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Definition of demagogue:

  • (noun) an orator who appeals to the passions and prejudices of his audience

Sentence Examples:

A priest, maddened to resentment, struck the demagogue in the mouth.

Demagogues and fakirs will take advantage of it for personal gain.

Many of them become dangerous demagogues and fomenters of sedition.

He repeated all the exploded claptrap of demagogues.

Jacqueline in love with that damned Jacobin demagogue upstairs!

Even the demagogue is only the rhetorician of the gutter.

The Athenian starts as a demagogue, and ends as a patriot.

A sectarian, a partisan, a demagogue, a sycophant, a hypocrite, he abhorred.

Why else do Northern demagogues ridicule it, and Southern demagogues revile it?

Pharisees revile, demagogues denounce, cranks rail at, and traitors hate it.

A horde of marauders and thieves, of anarchists, assassins, and demagogues.

"For why should we hear the abusive harangue of these overfed demagogues?"

A bellicose Athenian demagogue in the Peloponnesian war; also employed as a general.

The fawning sycophant and the brawling demagogue, he spurned with contempt.

"Flattery of the people is the demagogue's regular means to political preferment."

That was Gordon's claim; yet he was no demagogue, no irreverent materialist.

By truckling to the schemes, the arts, and seductions of the demagogue?

His style is youthfully audacious and witty, a genuine demagogue and journalist style.

It has been told them so often by demagogues, that they are pardonable.

He was afterwards known only as the factious demagogue and the professed gambler!

It avoids alike the radicalism of the demagogue and the stagnation of the materialist.

He had the air, at once jovial and choleric, which belongs to great demagogues.

The people would be dupes indeed to abet these wicked demagogues in their nefarious designs.

Accordingly, the clerical demagogue showed more interest in the unemployed than in the unconverted.

Perhaps it is true that the demagogue will succeed when honorable statesmanship will fail.

If you gave the workingman a helping hand, did he turn straightway into an unreasoning demagogue?

Despots obtain their mastery over the crowd by the sword: demagogues by the catchword.

No greenback demagogue of the lowest type ever advocated a proposition more dishonest or more contemptible.

To this singular state of things I attribute the extraordinary influence of the Canadian demagogues.

The religious demagogue had been trotting out the foreigner; and he had found him unsound.

Schemer was saying, with a smile of ironic appreciation at the thought of demagogues advocating it.

The only original elements in it were an austere moral tone and contempt for uncultured demagogues.

Fired with religious fanaticism, the demagogues acquired a new character, a devouring zeal, a reckless courage.

Absolutists, doctrinaires, demagogues, and socialists, turned their eyes incessantly to authority as their sole cynosure

The democracy is a ready victim to shibboleths and catchwords, as all demagogues know too well.

He was stigmatized as a demagogue, and many of the attributes of the demagogue adhered to him.

They are but elements of social discord, which demagogues seize and control for their own aggrandizement.

He talks fast and loudly, even shouts, and his gesticulations remind one of the tub-thumping demagogue.

He had a plausible speech and a distorted imagination, and might be called a demagogue among darkies.

The new Burgesses, he thought, were a set of ignorant demagogues, determined to oppose anything he suggested.

The vast expansiveness of his mighty soul had no resemblance with the paltry impulses of demagogues.

He began to wonder how he had ever thought seriously of being a pedagogue, a demagogue, or a minister.

He was no vulgar demagogue, pandering to popular passion, and seeking fame and power at any cost.

He was beginning to find out that a dowdy demagogue is not the cheeriest person to live with.

Contrast these remarks with the indescribable insults which Aristophanes had boldly heaped on the Athenian demagogues.

The aristocratic demagogues bought them, in the same way that rich monopolists in our day control legislatures.

"The conniving demagogue will cling to his office until compelled by a stringent law to abandon it."

You can't stem the movement in your clubs by denouncing the demagogues over highball glasses and teacups.

They had learned the illusion of Monarchy, the corruption of the demagogue, the futility of the sentimentalist.

To divert the attention of the crowd from a demagogue who shouted, 'Clericalism is the great enemy!'

A German naturally thinks of mob-rule, harangues of the demagogue, and every form of lawlessness and violence.

The only thing that remained in him of the famished demagogue, was an unbearable intolerance of all doctrines.

He always had a weapon ready to prostrate the opposition of the federalist and demagogue, however speciously presented.

Society resettled after the storm, the noble retained his armies, the demagogue had lost his mobs!

It is not obvious that he is more mischievous as demagogue than he was as courtier, lackey, or parliamentary intriguer.

