivalrous recognition of the noble side of human nature.

This was, indeed, an unenlightened, perhaps a superstitious principle of worship; but it was enthusiastic, self-sacrificing, and chivalrous.

Answered the student jestingly, with the remotest suggestion of a chivalrous smile and a bow of his head.

His bearing was chivalrous, and though not given to expansiveness, he was a man of the kindliest disposition.

His tone was one of weary superiority, and I remained appalled by that truth, stripped of all chivalrous pretence.

At both the Turkish and Austrian capitals he was detained by adventures which appealed strongly to his chivalrous nature.

Nothing known to civilization is more debasing to morality, truthfulness, honor, and chivalrous manhood than the holding of slaves.

They were dauntlessly brave, fantastically chivalrous, keenly sensitive to the appeal of poetry, of music, and of speculative thought.

Being a man actuated by occasional chivalrous promptings, he drank to her good health conscientiously during the following days.

It was during this stay that she contracted the chivalrous friendship which has embalmed her tranquil memory.

He had the mellowness of long experience, and could ape the chivalrous and dignified tenderness of an old beau.

On the other hand, nothing can exceed the generous, chivalrous personal and family loyalty of the Irish nature.

He had always been chivalrous to her; he had always tried to fall in with her whimsies, to be kind.

He had been a great favorite in Parisian society; men appreciated his wit, and women his chivalrous devotion to them.

The chivalrous sincerity and disinterestedness of Hamilton pervaded the assembly with all the power of his fascinating manners.

The consequences of an unpremeditated theft and a chivalrous gesture belonging to the past cropped up again in the present.

Her chivalrous adorer looked the picture of intense sympathy, as he lay stretched in the long grass at her feet.

Practical positivism has obliterated the virtues of a chivalrous and feudal past; but science has not yet been born.

History, romance, legend, call it what you please, was merely repeating itself with the hero again Celtic and chivalrous.

Among them went a whisper of chivalrous pity for her and of execration for the prophet and his followers.

And can children do any better with the perplexing ideals of the chivalrous knight swept by a human passion?

The Irish people clung to the great Geraldine family with a romantic affection which that chivalrous race fully reciprocated.

This, indeed, is what was often done by the knights of chivalrous times, simple and uninstructed as they were.

Their chivalrous courage, that sublime inheritance from ancestors who had never known the paleface foe, degenerated into a savage ferocity.

The chivalrous generosity, which was one of the legacies of his Plantagenet forefathers, imposed silence on him for a season.

Here groups of young men, with chivalrous idealism, were jeering at and chivying the broken remnants of a suffrage meeting.

He affected a chivalrous vein, excelled in the exercises of the tourney, and indulged in vague aspirations after military renown.

Some men are so squeamishly and nervously chivalrous that they will be taken in by such a beggar every time.

Nevertheless, finding the enemy so eager and having reflected more maturely, he saw no reason for accepting the chivalrous cartel.

It is from the romance in which Xenophon, the chivalrous Greek, presents his ideal of what human nature should be.

This is a story of amateur pugilism and chivalrous adventure, written by an author whose books on sport are well known.

Robust, fond of display, ambitious, intelligent enough to dabble in letters and art, he piqued himself on being chivalrous and brave.

He entered gaily into the revels; for he was well skilled in the courtly and chivalrous exercises of the day.

Notes of adoration and of gratitude, in which the terms 'hero,' 'noble,' 'chivalrous,' with two v's, occurred at sickening intervals.

Not only for these qualities was the handsome and chivalrous young man idolized, but also for his gifted oratory.

It is a contemporary and spirited exhibition of the chivalrous times of Spain, given occasionally with an admirable and Homeric simplicity.

The chivalrous victim immured in an Italian prison must have suffered indeed from an appreciation of the fickleness and weakness of woman.

Fired with chivalrous aspirations, she could spend a lifetime in the regions of fancy so fervidly depicted from their Alpine retreat.

In the chivalrous days of tournaments, troubadours and crusades this romantic exercise of seeming enslaved was, he held, justifiable, even interesting.

It was an unworthy act and ill befitting one whose high personal courage and chivalrous bearing gave promise of better things.

Again, Homer is, in the strictest sense, and in strong contrast to the Greek tragedians and to Virgil, a chivalrous poet.

The hero is always exaggeratedly in love, exaggeratedly chivalrous, and absolutely perfect, save for this heroic excess of sensitiveness and honor.

Perhaps it was that his standards were pitched high, and that he was chivalrous in his attitude of cleanness toward himself.

She would believe in the mysterious woman and leave him free to carry out any mission, however sophistical or chivalrous, he would.

