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Use endearment in a sentence

Definition of endearment:

  • (noun) the act of showing affection

Sentence Examples:

He was in no mood for protestations and endearments.

The women press coaxingly upon him, lavishing endearments.

A flood of breathless Greek endearments filled his ear.

These colloquial terms of endearment are sometimes rather tantalizing.

She asked in tones of mingled cajolery and endearment.

The Russian language has many diminutives, or terms of endearment.

She became an innocent siren, studying ways of bewitchment, of endearment.

She picked up the whimpering cat and began to croon endearments.

He stroked her hair and kissed her, murmuring Gaelic words of endearment.

In respect to her bewitching endearments, there's no mincing matters, at all.

In the brougham, going home, she bewitched him with wifely endearments.

And redoubling my endearments, she again turned her lovely face to me.

They were too busy expostulating with Billy, and lavishing endearments upon him.

She recoiled chastely from his endearment, though she thrilled at the proximity.

The home name seemed to add a touch of endearment, and he used it advisedly.

All of hers were endeared, though she was the center of the endearment.

The fitness or unfitness of these family terms of endearment is none of our business.

He rarely used terms of endearment, and yet he was proverbially tender and gentle.

They still had their times of amiable understanding, of pleasant comradeship, even of passionate endearment.

It was in a woman's handwriting, and began with words of endearment, but no name.

Every term of endearment has become a catchword, every caress mocks us from the hoardings.

There dwelt persuasion and sweet endearment, the eloquence of silence and the witchery of sighs.

They were an undemonstrative family, and such endearments as Belle used were lavished on her children.

"So here you are at last," he said, swinging the child off his legs without endearment.

The very word suggests an endearment, and a liberty of access denied to the faultlessly handsome.

How I pity you crabbed misanthropes who know not the richness of a loving woman's endearments!

He saw the hollowness of her endearments, for she did nothing to make his burden lighter.

He had developed a sort of controlled voracity for endearment, but he never asked for it.

By this time the dazed elephant had yielded to the curses and endearments of the mahout.

This meter is especially fit for the numerous expressions of endearment in which the Finnish epic abounds.

The endearment was really an inquiry, a warning; for there was a foreboding madness in his eyes.

Murmuring soft German words of endearment, I approached the nearest cow in the hope of obtaining some milk.

Speak to them the language of truth and soberness, and away with the lullaby strains of condescending endearment!

And her father noticed with deep misgiving that she omitted the customary term of endearment between them.

His very endearments were awkward, whereas her present companion's slightest gallantry gave a pleasant fillip to her blood.

She was pouring a flood of Yiddish endearments and diminutives about the newcomer, when the surprised practitioner arrived.

He will never forgive either himself or them if they ignorantly indulge in any endearment under his very eyes.

It never occurred to his unsentimental thought, that words and acts of endearment were absolutely essential to her happiness.

With all the importunity of a drunken man he forced upon her gross caresses and vulgar endearments, unavoidable, inescapable.

Sinking to the ground, she rocked it to and fro in her arms, murmuring over it soft words of endearment.

He arose and patted the boy on the back as he used to do in his childhood, murmuring Gaelic expressions of endearment.

She openly and without shame showered kisses and other endearments on her lover, and the laughter was redoubled.

They embraced their children with great warmth, but little imagined the libidinous feelings their endearments produced on their children.

The boy with a smile submitted to these passionless endearments; the cold of the marble chilled his very heart.

The words of endearment, withheld so severely in his waking hours, were inexpressibly sweet to her forlorn and hungry heart.

Domestic scenes occur, where the stern revolutionist, burning to avenge the hoarded injuries of his class, unbends in tender endearments.

The dusky stillness of the room was murmurous with whispers, sighs, terms of endearment half smothered and all but inaudible.

All these things are matter of course to all Frenchmen, who are never at a loss for civility and terms of endearment.

Then he utters something which is between a sneeze and a growl, supposed to be a term of endearment in the Russian tongue.

Tender ties were sundered, and holy endearments sacrificed; the comforts of life were abandoned, and safety, shelter, and supplies left behind.

He might, without any hazard of imputed impertinence, venture to paint, from his imagination, the innocently playful endearments of betrothed Lovers.

Two of them were the young men with the bonny wives who now with murmured endearments grasped their cold hands.

She missed her husband's rough voice, the heavy shuffling tread, above all the rare endearments that she valued for their infrequency.

For the tone of voice and the little term of endearment and the woman herself were all rather bewilderingly like her aunt.

Julian hovered near them muttering a frantic rigmarole of endearments for Joel, and ugly curses for humanity in general, Berry in particular.

With some words of endearment, she fell on her knees beside him, and her small white hand sought his thin gnarled one.

The muleteers stopped here to throw stones on a cairn beside the track and greeted the town with expressions of endearment and praise.

The cat calls the mouse a titty mouse, a term of endearment applied to the very animal that she was putting in bodily fear.

He did not even pretend to listen to the discourse of the others, but amused himself with petting Leo, who sturdily repulsed his endearments.

They were hardly ever entirely alone and for purposes of endearment the terrace was not the most secluded spot that could have been found.

Before was an ugly rush of water and a leap beyond her strength; behind, three drunken men, their mouths full of endearment and scurrility.

It is not our intention to try to extenuate those crimes for which we are justly driven from the society and endearments of our native country.

