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Use darn in a sentence

Definition of darn:

  • (noun) a euphemism for `damn'
  • (noun) something of little value;
  • (noun) sewing that repairs a worn or torn hole (especially in a garment);
  • (verb) repair by sewing; "darn socks"

Sentence Examples:

Eddie only laughed: "'Course not, you darn galoot!"

It's that Japanese coal, that darned Japanese coal.

I darned the surplice and laid it in lavender.

The four outside curves are perforated with a darning-needle.

That darn Jap rat has fixed us nice!

Davis went on with her darning-needle, nothing abashed.

Anyway darned if I'll give my monoplane a name.

I'd a darn sight rather be mean than snoopy.

"You darned chump, what's eggs in a case like this?"

The darning-wool kitten disported itself with mechanical abandon.

"Much good that would do you," commented Darn unsympathetically.

"Can't find an ashtray in the whole darn place."

The early Californian women used the gourds as darning-balls.

The trefoil is then worked in simple darning stitch.

The basting stitch is known as Queen Anne darned work.

Each knee was picturesquely darned in an elaborately cross-hatched pattern.

And a darn good guesser; he had us all fooled.

His faded pantaloons have been darned, and need darning again.

I'll not stand for it, you darned old killjoy.

"Those fellows aren't just sightseeing by a darn sight."

"There's plenty of seals there, but darn few bowheads!"

It is darned expensive sending nosegays to sweet girl graduates.

I just get so darn lonely in this hick town.

Darn your shilling fares, says I; this is my style.'

Moravian and Darning Cottons, and Linen Slop or Beat Thread.

If I don't rip the heart of that darned German!

Thread a zephyr needle or a darning needle with the floss.

"Every darn' town's a jinx for me," he confided resentfully.

Of all the darned hoodoos that island was the worst.

A carefully applied patch or darn is scarcely noticeable after laundering.

Darned if I couldn't track him by scent, like a foxhound.

Come on back, you darned chump, I need you on the beef hunt!

Wish there was some sign of water in this darn gulch.

Fifty-two more Mondays to sit in the morning-room and darn stockings.

There were just too darned many German soldiers about for comfort.

His stockings were worsted, and darned even on his excellent calves.

A man's a man to me, not one darn slobber of policy.

And all the old grannies want to tame her, darn them.

"Well, darn it all, you needn't be so peppery," muttered the Baron.

This engraving presents a cuff of darned net in its actual width.

Darn him for not giving out a single hint, or a tip-off.

His breeches were tatters, his striped shirt covered with party-colored darns.

This engraving represents a flounce of darned-net in its actual size or width.

Not necessarily Glad, but not so darned Russian, if you get me.

The main thing is about these darn varmints that treated Bud so.

Contrariwise it was darned little fun in the front room after supper.

Her shawl, which she carried as gracefully as a Frenchwoman, was darned.

Sewing kit contains needles, buttons, scissors, thread, darning yarn, pins, etc.

The girls learn to patch, darn, hem and make underclothing and dresses.

"She is the most domesticated darling imaginable;" i.e., "A dull, sock-darning dowdy."

Markle, after a pause, recommencing her darning, which she had put down.

"It's that soft Japanese coal," murmured the Maestro, "that darned Japanese coal!"

Why not marry him, instead of darning his underclothes on the sly?

The same stem as in foxgloves but with darning introduced up the center.

A shabby, genteel person was his abomination; a patch or darn, utterly horrifying!

"This darn tie," he muttered, looking in a mirror; "it wads up rottenly!"

Fill into squab and then sew up with darning needle and stout string.

"Darned if they didn't reeve a tackle to git up," exclaimed Glover in amazement.

This engraving represents one of the many uses to which darned net is put.

An upset work-basket, disgorging spools, needle packets, and an avalanche of stockings awaiting darning.

Here, look at that, and read the stuff some darn hoodlum has doped out.

"I will darn some more socks for you, darling, tired pet," whispered Kathleen coaxingly.

If we searched with a hundred men we couldn't exhaust that darn gopher nest.

It requires a German offensive to drive the modern woman towards her darning needles.

Mary here patched and darned all she could; but I looked a sad tatterdemalion.

Brill surveyed in amazement the back of the darn, which looked like Turkish towelling.

"It's a darn piece of blackmail, that's what it is, and it's actionable, too!"

And he up and says: 'Poor blighter be darned; he's only a blooming Turk!'

She mended and darned for them and suborned old women to help her.

Ever so many girls have given her their silk stockings and lingerie waists to darn.

They've all been pretty darn good to me in their kooky ways, the actors have.

Thread a darning or zephyr needle with yarn and sew tip of slipper toe together.

In the morning darned the toe of one of my stockings and mended my pantaloons.

Barnes installed himself there with tubes of vaccine and packets of new darning needles.

The others looked up alertly, Martha from her darning, Grace from her Irish crochet.

She darned on placidly, while Clarence continued his infuriating efforts to put John at ease.

He did not enthuse about your cuffs and collars, gush over the neatness of your darning.

This is suggestive of early Syrian or Arabic in-darning or weaving with gold strips or tinsel.

Darned if I ain't got the most lubberly company ever mortal man was plagued with.

No self-respecting wife or mother would allow laundry-darned hose or shirts to reflect on her housekeeping habits.

Would the sweetness of the hand that darned the socks make his over-filled shoe comfortable?

I'd like to lick every darned galoot that stood back and let me in for this.

I stand pat fer why I traipsed nigh two miles to reach your darn fool camp.

Boyd, a pale little nonentity, but she darns in the most elegant fashion you ever saw.

In darning with thread darn on the wrong side, with ravelings or hair on the right.

The damask on the table was darned and mended, but it was always spotlessly fresh.

I would not wish my patched gaiters and darned stockings held up for his inspection.

His shirt was old, but spotlessly clean; his socks were neatly darned in many places.

It is generally sewed on with a darning needle, threaded with a very fine strand of raffia.

"Well, I'll be darned," he protested in an aggrieved tone, "here I've come out without my pocketbook."

Well, the stout dame thanks him about six hundred times and waddles out darn near hysterical.

The German gentlemen embroider, I know, but darning hose is another thing and not so pretty.

"The darned little greasy-faced runt," he mumbled rebelliously, and immediately felt the better for it.

The author of this book writes darned sensibly, and is apparently at no loss for corroborative testimony.

One of the many conventional foliations in this design, carried out in stem stitch, buttonhole and darning.

You want Matilda for a little drudge, to mend your stockings, I suppose, and darn your lace.

His stock of frayed linen and darned underclothes made rather a poor little heap on the chair.

My life has been bounded by dishpans and darning-cotton, and my associates have been housemaids and dressmakers.

And I'll come and see ye dance on nothing with a hempen cravat round your darned neck.

Looks like these grandees'll have to cash in their chips and quit, but it's a darned shame.