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Use degradation in a sentence

Definition of degradation:

  • (noun) changing to a lower state (a less respected state)
  • (noun) a low or downcast state;

Sentence Examples:

This scene was melancholy, but that which succeeded it at Tilsit was more so, for it was embittered by degradation.

Against such a degradation of the dignity of the house of Hohenzollern all the convictions and prejudices of the royalists revolt.

Assuming sin is the cause of degradation, it strives, and strives most effectually, to cure the latter by extirpating the former.

The handcuffs were no longer there, but they had left upon the wrists a degradation that would not soon be forgotten.

If brought to a point in front of the pectoral fins, a feature of specialized degradation, they become jugular as in the codfish.

The arms of a courtesan opening in a cloud to clasp him to the bosom of a goddess, and that without degradation!

The little dog, dwelling ignorantly in the midst of degradation, had learned quickly the swing of its beloved mistress's moods.

Unhappy memories and wretched degradation would close his unhappy days and shroud his name with an unmerited and unjust obloquy.

There is not a single degradation of the body which I must not try and make into a spiritualizing of the soul.

To be false to the trust that she had led her affianced to repose in her still seemed the depth of degradation.

There is not a single degradation of the body which I must not try and make into a spiritualizing of the soul.

Neither is the subject of the murder of wives and the degradation of offspring the whole affair with which Society deals.

Man finds himself beset with temptations on every side, to deepen and perpetuate his degradation, by giving reign to unbridled passion.

What is the meaning of the wealthy unbeliever being told to glory in the degradation which is to prove so calamitous to him?

This hereditary condition or relation between the Indian and the original Spanish races has acted and re-acted for their mutual degradation.

The conception of annihilation is a factor in human degradation, a cause of human debasement and lowliness, a source of human fear and abjection.

The wretchedness, the filth, the squalor, the physical pollution and moral degradation in which vast numbers live, is absolutely appalling.

The millions were ground down into hopeless degradation and poverty to pamper to the luxury and vice of a few haughty masters.

Next take my station in life, neither so high as naturally to intoxicate me, nor so low as to excite to envy or degradation.

The moral and sexual degradation that resulted from this unbridled pursuit of pleasure found its expression, as we have seen, in literature.

If only death would come, kind death to end this pain of mutilated flesh; this still sharper pain of degradation and humiliation!

It is no degradation to the greatest genius to say of him and of the most unlettered boor, that they are both men.

To associate with depraved persons argues a low taste and vicious tendencies, and to frequent their society leads to inevitable degradation of character.

The degradation in style of contemporary literature, which he constantly bemoaned, he held to be due largely to the neglect of classical literature.

While we are suffering oppression, degradation and insult, from the external enemy, shall we redouble our misery, by wrongfully oppressing one another?

An intemperate man has strong temptation to plead: he began with conviviality, and only arrives at solitary intemperance as the ultimate degradation.

Anxiety, suffering, bitterness, and a harrowing tale of want or degradation was told by the clothes of those not in prison dress.

Ignorant of the past, and improvident of the future, most of these tribes were sunk in the lowest depths of human degradation.

All the slaves were subjected to similar humiliations; and ail alike, except the very young children, seemed deeply sensible of their degradation.

Disfranchisement, degradation, and a delivery up to slave catchers and kidnappers, are their only fate, let Canadian annexation take place when it will.

For the first time in English history, ecclesiastics were brought out to suffer in their habits, without undergoing the previous ceremony of degradation.

The poorness of the pasture had, in his opinion, occasioned the degradation of their cattle, which degenerated sensibly from me generation to another.

The poorness of the pasture had, in his opinion, occasioned the degradation of their cattle, which degenerated sensibly from one generation to another.

There are no canteens, consequently the number of inebriates is wonderfully small, and much of the degradation and misery of drunkenness is unknown.

Frankly speaking, I have seen the degradation, the abomination, and the measureless force of Drink so near at hand that I am not sanguine.

I purposely omit in this paper describing any members of that terrible commonwealth where misery, vice, degradation, and crime are inseparably interwoven.

He was rapidly debasing himself, and although I was willing to work for him, I was not willing to share his degradation.

After one year of debauch and degradation, he returns home as a braggart, and the old and the new generation of peasants are contrasted.

Yet it was just in this time of degradation that the Spanish school was surprised suddenly by the remarkable art of Goya.

The refined and beautiful body shrank from the thought of torture and humiliation as the noble soul blenched from degradation and shame.

Because she was so, and because of his certainty of her cleanness of soul, he felt no sense of degradation or of having transgressed.

As matters at present stand, the unbridled and extravagant licentiousness of men, and the consequent degradation of women, are protected by law.

Imperial despotism, disproportionate fortunes, unequal divisions of society, the degradation of woman, slavery, Epicurean pleasures, practical atheism, bring forth their wretched fruits.

His soul was incised and chafed, and he lay awake thinking that degradation of himself and his office could have proceeded no further.

When they are indulged immoderately or in unnatural ways, they become most copious sources of bodily diseases, of mental disorders, and moral degradation.

The beauty of works of art and the infinite charm of nature prevented this moral degradation from sinking entirely into hideousness and vulgarity.

And what was most disheartening, that same degradation which originally lost to man the truth, now prevented him from receiving it.

His tobacco had run out, and he had sunk to the degradation of filling his pipe with the half-burned stump of a cheroot.

"I have learned to endure degradation as placidly as you do when you condescend to become the toady and flatterer of richer men than yourself."

Never had the sacerdotal system more completely swayed a nation, and never had a nation been reduced to a more abject state of degradation.

It treated the one as it treated the other, regarding change as a degradation of immutability, the sensible as a fall from the intelligible.

