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Use ignite in a sentence

Definition of ignite:

  • (verb) cause to start burning; subject to fire or great heat;
  • (verb) start to burn or burst into flames;
  • (verb) arouse or excite feelings and passions;

Sentence Examples:

Foul igniters, misfiring, and stuck piston rings are the inevitable result of a flood of lubricating oil.

Filter, evaporate the filtrate to dryness, dry, and ignite at low red heat to expel ammonium salts.

He held the tube with the igniter projecting behind him, ready for the hole to appear.

It should be ignited and cooled out of contact with air just before using, since it is hygroscopic.

Add ammonia in slight excess, boil, filter, dry, ignite, and weigh the precipitate as ferric oxide.

Landing lights and wing-tip lights, electrically ignited, were other stores used in connection with aerial warfare.

A sample of dolomite is analyzed for calcium by precipitating as the oxalate and igniting the precipitate.

On both occasions, sparks set fire to the roof, the oak rafters on this occasion being ignited.

When these bombs are to be used, detonator fuse and igniter are put in and firmly fixed.

Someone had extinguished the candle for him, but it was still there, the igniter beside it.

Return the filtrate and washings to the dish, evaporate the water, and carefully ignite without fusion.

She tried to strike a light, but the match was damp, and fizzled away without igniting.

At the top of each case is a place to fix the friction igniter, which is supplied separately.

When the piston reaches its highest point a spark is introduced through spark plug or igniter.

Rip pushed the igniter into the small section, seated it in the hole, and hurried to cover.

A contrivance in a bomb containing fulminate of mercury, which, ignited by a fuse, explodes the charge.

Taking out also the metal igniter, he touched a flame to the wick and set it before him.

The action of hot tube igniters is erratic, and their use is not advisable unless under unusual conditions.

The little tin cup strapped in my left armpit is for Swedish matches that failed to ignite.

Sometimes uncovered matches are ignited by the sun's rays shining through a lens-forming bubble in a window-pane.

The contained explosive naturally ignited, and the plunger was blown out like a shot from a cannon.

And all the trouble you invite will be like laying a long and elaborate fuse to ignite the squib.

It is finally ignited and the proportion of glycerine contained estimated by the loss in weight sustained.

It also has two horns, which form a grip for turning the igniter into the locked position.

In the meantime, the trees line the avenues in skeleton rows, like a pyrotechnic set-piece before it is ignited.

I had inspired a Florentine noble with one of those transient affections which the stage so easily ignited.

If the explosions still continue, conclude that the igniter spark is too weak, or does not take place.

The flat perforated division is hinged to allow of being opened for the purpose of igniting the gas.

This ignites and is quickly caught on finely shredded blades of grass or beaten stalks of wild parsnips.

It required, however, but the slightest spark to ignite the flames of treason that were smoldering about her.

Rows of thorns extend its entire length which are resinous and, if ignited, burn with a bright flame.

It is a common thing to ignite the residuum, and to put the loss down, if any, to water.

This wood possessed the peculiar property of smoldering for hours when once ignited, without actually bursting into flame.

Some of them held fat tubes of conventional rocket fuel in solid form, the igniters carefully packed separately.

Their eyes, the last to take the fire, now were ignited and glowed like candles in refurbished sepulchers.

Where the precipitate is small, it is better to ignite strongly over the blowpipe, and weigh directly as lime.

Crookes illuminated with ignited magnesium wire the roof, columns, dependent spears, and graceful drapery of the stalactite.

This cell was broken by a pair of pliers and the acid ignited the composition by contact therewith.

If this sawing occurs during dry weather, the wood is pulverized and the heated sawdust finally becomes ignited.

Timid women began sniffing suspiciously, to learn if it was their own homes which, unsuspectingly, had become ignited.

Savage was ready to believe that something had gone wrong with the igniter when the roaring thunder came.

They ignited the mass with spunk, and soon sent up the gladdening flames of an ample camp fire.

Cut off a few hundred feet and connect the dynamo to one end and an igniter to the other.

Crookes illuminated with ignited magnesium wire, the roof, columns, dependent spears, and graceful drapery of the stalactites.

The motor resisted, turned its shaft reluctantly, spun the magneto, ignited, stuttered, coughed, and began to roar.

This point will vary with different methods of ignition, as well as the location of the spark-plug or igniter.

In fact, it was only by continual alertness that the clothing of the venturesome travelers was not ignited.

As they gazed it broke into flame, the resinous leaves igniting with a succession of sharp cracks like pistol shots.

The remainder of the floors are of framed timbers and joists, with boarded floors, which would readily ignite.

The arrangements being completed, all the sappers retired except the sergeant and a private to ignite the fuse.

For the explosions and eruptions, there must be accumulations of heat somewhere, beds of ignited anthracite at the center.

It was like striking a match: a smart pull on the lanyard, and the rough slider ignited the composition.

