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Use inauspiciously in a sentence

Definition of inauspiciously:

  • (adverb) In an inauspicious manner

Sentence Examples:

The campaign opened inauspiciously for the royalists.

French, though he had begun inauspiciously, continued the interrogation with his usual suavity.

It may terminate inauspiciously in chronic pains, or in consumption: indeed, emaciation is always a consequence.

The events of the year, so inauspiciously begun for the Irish arms, continued of the same disastrous character.

The passenger list had opened inauspiciously with two of the worst types of travelers the Anglo-Saxon race has developed.

"The Romans would have seen a foreboding in our shipwreck," the count said with a sigh, "and would have given up an expedition so inauspiciously begun."

Before the magnificence of this rebuke Matt shrank abashed; he had a sneaking twinge of shame and concern for his own homely honesty, as for something inauspiciously inartistic.

Had the bear been a young one, the battle thus inauspiciously begun might have gone against him, and those lightning hooves, with their far-reaching stroke, might have drawn him in blood and ignominy to refuge in a tree.

Discontented and recalcitrant, I would sit in a darkened room and my childhood, which contains the happiest days of your life under normal circumstances, passed by wretchedly and inauspiciously enough under the watchful gaze of those surly eyes.

Bessie's anniversary was heralded somewhat inauspiciously by a tremendous gale which swept across the Hampshire Downs, after doing no small mischief in the Channel, and wrecking a good many fine old oaks and beeches in the New Forest.

He took a pair of goggles from his pocket and put them over his eyes to protect them from the poison, then tenderly as any mother could have done, he bathed and cleansed the poor little eyes opening so inauspiciously upon the world.