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Use hallucination in a sentence

Definition of hallucination:

  • (noun) illusory perception; a common symptom of severe mental disorder
  • (noun) a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea; "
  • (noun) an object perceived during a hallucinatory episode;

Sentence Examples:

Anne was unable to distinguish between such a hallucination and depravity.

The metamorphosis was complete, and Max's hallucination, I felt sure, would be cured.

The alleged dream would be described as an 'hallucination of memory.'

Armitage alone; and to this idiotic hallucination she has, I fear, fallen a sacrifice.

These were adduced as examples of veracity in hallucinations.

The seer did not recognize her, and she was probably a mere casual hallucination.

Now every ghost or wraith is a hallucination.

Clearly a hallucination, however artful, and well got up, could do no such thing.

This is a digression from the topic of hallucinations caused by gazing into a clear depth.

Sickness and swooning occasionally accompanied the hallucination.

The hallucinations which had before obsessed him now returned with alarming force.

Yet, never in art has a hallucination been thus set before us with such uncompromising reality.

These hallucinations were only with difficulty dissipated.

He considers that such hallucinations of smell are allied to reversions.

These are, it may be positively stated, hypnotic hallucinations.

Then something seemed to occur which his stepdaughter fancied must really be a hallucination of hers.

This is a steadily recurring phase of the fixed hallucination in his blood.

The papacy is founded upon hallucinations.

Was it an optical illusion, a hallucination born of the wonderful starlight?

I could not raise them; a morbid sleep, full of hallucinations, bereft me of my being.

Whether he was an impostor, or was merely the victim of a hallucination, it is very difficult to say.

In his perverted mind the hallucination had developed still further.

Was she to stand babbling to him about hallucinations and gold plates?

Maybe both of the colonels had hallucinations.

In these cases the recollections which are not altogether lost sometimes reappear as hallucinations.

Is perception, as popularly understood, after all, a big hallucination?

My grounds for perturbation are not imaginary or based on the hallucinations of a hypersensitive mind.

Hallucinations, fallacies, fears, have gnawed at our hearts, and men have fought men with deadly frenzy.

No hallucinations could be elicited, and his delusional ideas were confined to the naval officials.

The mind was wavering between the hallucinations of a fever, and lucidity.

Yes, it was no fevered dream, no hallucination of sickness, no airy phantom unable to face the dawn.

Maniacs have hallucinations, especially of voices, but all who have hallucinations are not maniacs.

The persistence and fixity of the phenomenon excluded any idea of hallucination.

The man had hallucinations, and was very obstinate: there was complete deafness of the left ear.

These accounts have been given by persons deserving of credence and not subject to hallucinations.

Surely, respected sir, you labor under a deplorable hallucination.

He tried in vain to dispel this hallucination.

And now, at once, a vivid dramatization took place in his brain: it unwound clear as hallucination.

These fearfully real hallucinations have neither antidote nor specific.

All this sordid consolidation of flesh and blood, this disgusting hallucination of attractiveness?

The peculiarity of his hallucinations called attention to the genital organs.

She had no hallucinations whatever regarding her own weaknesses and shortcomings.

Now that they are explained, the details of his hallucinations are highly gratifying to one's curiosity.

How did the English law stand as regards escaped gentlemen with hallucinations?

Hallucinations were certainly a symptom of overwork.

"Is there such a thing as a psi who can induce hallucinations?"

"It's the most artful hallucination I've ever experienced," I granted.

He was an old pioneer, distraught by misfortunes, and humored in this hallucination by the people.

It was an extraordinarily vivid hallucination, and not a little terrifying.

Their hallucination is extreme; the symptoms of their disease have taken a form the most vindictive.

Not delirious enough to cause hallucinations, but just enough to impair your judgment.

He had suffered a sentimental, a sensuous hallucination, and had made her suffer.

Those hangover hallucinations seem to be another fairly common reaction.

Miller knew, now, that what was wrong was something greater than a hallucination or a hangover.

Throughout its whole duration society appeared to have been smitten with some moral hallucination.

Your brain has become unbalanced, and you are now subject to hallucinations.

His disclosures were derided; his planet-stars treated as results of hallucination.

As his hallucinations grew, his youthful buoyancy returned.

Hallucinations en masse are proffered as explanation of the physical phenomena which take place.

It accustoms us to dangerous hallucinations.

And the hallucinations of this natural drunkenness must be avoided if you would prosper.

Of all the hallucinations I ever had witnessed, this was the most strange and unaccountable.

Sometimes an appearance of remorse is produced by hallucinations due to alcoholism.

No wonder she was afflicted with hallucinations!

Her hallucination is too good for you not to think it was sleight of hand.

In his head reality and dreams, imagination, memory, and hallucination were in a whirl.

"It is the hallucination of this mirage-girt land," I told myself.

It consists with my knowledge that the loyalist troops marched against the enemy under a hallucination.

As a result of his hallucinations he was burdened with yawning next morning.

She was connected somehow with the faceless people of his hallucinations.

The results were not: the nerve was directly stimulated, producing aural and visual hallucinations.

Yet Huntington came to dread the depression of the saner moments more than the vagrant hallucinations.

"I don't want to see your hallucinations," began the Curate.

The specter hardly amounted to a hallucination.

He said nothing more, finding no words with which to dispel the hallucination.

The hallucination had gone; it must have left him utterly fagged out.

This simple fact had caused that singular hallucination which she had so long evinced.

Said the doctor, adroitly dropping the hallucination, in order at least to preserve the dream.

It was a delirious hallucination, it must have been.

He was not allowed to exult long in the pleasant hallucination.

In a state of wild hallucination he saw his own specter, and he was dead.

In a state of wild hallucination he saw his own specter.

Of all the hallucinations I ever had witnessed, this was the most strange and unaccountable.

In this view, hallucination is evidence of mental derangement and incipient insanity.

There are two well-known types of misleading perceptions, namely illusions and hallucinations.

Would she now awaken to find herself once more the dupe of one of those cruel hallucinations?

He gnawed at his own flesh; and hallucinations began to prey upon him.

It is an axiom with exact thinkers that all proofs of the miraculous are hallucinations.'

Even our magazines which talk upon "Psychical Research" drift off into spiritualism and hallucinations.

The same drugs that produce exhilaration and laughter also produce hallucinations.

The hallucinations of these states are generally of a distressing or even terrifying character.

Now these telepathic hallucinations will introduce us to very varying forms of inward vision.

These long clairvoyant wanderings are more nearly paralleled by dreams than by waking hallucinations.

In senseless hallucination I began systematically, laboriously, a frenzied search.

"Of course, you were delirious; it was pure hallucination."

The momentary hallucination was quickly dispelled.

One step more, and these verbal hallucinations assume the characters of a genuine tic.

His senses played such pranks that his thoughts might have been dreams or mere hallucinations.

The confessional had told him her hallucination ...

For to have my experience disbelieved, or attributed to hallucination, would be intolerable to me.