The faces of those brave men were saddened with the thought of the perils which lay before them, and the endearments that were behind.

They believed the ladies and the gentlemen alike to have covered them with frank endearments, to have been artlessly and gushingly glad to make their acquaintance.

Drive no more shafts of anguish through my bruised and shattered heart, but gently administer in words of endearment the potency of your enthralling glances.

Then she threw herself upon me, and covered me with kisses, uttered a volume of passionate endearments, entwined her arms about me in all tender embraces.

Between father and mother, brother and sister, ofttimes pass rough and hasty words, and sometimes angry words, even more frequently than words of endearment.

The endearments of her smiles, the melting accents of her voice, and her bewitching softness, beguile him of his sorrows, and make his prison a palace.

He had a way of bestowing little endearments in public, which Mary found very attractive, even while her training obliged her to class them as solecisms.

There were sailors from the few ships in harbor, and women so haggard and bedraggled that shrill laughter and lavish endearments remained their only allure.

The sense of touch must have satisfied her, for abruptly she kissed him, flung her arms about him, clung to him, and crooned little endearments.

She set it down, and then threw her arms around the embarrassed Russell, who was seated on the bench, murmuring words of endearment in unintelligible Spanish.

Endearment and protestation this reader could indeed afford to skip; but what he could not help seeing in this kind at once hardened and inflamed his heart.

Some moments of endearments interesting to the participants but not edifying in narration followed upon this assertion, and then the little stream of lover-talk purled on again.

Jeannette loved his endearments, his underscored protestations, but the plans which he elaborately unfolded seemed so uncertain, their realization so improbable that they left her cold.

Phrases for Study he must be cold, national constellation, all its endearments, signify union, speaks sublimely, officially recognized, every part has a voice, blazing in the sky.

Inspired by these endearments and certain private signals given by Ben, Sancho suddenly burst away to perform all his best antics with unusual grace and dexterity.

After this followed expressions of endearment no woman might address except to an affianced lover, or the husband of her choice; and his heart sickened while he read.

Imagination is not certainly idle here, yet I grant, that if the charm of substantial beauty or endearment be wanting, poesy will ever be but a cold and joyless sentiment.

For so base a fellow was bound to keep friendly company with the base, and such a slough of vices to wheedle his partners in sin with pandering endearments.

With many endearments of hand and speech, the latter in German, she unbound him, led him to the kitchen door, and made him smell of rope and chair.

Nicholas, in turn, overwhelmed him with endearments, licked his face, nuzzled his hand, nearly pushed him from the log in his clumsy efforts to show his joy.

In the midst lay the dead general, and his child clung to him, kissed him, chafed his hands, endeavored to stanch his wound, and addressed him with endearments.

Soldiers, as I have had occasion to remark elsewhere, have a very natural mode of expressing their affection by titles of endearment, indicative of the peculiarities of the subjects of their admiration.

When she ceased, the auricular impressions from their previous endearments seemed to hustle away into the corner of their brains, repeating themselves as echoes from a time of supremely purblind foolishness.

Except to mutter incoherent prayers again, and again he said no word, but his heart was filled with passionate endearments, he lavished agonized and infinite tenderness upon her in his soul.

Now, wherever there is gambling there are thieves, sharpers, and cheats by profession, and in every age these gentry enjoy their special names, whether of opprobrium or of endearment.

Even the term of endearment which he coined for her, "little saint," was a jocose and condescending appellation reflecting on her susceptibility to ideas which clever people had discarded as fatuous.

No doubt it was only maidenly coyness that made her refuse to allow me to take her hand or to kiss it, or to indulge in any kind of innocent little endearment.

True, she addressed to me no term of endearment, which was singular; but so engrossed was I in my introspection and in my own misery that I scarcely noticed this.

The men found it sufficiently wonderful to satisfy even Freckles, who had forgotten he was ever sore or stiff, and coddled over it with every blarneying term of endearment he knew.

For the first time in his life, perhaps, the pain-racked animal was soothed and cheered during the hated operation by quaint old Irish terms of endearment, punctuated with advice.

When the caged bird has escaped into the open air of heaven, does he ever regret his gilded cage and all its luxurious comforts or the tender endearments of his owner?

Added to her natural dislike to such endearments before spectators of the class then present, a curious indefinable sensation of repulsion took possession of her temporarily, as strong as it was instinctive.

And she kissed and fondled the boy, regardless of the mud with which his dirty face was encrusted, and of his own evident perturbation and objection to these endearments.

In her blushing loveliness, Lady Rosamond received a fragrant and beautiful white rose from the hand of her liege sovereign as expressive of the desired continuation of his former regard and endearment.

And this leads me to a remark (which I do not remember to have met with) that Scottish dialects are peculiarly rich in such terms of endearment, more so than the pure Anglican.

A tourniquet of buckskin soon stopped the bleeding, and he "brought in his old mule, lavishing many a caress and most comical terms of endearment upon the faithful companion of his wanderings."

She would draw Shorty into the path a little ahead of Si, and walk alongside of him, pinching his arm and jabbering incoherent words which were meant for terms of endearment.

The Roman ladies, especially, delighted in those euphonious syllables, which clothed Athenian eloquence in such melodious rhythm; and their choicest terms of endearment in the language of love, were invariably whispered in Greek.