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Definition of effigy:

  • (noun) a representation of a person (especially in the form of sculpture);

Sentence Examples:

Every coin has my own effigy on it, which, if unlovely, is still honest?

He lies there, in armored effigy, beside his wife Joyce, who pre-deceased him in 1595.

He ordered a wooden effigy of himself to be made and to be beheaded in the market-place.

In every seaport Jay was execrated as a fool and traitor and burned in effigy.

A few sculptured tombs, with knights in effigy, were also dimly discernible in the transept.

The heraldic bearing is repeated on the lance-flag and on the escutcheon above the effigy.

Like a tinfoil effigy held over a flame, his tremendous bulk began to slough away.

He died in prison, pertinacious to the last and was duly burnt in effigy, in 1622.

Effigies of various rulers of the nation appear and disappear with a dramatic but disconcerting rapidity.

The remaining effigies are depicted on the foreheads, hands and nimbi of the larger ones.

The Earl's monument with his effigy and that of his two wives, stands beneath.

Their effigies are headless and mutilated, but traces of color and gilding are to be seen.

Here and there he lay in such rubbish as motionless as the effigies careen on marble biers.

Over the apex is an effigy of the Holy Trinity, with angels on each side bearing censers.

He lies in the north transept of the cathedral, where his effigy can still be seen.

The greatest of our Egyptian kings had his effigy cut-out of a hill of solid rock.

The effigies of William and Mary in the Abbey, wear the very finest Venetian Point laces.

Yet was he burnt in effigy too; and so traduced, that his name is not purified yet!

It had been customary in Greek towns to celebrate Easter by burning an effigy of Judas Iscariot.

On the north side of the chancel is a fine tomb, with the effigy of Sir Wm.

It was a Mexican custom on Good Friday to burn Judas in effigy on the Plaza Mayor.

His effigy was exhibited on the gallows seven days, decorated with a dozen Russian orders.

In the garden was the recumbent stone effigy, overgrown with moss, of one of the sisters.

The effigy is of brass and was once gilded, and represents the prince in full armor.

She was immediately embalmed, and by noon her waxen effigy was on view at the Louvre.

In the center stood a tomb with the half-moldered effigy of a knight lying full length.

Her effigy in stone, mutilated like an Egyptian mummy, is still to be seen at this sacred edifice.

Papists burn Protestants in the flesh; and Protestants burn Papists in effigy, as we mock them.

It was the custom to carry her effigy through Italian towns on the eve of the Epiphany.

There are a few fragments of tombs with effigies of the priors, and some mutilated stone coffins.

The slab is modern; an alabaster effigy made in 1598 now is placed in the adjoining recess.

Rodin sent the six effigies of burghers, and this gave rise to fresh difficulties with the authorities.

The effigy is of his own date, and gives apparently a true portrait of a worthy prelate.

Under the easternmost window in this aisle is the effigy of a vested priest with raised hands.

Some of his papist subjects had a fancy for buying handkerchiefs which bore the effigies of saints.

One is tempted to see in these hideous effigies rather the work of a defamer than a true portrait.

If the axe itself were not procurable, it sufficed to make an effigy of it in cloth or clay.

Mills was liberally remunerated for his effigy of General Jackson balancing himself on a brass rocking-horse.

A few, but very valuable, authorities are to be found in the sculptural monumental effigies of this period.

Outside of the S. wall are two slabs with much defaced effigies, probably from an earlier building.

His effigy lies under the wall dividing the transept from the vestibule of the Lady Chapel.

The Scandinavians carried metal effigies carved out of gold or silver, or incised upon tiles, perpetually as amulets.

The sacristy encloses a primitive wooden effigy of the Virgin; it is of greater historic than artistic value.

Of the effigy only the upper part remains, and this is very much denuded and weather-worn.

Two effigies, one an ecclesiastic, the other probably a layman, have been placed under two of the windows.

The effigy lay on a mattress, on which was a coverlet of vermilion silk interwoven with beaten gold.

In the north wall of this aisle in a series of arched recesses (Decorated) lie the effigies of various ecclesiastics.

Menes took the effigy in his hand and read the cartouche that was engraved beneath its breast.

Their kneeling effigies, though sadly damaged and defaced, remain among the most beautiful examples of Spanish sculpture.

The Cardinal's effigy lies upon the stone coffin, the face of which has a bas-relief between heraldic shields.

His head was like that of a gilded wooden effigy, from which the gilding had partly worn off.

The Americans are proud of this bird in effigy, and their hearts rejoice when its banner is unfurled.

Indians are divided into clans and most effigy mounds are believed by archeologists to be the emblems of these.