"The people have no love for the religious houses; but these nuns are women, and toward women even the revolutionist is chivalrous."

His most plausible excuse probably is that he could not help himself, his chivalrous instincts proving stronger than his quietism.

He appeared to be a chivalrous, gossipy old gentleman, and said that he was the last South Carolinian to stand by the Union.

Must the vision of learned research and scholarly calm vanish, as cloistral peace, and chivalrous love and glory, had vanished before?

The fact is that there was something chivalrous in the bearing of the King towards ladies; hearty, but a courteous heartiness.

Some of these Frenchmen were charming, so witty, polite, and chivalrous, that one could almost forgive them had they conquered us.

I did not happen to remember that he was the most chivalrous and the least meddlesome man I had ever known.

There was nothing earnest, enthusiastic, heroic or chivalrous in his nature; and as little was there anything mean, grovelling or ignoble.

He was manly, chivalrous, dauntless; he was possessed of dexterity and adroitness in both sports and the more serious business of war.

The inhabitants of this enchanted isle, with their mingled pride and generosity, chivalrous courage and ferocious cruelty, had aroused his sympathies.

Who can do otherwise than behold with approval that smart, well-groomed, abundantly amatory, I grant you, but also abundantly chivalrous fowl?

Endowed with remarkable personal qualities, he was the incarnation of all that was noblest and most chivalrous in the Russian nature.

When civilized enemies were once within his power, he treated them, according to their degree, with a chivalrous courtesy, or a generous kindness.

He owns it in all noble thoughts, in all unworldly motives, in all holy impulses, in all chivalrous, generous, and self-sacrificing deeds.

When once the chivalrous desire was aroused to give girls as good an education as their brothers, western men carried out the principle unflinchingly.

Where formerly were civilized customs, refinement of taste, chivalrous manners, now exists an ignorance which makes one ashamed of being a Russian.

No, I continued, the dog is a generous, warmhearted, chivalrous fellow, who will play with you, mourn for you, or die for you.

It seemed to her that she could recognize to this extent his chivalrous conduct without smirching her blameless record as an American housewife.

It is not needful to pass in review the many versifiers who treated the old themes of chivalrous love with meritorious conventional facility.

The German Crown Prince pays his homage with chivalrous grace and stately courtesy, and the Grand Duke of Hesse follows him.

His muscular and well-proportioned frame was invigorated by the toils of war, and by the chivalrous exercises in which he delighted.

Absolutely fearless, and placing unbounded confidence in the king's honesty, that chivalrous nobleman behaved as if he were surrounded by loyal friends.

Chivalrous, absorbing, tyrannizing over his whole being, even pure as his love is, it far fails of the deeper and holier purity of hers.

About this time I learned a fact which will create no surprise, as it affords another proof of the chivalrous disinterestedness of Macdonald's character.

Which is to say, the chivalrous gentlemen defending the pa were as ungrudging in their admiration of the successful marksman as were the besiegers.

Wilson eulogizes his good qualities, the kindness and graciousness which his fiery temper perhaps at times concealed, his generosity and chivalrous courage.

There are two feelings which often prevent an unprincipled layman from becoming utterly depraved and despicable, domestic feeling, and chivalrous feeling.

Chivalrous life and hierarchic institutions, dialectic and poetry, continual war at home and ceaseless aspirations abroad, were here fused into a living whole.

Hence, during the Middle Ages, the Scandinavians in general, and Icelanders in particular, came to possess a peculiar chivalrous poetry of their own.

He was chivalrous and tender-hearted, yet he comprehended that the rescue of the prisoner was secondary in importance to propitiating these savage allies.

My uncle was a handsome, chivalrous youth, deeply attached to a countrywoman of his own, whose picture he wore constantly next his heart.

Now, at length, weakness becomes sacred, and an unbridled strength disgraces; the injustice of nature is corrected by the generosity of chivalrous manners.

Griffith exasperated by his wound and his jealousy, was wearing out the chivalrous courage of his adversary; and the Major saw it.

The duke was far too chivalrous to think for a moment of breaking his plighted troth, or letting her believe that he repented it.

Uncouth, perhaps, and brutal, too, if judged too harshly by the standards of effete twentieth-century civilization, but withal noble, dignified, chivalrous, and loveable.

He is essentially chivalrous, and even to his enemy, when the passion of fighting or the strain of watchfulness is past, he is incurably kind.

It adds the glamour as from a distant and enchanted past to chivalrous romance and to the crusader's and the pilgrim's high endeavor.

Something of the chivalrous restraint he put upon the motions of his heart, sprang from the shadowy awe which overhung that impressible organ.