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Use gait in a sentence

Definition of gait:

  • (noun) the rate of moving (especially walking or running)
  • (noun) a horse's manner of moving
  • (noun) a person's manner of walking

Sentence Examples:

Then he turned and with that clumsy lumbering gait common to his kind ambled off across the clearing.

The man walked along with a long, swinging gait which made it difficult for Caesar to keep up with him.

The gorilla runs with a sidelong shambling gait, but more commonly progresses by resting on its bent hands.

And then they had merrily whooped it up at a gait which would have appalled seasoned old stagers like ourselves.

He knew that it was practically a matter of impossibility to urge the rugged Scottish engineer beyond his usual gait.

He looked as if to walk at a shambling gait was about the extreme of any exertion of which he was possible.

There was a slight unsteadiness in the gait and in various finer movements, and a slight ataxia of the legs.

There was something maidenly in her easy, but aristocratic gait, something eluding definition yet intelligible to the glance.

The women are not very prepossessing, and not nearly so graceful in their bearing and gait as the men.

And Rachel, with a similar lack of conviction in her calm gait, went audaciously forth into the dark lobby.

She passed on, walking with a curious, shambling gait, and soon she disappeared on her way to the village.

He turned the first corner, then quickened his gait, at the next corner swinging once more to the left.

Helen recognized it, and the flowing red scarf, and the swinging gun, and the slow, spur-clinking gait.

It may have been of this Pinto was thinking as he plodded along with the measured gait of the seasoned patrolman.

For the most part, they were tall, strong men, and all had a gait and bearing of peculiar stateliness.

Ben Akbar's gait was as gentle as the evening wind that ruffles the new-sprouted fronds of young date palms.

His gait was more slouchy, his expression more furtive, his teeth more broken with constant biting on the pipe.

With a parting bob of his head the Jap pilot pivoted about and went off at his restless gait.

He was richly dressed, but wore a gouty shoe which, however, did not lessen the stateliness of his gait.

A little, thin, old, brown cur staggered out, with lips viciously rolled back, and a curious unsteadiness of gait.

The old Indian stopped, and then striking into a gait, half run, half lope, he came across the snow.

She was an old lady, of tottering gait, and apparently in very feeble health, but perfectly self-possessed and quiet.

He was long, rather shambling in his gait, with a mild blue eye and fair thin hair now growing gray.

Their movements become ungraceful; they invent unseemly capers, walk with a staggering gait, fall easily, and break things.

She went no longer blithely singing about her work; and all the springiness had fled from her gait.

Queried the other, in response, as he kept beside the three, his shambling gait keeping pace with their brisk walk.

He carried a large and unshapely newspaper parcel, despite which he walked with the springy gait of a released schoolboy.

He went down to the quay one night, when he was, as usual, so intoxicated as to have a very unsteady gait.

In an instant he was up again; but the Belgian guessed from his unsteady gait that he was hard hit.

Though they were young, they walked with bowed heads, which gait of grief the sun's rays smiled on pitilessly.

Peter, with a long, elephantine gait, slowly wandered over the town, lingering especially in the busy marts of trade.

It is this eternal maddening pull, with the pitiful crawling gait that tells; horse's labor and a snail's pace.

An erect, martial carriage and quick, springy step had replaced the somewhat plodding gait of the school and farm.

He was looking ill; his gait was tottering, his eye wavering, and when he spoke his utterance was confused.

The gait is waddling like that of a duck, the trunk lurching from one side to the other with each step.

With the shambling gait of a camel, he had also the good qualities of one, and did his owner honest service.

At present, my ugly mug, and my talk, and my warpath gait are too useful to be laid on the shelf.

She remarked his bald head fringed with a mournful halo of hair, his stooping shoulders, his ungainly weak-kneed gait.

He had no speed either as a runner or trotter, not being able to do a mile in four minutes at any gait.

The Germans walked on at a brisk, swinging gait, Herr Johann talking volubly, his companion answering mostly in monosyllables.

She walked with a slow swinging gait and seemed never to be in a hurry, even when closing hour was approaching.

He was richly dressed, but wore a gouty shoe, which, however, did not lessen the stateliness of his gait.

The man came up with that curiously silent, almost furtive gait, which no prairie Indian, however civilized, ever quite loses.

Without waiting for a reply, he set off, at an easy, loping gait, in the direction of the strange fires.

All dogs, wild or tame, walk upon their toes with a firm, elastic gait, and their toes are not retractile.

This jam, after inexplicably hanging fire for a week, as inexplicably started like a sprinter almost into its full gait.

And these rustlers were of that breed to a certainty, for they kept things going at a pretty lively gait.

Then wheeling away he staggered into the forest; he reeled in his gait, crashed through bushes and caromed off trees.

Short and thickset, with misshapen limbs and an unseemly gait, his appearance was more comely in repose than in action.

He called jocosely after the dumpy figure mincing along with the peculiar gait which had suggested one of his nicknames.