In this transept is the effigy of a knight in full armor of the fourteenth century of ringed mail.

In the south transept is an effigy of an unknown crusader and another of a knight in the north aisle.

The alabaster effigy in the chancel, of a knight in armor, is believed to represent one of the Scales family.

The Tory gentry employed roughs to burn Paine in effigy throughout the country, and to harry the Nonconformists.

This figure was then besmeared with barley-meal and water and burnt as an effigy of the missing body.

Still, the wounded effigy of the Savior and the blasted larch tree remain as witnesses on earth against him.

A list of theaters, concerts, operas confronted her in the next window, together with the effigies of prominent artistes.

And some Venetian effigies, which would doubtless prove something for local history, may be seen in the same court.

It is a strangely ornamented structure, with carved escutcheons, many effigies, and flamboyant decorations on each of its sides.

Up to the time of Henry V. the embalmed bodies and not the effigies were displayed upon the funeral car.

They are not responsible for the marrow-bones and cleavers, for the effigy, or for any of the publications.

It had thick wattle and daub walls and a thatched roof with carved and painted wooden animal effigies on top.

They are tall catafalques of white marble, superbly sculptured, with the full length effigies of the monarchs upon them.

The effigy is looked upon by scientists as an example of the attire of an Irish King of the thirteenth century.

It was the recumbent effigy of an old ecclesiastic of the fifteenth century, which I had not observed before.

The highly glazed and gaudily painted effigies of this saint, represent him with an infant Savior in his arms.

On the effigy of Queen Joan the collar certainly has no pendant, except the jewelled ring of a trefoil form.

Within the dolmen, also, clay effigies are often found, which appear to have been substitutes for retainers of high rank.

The bed had a tremendous hood over it like a catafalque, and lying in it made me think I was an effigy.

There were formerly brasses of the effigies of William Gale and his two wives, but they have unfortunately been removed.

It was a curious old place, chiefly of wood, and had a great effigy of a polar bear on its frontage.

The nave is lofty, with clerestory and plaster roof (colored like oak); the effigy at the W. is St Andrew.

This royal effigy was so magnificent, its colors were so untarnished, that light seemed to radiate from the still figure.

The effigy represents the poet in the costume of a Spanish cavalier as he appeared at the age of his greatest activity.

Belcher's effigy standing upon the ground, surrounded by fagots ready to be lighted, they yelled: "Light him up, boys!"

The old idea was that this boy died during his brief episcopacy, and was thus honored with an effigy.

Peter hung him in effigy; but the Swedes themselves improved upon this by hanging the deserter in the flesh.

What is now the porch was then the chancel, but the altar-tombs have been spared, with their recumbent effigies.

The piece of gold was Spanish, a piece of eight, heavy, and stamped with the stately effigies of a vanished king.

Her slender but muscular arms, stretching over the grass, were senseless branches touching the shoulders of the armless effigy.

The effigy was evidently sculptured soon after the interment of the King; and represents him in the regal habiliments.

I descried my own young effigy among the rest, in a frame which I recollected giving her at the time.

The variegated walls are in many places ornamented with festoons, wreaths, crosses, and medallions representing the effigies of different pontiffs.

His tomb and effigy, contrary to the usual custom, are of wood (Irish oak), but whether they are contemporaneous is uncertain.

He entered the funeral fastnesses where the effigies of former heroes eternally paddled canoes adorned by the skulls of their enemies.

The German raised himself to his full height and stood there towering over her, the very effigy of sublime fatherhood.

Along the venerable aisles of the nave and in the transept, are effigies and memorial tablets disclosed in the dim religious light.

As soon as vespers are over the girls seize the effigy and, singing a hymn, carry it in procession round the village.

The hauberk was sometimes worn under the plate armor, for the lower edge is sometimes shown in effigies and brasses.

Many known Crusaders have their effigies with uncrossed legs, and many who never went to the Crusades have cross-legged effigies.

If not apprehended in person, they were to be burned in effigy, their wives and children proscribed, and their possessions confiscated.

The next is a slab in the chancel floor, once having brass effigies, but which, with the inscription, have been removed.

It was a well-meant effort, which had the effect of congealing the already subdued Joan into something resembling a marble effigy.

Two or three portraits of the caricaturist are traceable, besides numerous burlesque transfers of his own effigy to his imaginary personages.

You have chosen to impersonate in my humble effigy an invention which, cradled upon the ocean, had its birth in an American ship.

No longer pure and fair as the statue of alabaster, her beauty, like that of some painted waxen effigy, is tawdry and meretricious.

In the chancel the mutilated effigies of a man and woman are said to represent Sir Walter de la Lee and his wife.