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Definition of defendant:

  • (noun) a person or institution against whom an action is brought in a court of law; the person being sued or accused

Sentence Examples:

His name appears with frequency on the court records of the little town both as plaintiff and defendant.

It confirms the facts, but it utterly refutes the inference that this defendant at the bar is guilty.

The defendant secured the pistol, but said nothing to his father, although he was then in the store.

The Solicitor-General, who appeared for the defendant, was anxious that the horse should be seen by veterinary surgeons.

The documents tendered in evidence for the Prosecution of the individual defendants and the organizations numbered several thousands.

She was glad that the prosecution had raised this point because it was all in the defendant's favor.

In addition, there are included selected statements of certain defendants and prisoners written to the prosecutors from prison.

It concerns the responsibility incurred by the defendants for the crimes committed in the course of the war.

At one time, when she was in her prime, she was defendant in twenty-eight civil and criminal suits.

The town was alarmed; a strict inquiry was made of all strangers, and of the defendants among others.

Do you insist on having your defendants brought to the stand to swear they did not start the fight?

I like to tell the truth when I can conveniently and without prejudice to the rights of the defendant.

It means the absence of probable cause in the facts known to the defendant when he instituted the suit.

If the thing remains in the hands of the defendant, it is clearly right that he should surrender it.

That Harriet, the wife of said plaintiff, and the two children, were the lawful slaves of the said defendant.

"The defendant's whereabouts were unknown to us, your Honor, and the court allowed us to serve notice by publication."

The defendant's attorneys claim that the confession was not voluntary but was induced by threats or promises.

It is, however, for you to judge of it, and to do justice between the Public and the Defendant.

The case had been stated by plaintiff and defendant, and, as with us, supported on either side by witnesses.

If the judgment be for defendant, or for more than the tender, that is the end of the matter.

Further, owing to the mode of procedure, the defendant was often punished before the question of law was determined.

If the case is secular, it shall be brought and pleaded before the secular court where the defendant belongs.

Gave defendant's brother a blow of his open hand and knocked him down for fun, and out of friendship.

The defendant it is said first saw the plaintiff at a performance at the theater where she was engaged.

To the defense, however, it was a costly matter, as the recent schedules in bankruptcy of the defendant show.

It is true that the defendants in the box were not among the highest leaders of the Third Reich.

To the defense, however, it was a costly matter, as the recent schedules in bankruptcy of the defendant show.

I respectfully submit to the Tribunal that that is a perfectly clear case which this defendant has to meet.

It would also be shown, he said, that the defendant had suffered from temporary or emotional insanity for years.

The defendant is worth powder, and if we can once secure him, I'll warrant the prosecution will quit cost.

He brought suit against Robinson, and a jury gave a judgment of two thousand pounds damages against the defendant.

In a civil action the defendant may be and very often is unwilling to take any part in the proceedings.

The Judge asks the Defendant who paid over the cash, and she replies that it was her husband.

If there was none, or the defendant was not a party, then there is no evidence here to convict him.

The defendant, men said, might have attempted to bribe the jury, but the plaintiff had certainly done so.

First, the residence of the defendant, and, second, the amount involved and the subject matter of the litigation.

Balfour, "I hope I may be permitted to say that the tactics of the defendant are worthy of his cause."

For David knew better than begin the conversation; any advantages the defendant might have he determined to retain.

If they had been out longer it would have meant there was a disagreement or a verdict for the defendant.

I suppose that it is for the jury to determine whether the defendant is guilty of a crime or not.

If he lingers over the business assigned to him, the plaintiff complains; if he is energetic, the defendant calls out.

It is in evidence, being found in the desk of the defendant, they may look at each, if they please.

In the case last stated, especially, the destroying force did not proceed from the defendant in any sense.

The People would show that the defendant had taken a wallet from the pocket of the complaining witness.

When told that he had tried only two-thirds of the defendants, he dismissed the remaining thirteen without trial!

The defendant added that while the suit was pending he had to borrow fifty pounds from his friends.

The defendant testified that, when he was captured, they offered him choice between death and a captain's commission.

The defendants were asked what exceptions they had to plead, and upon their remaining silent, sentence was pronounced.

This written statement of the defendant in which he sets forth his side of the case is called an answer.

After saying this to the man the father walked in the direction of where the defendant was sitting.

