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Use inarticulate in a sentence

Definition of inarticulate:

  • (adjective) without or deprived of the use of speech or words;

Sentence Examples:

Eliza shook her head pityingly; she uttered an inarticulate murmur of concern.

That question was a poser to him, and he made some inarticulate reply.

Red Jim stumbled to his feet with an inarticulate and hysteric exclamation.

It was imprecations, inarticulate but ferocious beyond description, which they were muttering.

It was not the friendless waif who thus bewailed her inarticulate misery.

Now they all join in a babel of odd, inarticulate, indescribable sounds.

Every house is inarticulate; a menacing dumbness broods over the whole region.

Something seemed to struggle to and fro with inarticulate anguish and horror.

Cried his relative, exasperated beyond all expression by his inarticulate distress.

Nature breathed into his heart an inarticulate thrill of prophecy, a dark foreboding.

Voicelessness and wonder provoked an inarticulate wheeze like the spitting of a cat.

There seemed to be an inarticulate voice, immensely remote, vaguely minatory, not explicit.

There is something wonderfully simple, honest, kindly, and touchingly inarticulate about him.

Were these warning voices, whose inarticulate and oracular sense forced belief upon me?

The sixth language is inarticulate noises, the first undigested rudiments of the voice.

The wretched victim of his own unbridled sensuality shook with inarticulate rage.

James mumbled an inarticulate monosyllable or two in reply, without turning his head.

A refuge at first, it had soon become a prison of maddened and inarticulate fears.

With an inarticulate exclamation of wrath, Sir Matthew began to pace to and fro.

The soul of Tom, the good, honest, and inarticulate frontiersman, stirred within him.

The sheriff pointed to the rope and saw, and choked, spluttering inarticulate noises.

Margaret, a pink inarticulate lump, scrabbled in the warm sand under Jessica's care.

The wispy youth shrugged his shoulders and growled some inarticulate reply in monosyllable.

Water is a definite and positive somewhat; the unknowable is an indefinite and inarticulate vacuity.

I turned, with a wild, inarticulate cry, my fists raised frenziedly above my head.

She answered with an inarticulate murmur of tenderness, a sound inexpressibly wooing and moving.

Perhaps certain things that might have been rose unformed and inarticulate before his mind.

I looked at Molly, who had been standing spellbound and inarticulate by my side.

The tongue may be either too loose, or tied down, as in stammerers and inarticulate speakers.

Some gave inarticulate cries, others bewailed their lost riches to the vast empty night.

Ginger muttered something inarticulate, and buried his freckles and spots in his tankard.

And the ship's siren, enraged at the delay, protested in one long-drawn-out, inarticulate shriek.

A jocund, inarticulate effort at conversation by the child reminded her of its presence.

Why could they not have found a better messenger than this unready inarticulate gentleman?

In short, he is a young swain of very uncouth phrase, inarticulate speech, and no ideas.

Each few yards thereafter he halted, and whistled, evidently expressing unbounded and inarticulate surprise.

I smiled now, uttering inarticulate sounds and playing with the ribbons of her peignoir.

Ignorant and inarticulate, she now had unjustly a reputation for sullenness in the household.

The surprise petrified her an instant: she uttered an inarticulate exclamation, and stood fixed.

She sank down in it, and rocked to and fro, murmuring inarticulate words of comfort.

After a while he made unlovely and inarticulate sounds; after a while the sounds became articulate.

Ferocity nearly inarticulate, fury almost apoplectic, were expressed by the face above the weather-worn rail.

The boy in the chair offered inarticulate protest, as the wound was rubbed with alum.

When he read or declaimed, there was no longer any question of inarticulate speech or broken phrasing.

They are the apologists of reason, without which feeling, however noble, must become futile, inarticulate.

In the midst of a soothing, inarticulate soliloquy the "pony dot" burst out into a furious jangle.

A rumble, half cursing and half an inarticulate snarl of brute rage, rose from the cowpunchers.

Nor of how terror, through habit of inarticulate, emotionless existence, gave place again to brute stolidity.

The babel of high voices, questioning, volunteering unreliable information, swelling into a deep-throated outcry, became inarticulate.

Embraces and laughter and inarticulate efforts to tell everything in one moment kept the air abuzz.

The voice muttered something inarticulate, and again, after a protracted yawn, there came the hoarse laugh.

For I was unarmed, entirely dependent upon the Chinese, and, for all practical purposes, inarticulate.

How comes it, then, that he could so often fob us off with languid, inarticulate twaddle?

How comes it, then, that he could so often fob us off with languid, inarticulate twaddle?...

