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Use eccentrically in a sentence

Definition of eccentrically:

  • (adverb) In an eccentric or bizarre manner

Sentence Examples:

He went about ill-dressed and behaved eccentrically.

The brain works eccentrically in such moments.

They are eccentrically disposed in curves and other queer figures.

Each contains a single round or oval nucleus, often located eccentrically.

From somewhere outside came the sound of a knife-cleaner working eccentrically.

The eccentrically cut tin can was in the middle, between them.

His daughter Verona eccentrically took baths in the morning, now and then.

He was a man of few words, rough, ready, and eccentrically blunt.

And here he was soon lost in a crowd quite as eccentrically garbed as himself.

Lucy stops on the landing where there is an old clock eccentrically correct that night.