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Use fawn in a sentence

Definition of fawn:

  • (noun) a color or pigment varying around a light grey-brown color;
  • (noun) young deer
  • (verb) show submission or fear
  • (verb) try to gain favor by cringing or flattering;
  • (verb) have fawns; "deer fawn"

Sentence Examples:

Fawns, satyrs, and nymphs brought their greetings, while an Echo replied to the addresses of welcome.

There is another side to the shield-faith fawning on political expediency and egoism, and turning brigand.

Body from dark gray or brown to rust or fawn and splotched with white; eyes dark.

Jones cast aside his coat and ran across the greensward with the grace of a fawn.

In the outskirts of the village, however, was one who neither courted nor fawned upon her.

The white color of the rump not encroaching on the fawn color of the haunches. a.

She turned again for flight: the fawn, scrambling after her, tumbled over, and bleated piteously.

Trousers are often made of Siberian fawn skin and the skin of the marmot, or ground squirrel.

Little Pan sits with his panpipes on an Ionic capital over which is thrown a fawn skin.

He is therefore either pragmatical and offensive, or if he tries to please, he becomes cowardly and fawning.

Virtue elevates the soul, and can neither fawn nor buy credit, nor flatter vice and incapacity.

Leopardess shortly arrived, and was met at the door by the obsequious Dog with fawning welcome.

The abject, terrified appeal in his eyes; the fawning, doglike subjection of his manner, enraged Carrington.

Dorothy appeared presently, wearing a boy's outing shirt open at the neck and a pair of fawn-colored jodhpurs.

Monteagle pursued, when she quickened her pace and finally fled with the fleetness of a fawn.

Pigs and calves, fawns, stray dogs, ducks and mud hens are antagonists more to his liking.

He fawned on the drover, and his tail was wagging violently for the first time in years.

He is often lost to them, and wanders in the mountain fastnesses with the fawns and kids.

Even the fawns are reputed to be able to outdistance Wolves in a chase that is not too prolonged.

Only when Ted tooted the horn did the fawn come alive, scramble up an embankment and disappear.

It was upholstered in soft fawn color, the coachman wore fawn-colored livery, and the horses were beautiful.

Zara turned round like a startled fawn, and then her expression changed to one of anger and hauteur.

Wolves may also be taking a disproportionately high number of fawns, although our data do not show this.

By and by, tired out, the fawn lay still and rested entwined in the girl's arms.

Fawning upon the plutocracy was, without exception, the most disgusting practice of which Freda could conceive.

Ordinarily a herd would consist of does, fawns, and yearlings, the latter carrying their first antlers.

He gave her the impression of a petty tyrant about to bestow largess upon an obsequious and fawning slave.

The hindmost fawn let out a feeble bleat of distress, and the mother, heeding, dropped back between.

And please preserve me from your sickening attempts to fawn, in view of your treacherous recommendations of recent months.

It is a place in which you half expect to startle a fawn, it looks so unvisited and wild.

Prairie dogs, chipmunks, badgers, fawns, 'possums, crows, and many other native wild animals have been successfully tamed.

Six young girls came first, naked except for a breadth of fawn-skin falling from waist to instep.

On blowing through the other end, a sound precisely resembling the bleating of a young fawn resulted.

Her feet were so small and delicate that only the skins of fawns were used to make her moccasins.

People of every rank and station, save Socialistic alone, abase themselves in vulgar fawning at the feet of tyranny.

The fawn waded until the water reached its knees, then stopped and uttered piteous little bleats.

The protuberant back gave him an extraordinary effect of being buttoned into his fawn-colored coat wrong side before.

The fawns are hidden at birth, and remain in some secluded spot until they are several days old.

It will make you despise the fawning sycophant, who would sell his birthright for a piece of bread.

An individual in a Syrian dress, fawn-colored robes girdled with a rich shawl, and a white turban, entered.

His humanness rebounds more quickly than ours, who will not fawn upon life for twenty minutes yet.

This was for the purpose of smearing the teats, to prevent the fawns from sucking too much.

Cummings wrote it, the fool, the lying, fawning, slobbering fool; he ought to be shot for it!

He asked, in fawning tones, for he wanted to propitiate the man who could make a tramp of him.

Trousers are generally made from Siberian fawn skins and the skin of the marmot or the ground squirrel.

It has long been declared illegal; and was especially bad, because it victimized chiefly the does and fawns.

He had been punishing the dog for rousing a ptarmigan, and it was now lying fawning on him.

He called the doe and fawn beautifully by using a thin leaf of birchbark between two flattened sticks.

They are fawning curs now; but on the slightest return of good fortune, their arrogance will be redoubled.

The white color of the rump projects forward in an angle into the fawn color of the haunches.

It was sickening to see them fawning over the disgusting little brute, who ought to have been pitched overboard.