And I prefer to die honorably on the field of battle, that I may not see the shame and degradation of our Russian land.

He felt the degradation of importuning an equal sovereign for money, which Louis gave less frequently and in smaller measure than it was demanded.

The degradation of this form of Latin went on until the country was successfully invaded by German tribes in the fifth century.

For even to listen to this man's blandishments was infinite degradation, the dragging down of her white soul to the base level of his.

The unsatisfied hunger of heart, which dogs godless living, too often leads but to deeper degradation and closer entanglement with low satisfactions.

Under the coarseness and flippancy of the courtesan were glimpses of an unhappy woman, a human being conscious of her own irretrievable degradation.

Of stupefaction, eyes like circumflex accents, sudden backward movements, or appalled, discouraged gestures, such as the spectacle of human degradation sometimes calls forth.

Still, at the close of every quarter, he was regularly "read off," as the declaration of deficiency is denominated, and threatened with degradation.

By habits of intemperance, they not only degrade and ruin themselves, but transmit the elements of like degradation and ruin to their posterity.

To the great mass of us come larger potentialities than we ever develop, and such possibilities of degradation as, fortunately, few of us ever reach.

My erotic inconvenience made me very uncomfortable, my mind felt deeply the consciousness of my degradation, and I did not possess a groat!

Unpatriotic citizens as they were, the sight of their erstwhile insolent tyrant, now condemned to slavery quite made up for their own degradation.

The history of heathenism, in the past as in the present, is marked by contempt for man, by the degradation of the multitude.

Some of them, indeed, are rounded, but the rounding is generally of the type which boulders derived by surface degradation and exfoliation present.

Strangely through all that defacement, degradation and almost madness, there is in the inmost heart of poor Rousseau a spark of real heavenly fire.

Into them drift the derelicts of human society, and even these are drawn down to deeper degradation by the undertow of vice and crime.

The most odious enactments of the code, those which involved personal degradation and outrage on family affection, had fallen into desuetude or been evaded.

Strangely through all that defacement, degradation, and almost madness, there is in the inmost heart of poor Rousseau a spark of real heavenly fire.

Horror of her sin and degradation, a horror enhanced by the superstition vivid around her memory, was all the buxom postmistress felt.

Shades of the illustrious men whose names he bears, look down with benignity on the depth of degradation to which he proposes to descend!

He traced the effects of the ignoble struggle for gain in the degradation of character, in the debased tone of public and private life.

Milton represents our first parents, after their first sin, as intoxicated in delight, but the consciousness of their degradation and shame soon followed.

The degradation of having to listen to such words, and to sit, impotent and silent before them, while they raged and reviled her!

A threadbare text from history, a phrase of passionless statistics, contain within their limits years of suffering, myriads of deaths, flight, separations, degradation.

The Carib aborigines of the Antilles furnish a striking example of what the more active manifestations of moral degradation among a savage people really imply.

That the liquid perspiration contains compounds of nitrogen, and just such compounds as would result from the degradation of nitrogenous tissue, is unquestionable.

She became again the thing of warmth and sunshine that had gladdened him four years before, when his degradation lay heavy on him.

You must be converted from this accursed love for gold; for it will sink you into the lowest degradation of a life afar from Deity.

The fundamentals of the doctrine destined to recreate its life, heal its sicknesses and redeem it from bondage and degradation had been impregnably established.

With terrible vividness he shows the misery, ruin, and degradation which result from the present journalistic practice of misrepresentation, sophistry, and defamation.

And many as my wooers have been, I have never yet found one whom to serve would not have appeared to me a bondage and degradation.

In fact this unseen partner had from the first been held up to me as a refutation of all my strictures on the degradation of seclusion.

All that is horrible in human misery and possible in physical debility and degradation visits the bodies of these poor outcasts of the earth.

There are all degrees of prosperity in the ranks of the former and all depths of vileness and degradation in those of the latter.

Now brutal treatment produces brutes; the man avenges by crime society's guilt in heartlessly neglecting innocent childhood in its sufferings and degradation.

A sickening feeling of utter destruction seized on Jasper Penny, a dropping of his entire being from the heights of yesterday to the last degradation.

Anthony to a realizing sense of woman's social, civil, and political degradation, and thus secured her life-long labors for the enfranchisement of woman.

His baseness was well known to the town, for he was one of those whose tongues reveal their degradation as soon as they are intoxicated.

It must be remembered that the degradation of the Canadian Indian began a dozen or fifteen years later than that of our own red men.

The result is a state of ignorance, misery and degradation on the part of the peasantry that is difficult to parallel in another European country.

She was strong to speak the truth, inflexibly, to the full; for its degradation to herself she knew was honor to the absent.

How the animal, conscious of his degradation, fights and rears and plunges, wincing from the cruel spurs to rise at the maddening bit!

The differences in these and other regards which distinguish the darters are features of degradation, and they are also no doubt of relatively recent acquisition.

The third is the marvelous finale in which an impulse which can only be conceived as rising from the uttermost pit of degradation is beatified.

Nothing disgusts an Anglo-Saxon more than to witness the mental degradation of the descendants of the Castilians, the slaves of superstition, craft, and imposture.

And Laurence, sad and desolate Laurence, showed such degradation that her shamelessness was no more than the tacit acceptance of a purely material act.

Mythology preserved Greek art from degradation, and connected a similar enthusiasm for corporeal beauty with the thoughts and aspirations of the Hellenic race.

Valerian is represented on them in a humble attitude, but not fettered, and never in the posture of extreme degradation commonly associated with his name.

Failing in the attempt to Christianize before civilizing them, he inferred that in the intrinsic degradation of their faculties the obstacle was to be found.