It moved with a stiff, tottering gait, and its naked feet made a dry clicking sound on the metal floor.

His movements were of a more irregular and erratic nature than comported with the well-ordered and equable gait of his companion.

He had light hair, very light for fifteen years, and a peculiar teetering gait, which was not unmanly, however.

His gait was a little awkward, in spite of the sponge-rubber floor, because of the huge flowered carpetbag he was carrying.

The peculiar gait, the strange swinging motion of the shoulders were not to be forgotten when once they had been seen.

It was the heavy figure, the swinging awkward gait, which she remembered twenty years ago on the old farm-road.

The wayfaring man was clad in a strange garb; and his gait and gestures the Knight thought extremely singular.

Her gait was light and active; sometimes she ran after her goats, again she turned to call the stragglers.

She let the shrimp drop to the ground, uttered a cry, and moved toward him with a tottering gait.

Conscious of my unpolished gait, I for some time took private lessons of a professor, who teaches "grown gentlemen to dance."

I went to meet her as she walked at the head of her followers with her graceful carriage and queenly gait.

I knew he was right about it, and pulled Shylock down to the steady lope that was his natural gait.

Gone was the hopeless misery, gone were the shambling gait, the pathetic smile, the helplessness of resignation to overwhelming conditions.

His gait was a shambling trot that seemed slow, although, in truth, he was covering the ground with extraordinary swiftness.

They were descending the last slope and the mild-mannered horse caught the idea of stables and put on a gait.

His habitual light step and cautious gait never disturbed her, and there he stood gazing on her, amazed, almost enraptured.

And her quick, clean gait to be exchanged for a boggling and clumping along as if her feet were in loose boxes.

A tall figure, walking with a brisk, swinging gait, was turning into one of the rooms farther down the corridor.

In his right hand he held a long branch of dogwood, which he used as a crop to accelerate his horse's gait.

They darted off with the speed of a Grecian hippodrome, when they imitated the gait of almost every untrained quadruped.

The tribune was walking to and fro with the restless motions and stealthy gait of a tiger in its cage.

The oxen took up again their quiet processional gait and the old man walked ahead of them, his eyes on the ground.

It opened, and Bessie walked in with that stately erectness of gait which was characteristic of the women of her race.

His body automatically grew upright, the limp disappeared from his gait and he moved sturdily and gently towards them.

There was just enough frostiness to make warm wraps very pleasant, and to make the girls find a brisk gait delightful.

It may be ungenerous to reveal his failings, but he often talked thick, and sometimes was perceptibly eccentric in his gait.

His face was a refined one, his gait easy and swinging, and both in dress and manner he betrayed the gentleman.

On land, the waddling gait of Ducks is anything but graceful, but in the water their appearance is alert and elegant.

As she walked beside Archer with her long swinging gait her face wore the vacant serenity of a young marble athlete.

He came on toward Philip with a shambling gait, and with round, bowed shoulders, as if he had never stood upright.

He was small, but from the springiness of his gait and the erectness of his head he gave an impression of height.

The animals they bestrode were fairly mated, quite capable of maintaining their gait for several hours, and needing little urging.

A hand was on her hip, and she moved towards the bed with the sliding gait of the Spanish dancer.

Now she was large and heavy, with a mixture of unconscious stateliness and wistful motherliness in her gait and gestures.

Unlike the other Greek divinities, he was ugly and deformed, being awkward in his movements, and limping in his gait.

At that moment an odd-looking man, with a rapid, rolling, right and left gait, ambled by and caught Kate's eye.

The old man rose with difficulty from the chair, and, bent and barefooted, left the room in a staggering gait.

Yes, there could be no mistaking the swaying gait, the curious, snorting breathing, the sadly lolling head and slow movements.

The girl saw that nurse tottering along and went down to help, marching with the gait of a prancing peacock.

The horses made good time at a steady gait, and all were so preoccupied that only a few desultory remarks were exchanged.

The litters and your tottering gait would betray everything if we were to enter the boat anywhere else in the great harbor.

The next to approach the tribunal of penance was the Fox, with drooping tail, a lachrymose eye, and humble gait.

The way became more broken, but the noble brute kept up his steady, unswerving gait the same as on the open prairie.

Now and then one will find a rapid pacer, but commonly the pace is a five or six miles an hour gait.

Mormon ran at a sprinter's gait from the cottonwoods, along a side of the corral, through the trees bordering the cistern.

The man was moving at a swift gait, almost running; but as he drew nearer, he halted, looking about irresolutely, nervously.

His gait was unsteady; the pupils of his eyes, visible in the bright light of the fire, were small as pinheads.

She walked with an even swinging gait, not as one who was idling there, but as though with some fixed purpose.

Springing into the saddle they instantly broke into the long lope which was to be their gait for the coming hours.

He stepped boldly into view from among the trees, a hundred yards away, and came forward with an erect, dignified gait.