Poor, he would have remained a fawning toady, but wealth transformed him into a haughty, arrogant aristocrat at heart.

The impression which the fall of his playfellow had produced on the other fawn was very different.

The picture of the obese and drunken chief surrounded by fawning harpies was a shameful and disgusting one.

The fawn danced about bewildered, wondering what had become of its mother, but finally fled to the woods.

The dog nuzzled the man's hand and fawned upon him, making in his throat little noises of welcome.

Besides all that, Pop did not come in fawning and full of extravagant praise, as most scroungers will.

He so cringed and fawned that he seemed to become limp, and to grovel in the dust before the miser.

Cried Fred, as he hurriedly flung off his own clothing and stepped into the undergarment of fawn skin.

Then he saw a young man come to the entrance of the courtyard, the swineherd's dogs fawning upon him.

She stroked his head, and the hound fawned upon her, dragging himself round her feet, crawling, abased.

The whole scheme was plain, its low chicanery, its shallow hypocrisy, its fawning acceptance of his leadership!

Sentiment and sympathy need no longer be the prey of the fawning cadger, or the victim of hypocritical distress.

No longer occupied by the song, she gazed around her half bewildered, with the air of a startled fawn.

Where are the people who have canonized him and idolized him, fawned at his feet, and cringed before him?'

It is a common thing for fawns and calves of various kinds to butt their mothers, just for fun.

The panegyric is a piece of courtly flattery in accordance with the cringing and fawning manners of the times.

These knew that Medea was an enchantress, and they fawned on her and Jason and let them pass.

The man had talked like a provincial yokel, and then fawned upon him with his sickly, uninvited confidences.

He is fawning and meanly polite to influential men, and rude and overbearing to those who have no recognized position.

At a small distance were the stag with branching horns, the timid deer, and the sportive, frisking fawn.

Swiftly they came, and soon they were at his side, fawning on him, and speaking in soft, wheedling voices.

Tommy was the little boy who wore a fawn coat with a sealskin collar, and dear little brown gaiters.

As soon as they perceived us they fled with wild screams into the adjoining thickets, like so many startled fawns.

In one corner a bronze fawn, as if wishing to drink, was inclining its greenish head, grizzled, too, by dampness.

As soon as they perceived us they fled with wild screams into the adjoining thickets, like so many startled fawns.

Our peasants as sincerely believe the tales of goblins and fairies as the heathens those of fawns, nymphs, and satyrs.

She stood with her little chin tilted in a half- wild attitude of reconnoiter, as a fawn might have stood.

The fawn stood perfectly still in the grassy yard, and seemed to contemplate the grandeur of the enchanting scene.

Catherine too was pretty as a fawn, and was so honestly pleased to meet Wharton again that he expanded into geniality.

"We must save all the skins of the woodchucks and squirrels," suggested Louis; "and fawns when we catch them."

A soft, mild sunset is laying changing tints of color on the veldt, rose, amber, fawn, with deep blue shadows.

Next inside were the hornless males and the does, while in a compact body in the center were the fawns.

Said she, looking up for a moment, and then coaxingly fawning upon Fernando, with a faint smile upon her features.

"That were indeed a deadly unkindness to the poor fawn," said Sir Richard, "seeing it would be imperiling her eternal salvation."

William, in consequence of following a fawn too ardently, separated from his companions, and in trying to rejoin them became bewildered.

By a revolution in the state, the fawning sycophant of yesterday is converted into the austere critic of the present hour.

There were young foxes, bears, wolves, raccoons, fawns, buffalo calves and birds of all kinds, tamed by various boys.

There were young foxes, bears, wolves, fawns, raccoons, buffalo calves, and birds of all kinds, tamed by various boys.

They are, to my thinking, a pestilent race, either tyrannizing over the weakness, or fawning to the vices, of their employers.

To give his fuddled brain the chance for indignation that it wanted there entered the dog Tiger, fawning, ingratiating.

When we came to look at the sleek Jersey cows and calves, with their fawn-like faces, our admiration knew no bounds.

The shaman here referred to a panther-skin robe, a pouch of spotted fawn skin, and a pipe decorated with a manikin.

It is only your greenhorns who endeavor to make their way by fawning and cringing to every member of the establishment.

Some pulled long rushes and sat themselves down to weave little baskets; some gathered nosegays, some played with the fawns.

He unlocks an under compartment and drags out a pair of pointers, who fawn upon him obsequiously in gratitude for their release.

There I found a curious eagerness to be of help to me and almost fawning servility antipathetic to my democratic American notions.

The deciduous first incisors of fawns and the deciduous premolars of yearlings are usually replaced with permanent teeth by December.

There are sportsmen, many of them, I trust, who would not shoot a fawn that stood still at their approach.

This slender, delicate, little creature was very graceful and pretty, timid as a fawn, and frisky as a young colt.