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Use impressive in a sentence

Definition of impressive:

  • (adjective) making a strong or vivid impression; "an impressive ceremony"
  • (adjective) producing a strong effect; "gave an impressive performance as Othello";

Sentence Examples:

It is a strangely impressive glimpse of a living past, like the graffiti of Pompeii.

The half-dome itself, dominating feature of the court, is exceptionally dignified and impressive.

He was listening with an air of engrossed attention to his companion's impressive remarks.

Even this gilt plaster figure was impressive; it had the repose of the dead.

The next scene is one of the most impressive and dramatic in the oratorio.

All the surroundings were so impressive as to subdue the most boisterously profane men.

The utter noiselessness of the whole occurrence made it even more impressive and startling.

And I thought you looked so impressive and dignified when I brought him in.

When a man's dominant note is persiflage any touch of grave feeling is impressive.

A change had come over the whole man, the more impressive because wholly undefinable.

He is an impressive writer, but his style is vitiated by an affectation of grandeur.

The Old Schloss is impressive mainly by its massiveness and its august dome.

Her portraiture of these persons, natural and supernatural, is very powerful and impressive.

Most impressive of all is perhaps the condor, the largest bird that flies.

This was too much for Ruth, and she reseated herself with impressive condescension.

Most common and most impressive of these are the Roman and Greek graves.

Indeed, slowness and slightness may sometimes be more impressive than speed and volume.

Yet the whole has an enchantingly simple air: at once classical, pure, and impressive.

The ceremony is impressive, an almost superstitious reverence being paid to the triumphant bunting.

They are the material of great orators, great preachers, impressive diffusers of moral influences.

All this is done with a quiet and dignified formality both pleasing and impressive.

Dignified and imposing as is the outside of the house, the interior is even more impressive.

Winch squatted down at the dog's side, become upon the instant an impressive diagnostician.

Its effect upon European minds was signally impressive, as will hereafter more fully appear.

To a large extent we are misled by the impressive prominence of the visual data.

It is a big impressive word and one calculated to impress a stranger and sojourner.

The Italian soldier is not impressive as to stature, but he is tough and enduring.

The gutturals of the Hebrew ritual, solemn and impressive, penetrated the murky atmosphere.

The habitants had preserved an impressive ceremony handed down from their Norman ancestors.

The view backwards was most impressive, the tarn appearing almost beneath my feet.

In these simple but impressive words the Sacred Narrative describes the appalling catastrophe.

And here was Rachel converting the horrid process into a dignified and impressive ritual.

It was as vivid and impressive as a vision of the Host in a jewelled monstrance.

It is overdone at times, and becomes mechanical; it ceases to be impressive, and grazes triviality.

The language, in general impressive and magnificent, is now and then inflated into bombast.

The taciturnity of Hawthorne was more impressive than the loquacity of the witty Holmes.

The very absence of grace, suavity, dignity in all he saw was itself impressive.

The statues are peculiarly impressive, and sleep on high sepulchers of alabaster, beautifully chased.

The scene, as they gabbled words in an unknown tongue, was weird and impressive.

He made a number of impressive suggestions, some of which have since been accepted by physiologists.

Preoccupied, the old man approached, and leaning over a chair delivered an impressive grace.

His manner was so dignified, his tone so impressive, that the soldiers involuntarily paused.

There is something oddly, picturesquely, emphatic and impressive in the mechanism of this retirement.

In the evenings and at night the scene from shipboard is striking and impressive.

I would suggest that a pair of spectacles would make your appearance more impressive and dignified.

Nothing can well be more impressive than the scene so picturesquely described by Froissart.

Melodramatic plotting ceased to exist as she looked at certain dignified sofas and impressive candelabra.

It is a Laocoon grouping, a wordless concentrated struggle for the sunlight, and disagreeably impressive.

Relentlessly the golden curls were sacrificed to the impressive coiffure of the woman of fashion.

It opens with an adagio for full orchestra, of a very sorrowful but impressive character.