In his notebook he wrote: Whiskey is taken into the committee rooms in demijohns and carried out in demagogues.

It is a bold attack on the factious prolongation of the war through the influence of the Athenian demagogues.

Underwood, a crawling, shambling, shuffling, ignorant demagogue who had set a new standard of judicial honor and dignity.

This open violation of the treaty seemed a premeditated insult, and a demagogue urged the people to take summary vengeance.

The shining lights are those whom we turn out as syndicalist leaders and other kinds of anti-patriotic demagogues.

Must the best constitution, ever given to any uninspired nation, be made the sport of traitors and demagogues?

He was never intended for a demagogue; for he never condescends to the art of pandering to the populace.

O'Connell and his country, abandoned the Government, which he charged with truckling to the great demagogue's will.

Rodriguez was at once a guerilla chief and a demagogue; he was a lawyer who wore the epaulets of a colonel.

A plebeian, a demagogue, a self-righteous and always angry creature who actually boasts of knowing no Greek ... indeed.

A silly pretty puss of a girl would not have excited it, nor an avowed blood- relative of the demagogue.

Some such notion as this, more often implied than expressed, is very common, and it is inexpressibly dear to demagogues.

Mayor, its Swiss editor, saying, "Of all petty tyrants he is one of the pettiest, as are most demagogues."

He appeared as a demagogue and a disturber of the public peace, as an apostle of change and crisis and unrest.

Their protest was drowned in the roar of multitudes maddened by demagogues who were preparing for a political campaign.

Is Socrates stigmatized for having wounded the feelings of any demagogue of the day, or of the thirty tyrants?

The initiative, the referendum and the recall lend themselves to the demagogues' schemes, and they call it progressiveness.

Ours is not the sort of protest, at least, that promises anything even to the demagogue, let alone the sycophant.

Lay this to heart ye demagogues who are sowing broadcast the seeds of disunion and no longer court a monarchy.

Such a disguise, moreover, served excellently well, as he declared, to imitate the purple and bloated visage of the demagogue.

The principles enunciated by the higher clergy were disseminated by the priests and the demagogues among the masses.

He scorned the ways of the demagogue and the timeserver, and believed that "men should be what they seem."

We mistake, we vilify them when we consider them only as priests, aristocrats, plebeians, faithful subjects, malcontents or demagogues.

Does an orator ask a favor of you when you are acting as juryman, or a demagogue when you are sitting in council?

By degrees, he quitted the shambles for the platform, and he began attending public meetings as a professional demagogue.

Though his popularity there is universal, it would not withstand the attacks of demagogues were there field for demagogy.

And with that most characteristic specimen of popular eloquence, we may leave the two great demagogues of the Victorian Age.

They were mastering the tricks of the demagogue in their appeal to the masses, and they kept everlastingly at it.

No danger of any kind can arise from it, no antipathies, no divisions, no imposture of demagogues, no caprice of despots.

They were suggested by ambition, no better sometimes than that of the demagogue, and they begot idleness, and demoralization.

They possessed property and character, and were not to be swayed by every demagogue who sought preferment and office.

What rivets the heart of the Irish peasant to the flattering demagogue, or arms his hand against his landlord?

The religious demagogue belonged to a petty dissenting sect, no doubt; and he was trying for his wretched little Shibboleth.

Sometimes they assume the character of demagogues, and inveigh against the rapacity and corruption of the court and government.

Greed of office, curse of democracies, will impel demagogues to grovel deeper and deeper in the mire in pursuit of ignorant votes.

One was that very old objection, the fear of the machinations of demagogues, since people were supposed to be so easily fooled.

Demagogues and agitators, rhetoricians and poets were all sure of a hearing, if only they were sufficiently inspired and sufficiently eloquent.

While some deputies eulogized him as a champion of truth, others denounced him as a demagogue and a menace to the public welfare.

We have to thank the satirists, the public misfortunes, and even the demagogues, for extinguishing this smooth and pacific system.

They who imagine that Paine's political system was that of the democratic demagogues may undeceive themselves by pondering this pamphlet.

Industrial Education, alike for boys and girls, is the true remedy, worth more than all the nostrums of politicians and demagogues.

He was called an "ignorant demagogue," an "unscrupulous electioneer," was accused of using "false sentiment" and of "setting class against class."

There was the brawling tribe of demagogues and sycophants in the Athenian democracy, as there have been at other times of licentious upheaval.

There was a clean-cut issue between sound money and financial repudiation, and I was tired of the domination of populists and demagogues.

He has consulted public opinion, as the public servant should; but he has not pandered to public prejudice, as only demagogues do.