Thorne should not conduct this case if the defendant so wishes, and the clerk will enter him accordingly.

According to our experience it is always permissible for the Defense Counsel to speak to the defendant before the session.

The only defendant in the dock who was directly responsible to Hitler himself is the defendant Karl Brandt.

The responsibility among the defendants for the freezing experiments is substantially the same as for the high-altitude tests.

The defendants knew that cynical mockery of the laws and customs of war constituted the gravest of crimes.

The ruling which I announced this morning was confined to the defendants and did not extend to witnesses.

Of course under such circumstances the defendant was quite satisfied and was in no haste to have his appeal argued.

I am putting only such questions to the defendant in this case as have reference to his forming certain opinions.

He saw the defendant the night of the killing in the rear of the roof garden, opposite the center aisle.

They should ask themselves what in fact the defendant had done if not practice veterinary medicine without a license?

The defendant's counsel take no distinct ground, as I have already said, on this point, either to admit or to deny.

No pleadings were necessary, and the action could proceed and judgment given even without the presence of the defendant.

As soon as the Judge took his seat, Sir Edward Clarke applied that the defendants should be tried separately.

The defendant was naturally unwilling to hasten a trial which was almost certain to end in an adverse verdict.

The liability was limited to damage to person or property arising after the defendant had entered upon the employment.

Starvation, in fact, was reckoned one of the regular and most efficient methods to subdue unwilling witnesses and defendants

You are the defendant, and you certainly would have brought the deed into court as a means of proving your case.

Cronin, and further state if you have an opinion that the defendants, or any of them, are members of said camp?

The plaintiff objected to defendant sporting in his kitchen garden, and wished to put an end to the nuisance.

No pleadings were necessary, and the action could proceed and judgment given even without the presence of the defendant.

It was his business to see that every plaintiff had a case, and that every defendant had a defense.

The defendant probably asked this question supposing that it must be answered by all sensible people in the negative.

The Judge ordered him to keep quiet and permitted the defendant to tell the story in her own way.

No pleadings were necessary, and the action could proceed and judgment given even without the presence of the defendant.

They will cite Antichrist as a criminal and defendant: certainly, they will never permit him to be the judge.

"High time," said the judge, "that they should be transferred to others;" and he gave sentence for the defendant.

On the trial of such cause, the burden of proof as to license or right to practice is upon the defendant.

It is no less a common practice to instruct the jury to decide for the defendant in order to rebuke litigation.

A lawyer who takes fees from both plaintiff and defendant, or that goes snacks with both parties in gaming.

The adultery was not denied, but the evidence failed to show legal cruelty on the part of the defendant.

Nothing that he could say would carry any weight; he would be a defendant witnessing in his own defense.

In an introduction, I have endeavored to show the position of the two defendants in the general design of their activities.

The defendants stand mainly upon objections regarding time and form of the Petition, on the part of the plaintiff.

This defendant wants nothing but justice, and she desires to have it in the proper administration of the law.

I congratulate him that instead of defending for conspiracy he is not here to-day pleading for the defendants' lives.

No pleadings were necessary, and the action could proceed and judgment given even without the presence of the defendant.

There were many plaintiffs, but no defendants brought up; most of them were turned out in a very summary manner.

Eminent counsel were employed on both sides; Jared Ingersoll for the claimant, and Joseph Hopkinson for the defendant.

The defendant acknowledged that he hadn't spoken to his wife in five years, and Judge Brewer put in a question.

The case could have been safely for the defendant given to the jury on the testimony of the prosecution alone.

A jury is supposed to be advantageous to the defendant in a criminal action and to the plaintiff in a civil action.

This rude journal, if such it may be called, was handed to the jury, and also examined by the defendants.

Fairly strong but by no means conclusive testimony against the defendant had been given when the State "rested."

Pickwick,' you will find this discovery of the defendant's impossible either to ignore or to reconcile with the jury's verdict.

The law seems not even to imagine the possibility of any defense being made on the part of the defendant.

The court instructed the jury that, "upon the facts in this case, the law is with the defendant."

Joyce, but by the defendant herself, who has kept all her own small savings in the same bank.

If the defendant failed to appear in court, these witnesses gave proof of the summons, and judgment went by default.

The jury found for the defendant, but brought no action against the witches who did serve him so.

If he guesses that the right one is wrong or the wrong one right the defendant gets a new trial.