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Use eccentrically in a sentence

Definition of eccentrically:

  • (adverb) In an eccentric or bizarre manner

Sentence Examples:

They gave way in all directions, quite eccentrically and inconsistently.

There was a shilling-in-the-slot meter in the bath-room that acted eccentrically.

They were loaded centrally and eccentrically, and some were cased with a fireproof covering.

The principle of growth had exerted its power eccentrically with the poorhouse poet.

These screens are actuated by three eccentrically mounted rods set in motion by clockwork.

Well, that was no Hungarian character, but, though somewhat eccentrically, he characterized the leading feature of our century.

The borders were composed of flowers and fruit, interspersed with grotesque animals, birds, and human figures, most eccentrically conceived.

Some of them behaved decorously, others eccentrically and extravagantly; and it is the latter group which is the most diverting to read about.

In one curious poem, containing many fine lines, he actually rebukes people for being quaint or eccentric, and rebukes them quaintly and eccentrically.

Dad, running low, and darting eccentrically from side to side to confuse the aim of the sharpshooters, dashed out onto the deserted field.

The air, afflicted to pallor with the hoary multitudes that infested it, twisted and spun them eccentrically, suggesting an achromatic chaos of things.

All this while she had been looking for the handsome youth of the wavy dark hair, eccentrically long, and the graceful Italian military cape.

Swinging about, he sat transfixed, his odd features turned eccentrically handsome by a light of adoration which began to glow upon them, as if an astral presence had entered.

These feminine figures, rather eccentrically dressed, were evidently the knot of a laughing, joking circle of American men, all exhilarated by their approaching return to their beloved city.

Also, looking at the perspective view, we see that while the chronometer escapement has been retained, the balance has been placed eccentrically to make room for the center arbor.

Each pair of opposite pistons was secured together by a rigid connecting rod, connected to a pin on a rotating crankshaft which was mounted eccentrically to the axis of rotation of the cylinders.

As we have before observed, when rounding-up an eccentrically riveted wheel, the thickest tooth is always opposite the thinnest, but with a wheel which has been stretched the case is somewhat different.

It requires to be constructed differently to the ordinary eccentric chuck, as the circular movement requires to be always central, and only the slide carrying the pin to receive the rod must move eccentrically.

The portion over the doorway contains a fine example of late decorated tracery in the large western window, and the rebuilt portion to the south contains a niche, which is rather eccentrically introduced.

It had been signalled to us that the course which the marauders had as yet taken in their flight was a zigzag one, running eccentrically at all sorts of angles in all sorts of directions.

He did not remember any illuminating confidences from Dick on the subject of mother, but he made no doubt the boy looked upon her as he did, as a force too eccentrically irresponsible to be unloosed.

The face of this chuck is graduated by each die, so that it is easy to set the jaws concentrically or to place one or more eccentrically to take in work of other shape than round or square.

This cam, by virtue of the eccentricity of its face, imparts a transverse movement to the lathe rest through the intermediary of a transverse spindle on which is fixed a second cam also eccentrically faced.

Very remarkable eccentrically shaped objects, including crosses, crescents, rings, and a variety of other forms, chipped with great care and precision, from flint, chert, and obsidian, are also found, though not in great numbers.

In one hand he had a hair-brush and in the other a comb, and with these objects he went through all sorts of evolutions, his eyes fixed on the mirror, and his long figure most eccentrically contorted.

With the revolution of the wheel upon which it is mounted eccentrically the claw engages with the perforations, and, thus gripping the film after the manner of a ratchet and pawl, jerks it downwards a definite distance.

Finally, with respect to the constancy of Henry James, Senior's, presence in the lives of his children, it should be made clear that he never had any "business" or profession to interfere with "his almost eccentrically home-loving habit."

A soft iron vane, eccentrically pivoted within a coil carrying the current to be measured, is attracted toward the position where it will conduct the greatest number of magnetic lines of force against the restraining force of a spring or equivalent.

It was all overgrown with steppe grass, with dandelions, and with gooseberry and raspberry bushes; but there was plenty of shade in it, a number of old lime-trees growing there, of singularly large stature, with eccentrically ordered branches.

He was a good-looking, amiable, and wealthy young man, who was as lavish as if he had not had a penny, and who showed his extravagantly long descent chiefly by being (for a racing man) rather eccentrically interested in the subject of decoration.