I regard that cache as a very impressive exhibit of ursine thought, reasoning and conclusion.

That a correct and impressive elocution is a desirable attainment, few will venture to deny.

At our entreaty, the impressive swami consented to tell us something of his own life.

To me there is something singularly impressive in our unhesitating reply to the calls of Duty.

It was a service simple yet impressive, voluntary yet orderly, regulated and yet untrammeled.

It is a worthy example of the artist's most serious manner, at once dignified and impressive.

She was of impressive size, and she made herself larger with ruffles and frills.

His unction and contrition were most impressive, and the people, of course, wept piteously.

The Nave has impressive round pillars, windows in the clerestory, and excellent brick vaulting.

There was something uncannily impressive in the advance of this silent, dignified old man.

From the front rank a tall, impressive savage stepped forward, pacing with dignified stride.

As his impressive eyes met yours unflinchingly, you knew that his was an honest heart.

Like his father he was a distinguished speaker, impressive, but prolix, and too monotonously solemn.

The history of optics furnishes a most impressive illustration of the justness of this remark.

Their liturgies are simple and impressive, and the clergy are permitted to use extempore prayer.

To a Haynes-Cooper-trained mind, forty thousand women, marching for whatever the cause, must be impressive.

In the style and personal appearance of this Mexican there was a gracefulness peculiarly impressive.

A faultlessly dressed gentleman approached at this juncture and greeted Milly in an impressive manner.

Russian men are, on the whole, impressive in appearance; big and fierce and immensely virile.

He was vastly impressive in his uniform, but the Senator's questions appeared to bewilder him.

To me the most impressive of all that group of supermen was John Greenleaf Whittier.

For the moment all seemed to be transfixed by the impressive character of the speech.

Only the back is finished, and is impressive in its simplicity of white freestone columns.

Even in those days, such an unblushing piece of trickery was found more comic than impressive.

Once lit, it made an impressive torch and could be brandished against pests of any description.

There remain now to be mentioned three other places in Wales to me very impressive psychically.

To all spectators, savage or civilized, scientist or layman, a total eclipse is wonderful and impressive.

There is something impressive in the thought that for ages audiences have been thus held spellbound.

Chamberlain began to proclaim the new demands of Radicalism in a series of crudely impressive speeches.

The intense vitality that had been so remarkable in the garage was converted into impressive hauteur.

He has accordingly given us several stories abounding in stately scenes, and most impressive portraiture.

It was, we trust, the Cromwell touch rather than the cleanness that was so impressive.

Lacking the finest qualities of poetry, they are nevertheless impressive by their dignity and heartiness.

The address of the newspaper office was in purple ink, and the handwriting was impressive.

The beauty of impressive ritualism, the mysticism of the "Elevated Cup," moved his esthetic nature.

Yet it is the event that signalizes the place and makes the day so impressive.

The beautiful words are impressive at any time, but at sea their beauty is magnified a hundredfold.

It was impressive, a small bluish column twisting upward into rock-curtained distance and roaring evilly.

Its chief figure is by far the stateliest and most impressive of German tragic heroes.

She asked quickly, evidently disconcerted at my solemnity and at the impressive way I spoke.

He was no longer a tiger at bay, but a human being, calm, dignified, almost impressive.

This, then, is the reason that the chalk talk method of teaching is so lastingly impressive.

As we read them, they are among the ablest and most impressive sermons in the language.

The last note died away in an impressive diminuendo, and the young man turned toward her.

It was impressive to see the flag of the country fluttering from the gaffs of mainmasts.

To one bred in a town this kind of silence and solitariness perhaps always remains impressive.

A column, even injured, or scarcely cleansed from wrack and rubbish, has about it something impressive.

Perhaps the most impressive sight of all was the disbandment of workmen from the yards.

Only one-third of the gigantic structure now remains, yet the ruins are still stupendously impressive.

Alice's father had never loomed so big and impressive before, or so distressingly nice to look at.