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Use hallucination in a sentence

Definition of hallucination:

  • (noun) illusory perception; a common symptom of severe mental disorder
  • (noun) a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea; "
  • (noun) an object perceived during a hallucinatory episode;

Sentence Examples:

Idea of flame might have been a retroactive hallucination.

I was going to run no risk of being deceived by ghostly hallucination, or mesmeric influence.

The crude Toni experienced the same hallucination that had perturbed all the others on the boat.

Ghosts are only seen as spiritual lights, which so commonly attend hallucinations among the civilized.

Hallucination represents 'the main trunk of our psychical existence

The hallucination must, for story-telling purposes, be veracious.

These hallucinations are casual and unsought.

A Veracious Hallucination popularly called a Wraith or Ghost.

Case of Veracious Hallucination.

The suspicions expressed in this letter are the hallucinations and alarms of a moping lunatic.

The monarchic hallucinations hamper all progress and all serious departments of industry.

First the auditory hallucination of the sound of a bell, which the doctor called tinnitus.

It was hard not to wish to be a partaker of his hallucination.

In a dream or hallucination one sees figures, more or less dim, but still having "vaporous materiality."

It has since struck me that it possessed peculiarities akin to those of a hashish hallucination.

It is presumable, indeed, that many, if not all, hallucinations have such a basis of fact.

The soul of the German people lies still in the convulsions and hallucinations of its slow recovery.

She gave a low, perplexed laugh, looking at me with curious sorrow for my hallucinations.

Yes, it is because of the misapprehensions which may be caused by dive hallucinations.

Like the keenness of absinthe it was hallucination.

A high state of delirium supervenes, and there are often hallucinations.

Little by little, this hallucination was succeeded by a less bewildered and exaggerating view.

Who knows but even hallucinations are subject to wiles and coquetry.

This is the most baseless hallucination that ever visited the brain of a genial optimist.

Hallucination is the seeming perception of non-existent objects, as in insanity or delirium.

It bore no resemblance to ordinary crimes and was clearly a case of monomania with hallucinations.

She was amnesic for her delusions and hallucinations.

In deep hypnosis, gross illusions and even hallucinations can be produced.

He still hopes that Dan's vision of her in the fire was but the hallucination of a bewildered brain.

The hallucination took only one form, a beautiful woman outside the ship, unclad and beckoning.

The whole cursed night was a series of damnable hallucinations.

The decrepit hero of the overweening hallucination had hobbled into the witness-box meanwhile.

And for those who are deeply perplexed there is always the theory of hallucination to fall back upon.

The idea having been received, a hallucination is built up, so to speak, by the percipient.

All evidences of mortal life are only as the phantasms of hallucination.

Sensory automatism will thus include visual and auditory hallucinations.

When illusions, auto-suggestions, hallucinations, are eliminated, what remains?

The tinnitus, therefore, is rather of the nature of an illusion than of a hallucination.

He knew this time that it was not the hallucination of overstrung nerves.

The suspicions expressed in this letter are the hallucinations and alarms of moping lunacy.

Examples of the influence of powerful and protracted emotions in inducing hallucinations are numerous.

Intense and protracted mental exertion frequently gives rise to hallucinations.

Alienists said M. had hallucinations about enemies who he thinks are trying to asphyxiate him.

The vagaries of his time found in him the creature of their most rampant hallucinations.

All know the delirium produced by overindulgence in liquor, and the hallucinations that accompany fever.

I thought it was a hallucination of my overexcited nerves.

For the balance of one-eighth, neither hallucination nor legerdemain are satisfactory explanation.

Was the hallucination of falling through the earth destined to mar his newly returned sanity?

"Pure hallucination," said the scoffer; "there is no such an instrument in existence, so be encouraged."

The phenomenon of hallucinations gives an appearance of reason to these exasperated idealists.

Of the three classes of hallucinations, two have already been explicated.

And because of its precision in details, its architectonic, its deep-hued waking hallucinations.

Unbelief, dislodged from this first position, fell back on the theory of hallucination or catalepsy.

Two Germans were reduced to such a state as to become subject to hallucinations.

Zen regarded this story as obvious hallucination.

He morosely wondered if it was possible to tell where reality left off and hallucination began.

The suspicions expressed in this letter are the hallucinations and alarms of moping lunacy.

It contained some interesting data on the subject of hallucinations.'

The visual hallucinations were very interesting, being Lilliputian.

Hallucinations and somatic delusions also develop, often with nihilistic trends.

Delirious states with hallucinations sometimes accompany growths in the posterior lobes.

He seemed puzzled by the figures, which were apparently genuine externalized hallucinations.

He is an excellent visualizer and takes readily visual hallucinations.

And we are unmerciful enough (one must amuse oneself on board ship) to humor her in that hallucination.

I grovelled into the pillow and tried to persuade myself that such hallucination was possible.

She wondered if it were not a dream, or the hallucination of an overwrought mind.

This is no dream, no hallucination of an overtaxed mind.

Little Duval, in a moment of hallucination, fired on the dead bodies, mistaking them for skirmishers.

There is insight into the hallucinations, which are hypnagogic.

She became hallucinated; the hallucinations were chiefly of a visual nature.

Mild melancholia and hallucinations are sometimes seen, and even mania has been observed.

Perhaps this was the hallucination Jack had spoken of so guardedly?

"Now, isn't it a wonder how easy you can outsmart a hallucination?"

It was not an anthropomorphic hallucination.

He plodded on for half an hour, when the hallucination arose again.

Does a hallucination last for a long country walk, and give rise to protracted conversation?

Dow's complacency in his hallucination was exasperating!

It must be some strange monomania or hallucination.

Or a psychopathic case suffering from hallucinations or at war with its own impulses.

Hypnotism is not a cause of hallucination, as is commonly supposed, but of fact.

Science is a lucid madness occupied in tabulating its own necessary hallucinations.

She has strange hallucinations, and imagines that I am her husband, and that she is ill-treated.

Had my brain become deranged, causing a strange, an amazing hallucination?