As the blood-red flames shot skyward, an agonized, inarticulate shriek rose from within the glowing walls.

It was unrhymed verse, of course, in the shortest possible lines, abrupt sentences and inarticulate phrases.

An expression of perplexed alarm showed itself in the face of the faithful but inarticulate serving man.

Her "song" is only the ravishing "unheard melody" which breathes like incense from her inarticulate childhood.

Alfred uttered a sort of heavy, inarticulate groan, while his bell-crowned hat recommenced its convulsive agitations.

Darrow with his head bowed yielded the platform to his inarticulate and vanquished friend and debater.

Shrieking inarticulate anathema, he rushed downstairs, the man in the green baize apron following at his heels.

Until she became, for him, totally inarticulate, raving away there and struggling in a cocoon of hexameters.

He tried to speak, but his lips were parched and dry, and he only made an inarticulate sound.

His lips were flecked with a soapy froth, and sometimes he choked and gurgled and became inarticulate.

She tottered, lost her hold upon the chair and fell to the floor with an inarticulate groan.

Her father gave vent to a low, inarticulate monosyllable; it seemed to convey little appreciation of his son's eyes.

The veins were swollen up like thick cords, and his voice was almost inarticulate in its unnatural hoarseness.

He bungled and blundered on, with many twists and turns, through some inarticulate attempt at an indefinite explanation.

Instantly she was assailed by dreadful noises, a jangle of inarticulate sounds like the barking of two dogs.

Professional poets have been spokesmen for the inarticulate, and a host of hitherto unknown writers have acquired reputation.

The first inarticulate roar was followed by a babel of voices, like a tropical cloudburst on a prefab hut.

With an inarticulate howl of rage he sprang at Block and drove the iron manacles into the sheriff's face.

A low, inarticulate cry came from her lips, and she rose upright, staring about her with bewildered eyes.

The Imperator threw his full strength into a forward press, and they were locked in fierce, inarticulate conflict.

And out of that sea of mutilated flesh it rises like low, trembling speech, halting and inarticulate and broken.

Flexor, who had apparently taken something stronger than usual with her dinner, broke down and became inarticulate.

Wells, smiling and very deprecating and almost inarticulate, to tell them of the enormous importance of the novelist.

It was neither light nor dark, and everything seemed bewitched with the inarticulate mumbling of old forgotten words.

All the glib and tragic pathos he had conjured into his heart was shrivelled, parched into inarticulate fear.

He made a loud, inarticulate noise, flung open the door of the compartment, stepped out on to the footboard and jumped.

When the bit is in and the bridle properly padlocked the most vixenish can only utter inarticulate murmurs.

There were signs of a recrudescence of grief, and, inarticulate as ever, she sank to her knees close beside him.

When Debby ceased speaking he sprang up with an inarticulate roar, knocking over two chairs and one of the andirons.

They looked incapable of speech or thought, or anything but the slow measure of their interwoven paces, and inarticulate emotion.

There are times when he is so elated by his parent's defeat that he cannot repress an outburst of inarticulate devilry.

Ray, always a silent, inarticulate man, was so wordless that Cora took him to task for it in a sibilant aside.

Inarticulate murmurs express displeasure at a proposition, pleasure is indicated by the brandishing of javelins and the clashing of arms.

The town girl stood bewildered for a moment, with a little inarticulate moan of pained astonishment trembling on her lips.

Any community which employs no form of musical expression is by just so much inarticulate and disorganized as a community.

One of the men trod on Kate's foot with his hobnailed shoe and gave an inarticulate grunt by way of apology.

A shudder of poignant despair, an unformed, inarticulate sense of calamity, seemed to run from end to end of the line.

I tried to cry aloud, but hoarse, hollow, and inarticulate sounds alone could make themselves heard through my parched lips.

Years later one of the inarticulate brats had come home as a collegian in a funny hat, and Mama had become Mater.

No noise, no contortions of face or limbs, yet somehow I was made to feel the dumb, inarticulate, interior agony of a mother.

There was in the house a sort of richness, a deep, inarticulate interchange which made other places seem thin and unsatisfying.

Beyond two words which seemed to be intended for "extra" and "tragedy" their cries were as inarticulate as they were deafening.

His answer was a cry, inarticulate, wrung from him despite his effort at control, at finding her still unreconciled.

An awakening current passed through the country electrifying the most inert, inarticulate and otherwise unapproachable sections of the populations.

The American looked back and listened to the inarticulate roar of the mob thundering in the tympanum of the narrow street.

The Basque stood staring at him, inarticulate with fury; Don Mike faced his enemy with a bantering, prescient little smile.