It was natural to conclude, that such uncongenial, and, at the same time, such inflammable materials would soon ignite.

The lieutenant pushed the igniter into one end of the fuel tube and crimped it tightly with his gloved hand.

The precipitate is collected, washed, ignited, and weighed as ferric oxide and alumina (but it frequently contains oxide of titanium).

Mechanism composed of a battery, induction coil and a vibrator, for making a jump spark, to ignite gas, powder, etc.

Just imagine one hundred barrels of rosin and as many of turpentine and tar to be thrown together and ignited.

Of course, every soldier has to carry a match or port-fire to ignite the powder in the matchlock when loaded.

The factitious balsam readily ignites on the application of flame and burns, as may be supposed, with a blue flame.

In the grate smoked a half-ignited fire and one corner of the hearth-rug caught by a foot lay turned back.

They then fired the turf on every side, and when it was well ignited, they fired the furze.

Some day he would have accidentally struck his head against the lintel and would have ignited as sure as a gun.

The precipitate is filtered off, washed with hot water, dried, ignited, and weighed as mixed ferric oxide and alumina.

The hot August sun had parched the grass to a crisp, and it was frequently ignited by bursting shells.

The sudden strain had ignited tubes of fulminate of mercury, which in turn had exploded heavy charges of gun-cotton.

The mixture is filtered, the filtrate evaporated to dryness in a platinum dish and the residue ignited at a moderate temperature.

The islanders needed only an occasion and a leader to ignite them into a general conflagration; and neither was long wanting.

The friction igniter consists of the holder to which is fixed a flange with two notches and two springs.

A bursting shell ignited some cordite charges, and a flash of flame went down the hoist into the ammunition passage.

Some builders of large engines, particularly desirous of assuring steadiness of running, have provided the explosion-chamber with two independent igniters.

I then touched it off with an electrical igniter, and that laundry disappeared in one great bright flash of flame.

The charge being ignited, the pressure of the gas immediately forces back the obturator and seals the vent.

The end of a rod of cordite may be struck a moderately heavy blow on an anvil without exploding or igniting.

Did you observe any one of those ignited masses stick against the vault, and there hang among the luminaries?

When it is ignited, they take it and put it into dried moss (sphagnum), blow it, and soon get a blaze.

The contact is made and broken in the igniter of the engine as at the wipe spring of a ratchet gas burner.

The human mind ignited with genius is like an old time-weakened building, in which is installed new machinery of startling power.

It is soluble in water but not decomposed by it, but after being slightly ignited it gives up alum to it.

It was readily ignited, burning with a dull flame and smoke, the fragments comminuting more or less by the heat.

A tiny tongue of flame caught the edge of a wall-hanging, ran up to the dry oaken rafters and speedily ignited them.

All we can do is hope that if lightning does ignite any small fires, a good rain will follow soon enough to douse them.

In 1829 an English chemist discovered that matches on which had been placed chlorate of potash could be ignited by friction.

Filtered off and ignited, it assumes, after treatment with nitrate of cobalt before the blowpipe, a blue color which is characteristic.

The zirconia will be in solution, and is recovered by precipitating with potassium sulfate, or by evaporating the solution and igniting.

Combustible matter is placed in the bottom of the tube, and on striking the plunger a sharp blow this is ignited.

For cleaning, the igniter must be removed from the cylinder, care being taken to avoid injury to the packing or gasket.

In an instant it ignited from a smoldering spark, exploding also the contents of the paper which I held in my hand.

It is cheap, easily ignited, insensitive to shock, and stable at moderately high temperature; it burns regularly, and its residue is non-corrosive.

Close to the lines of the Guards a barn which contained fifty wounded Germans was ignited by the enemy's shells.

Every ignited body that is red-hot is always warm, although without flame, nor is any negative instance subjoined to this affirmative.

When steam is made to pass over ignited antimony, the decomposition of the water is so rapid, as to produce a violent detonation.

The rocket igniters are firing, flame billows over the field, a low rumble from the tubes builds to a throbbing roar.

After removing and cooling, the carbons are sometimes dipped again into the fluid used for cementing the original mass and re-ignited.

They were the cordite charges, swathed in innocent-looking silk coverings, the red extremities being the muslin bags containing the powder-igniters.

By precipitating a solution of ferric sulfate or chloride with ammonia, in excess, and washing, drying, and igniting in the resulting hydrate.

When cool, moisten the ash with nitric acid and gently re-ignite, repeating this treatment till the carbon is entirely consumed.

The commutator part of the motor should be enclosed so that there may be no possibility of a spark igniting the film.

Electric igniters that are intended to be used with lamps placed in inaccessible places are different in construction from those within reach.

In another moment he saw a splutter of sparks, then a glow that brightened as the girl breathed on the ignited tinder.

It is full of resinous oil, blazes up at once, will burn in any wind, and wet sticks can be ignited with it.