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Use inauspiciously in a sentence

Definition of inauspiciously:

  • (adverb) In an inauspicious manner

Sentence Examples:

If you contemplate the new year in weariness, engagement will be entered into inauspiciously.

The interview, so inauspiciously begun, was short and formal, and to Preston, at least, unsatisfactory.

The struggle to which she had looked forward so long had indeed begun, and most inauspiciously.

A few months later we find him lamenting that "our war on the land was commenced most inauspiciously."

The year which had opened so inauspiciously thus ended in victory, though the situation was still fraught with danger.

It was evident that they did not like the outlook of a voyage under such a captain and begun so inauspiciously.

Our first meeting had apparently left no very agreeable memories of me, and he scarcely cared to cultivate an acquaintance that opened so inauspiciously.

This almost supernatural display of strength did not encourage either the Duke or any of his followers to renew a personal contest so inauspiciously commenced.

In the midst of these perpetual struggles and successive calamities closed the sixteenth century, and began the seventeenth quite as inauspiciously for the Hungarians.

That momentous hour that comes, so people say, once at least in the life of every man, and decides his future, had struck inauspiciously for him.

Josephine, knowing that this union, which commenced so inauspiciously, was her own work, anxiously endeavored to establish a more cordial feeling between her daughter and son-in-law.

Conscious that the union, which had so inauspiciously commenced, had been brought about by her, she exerted all her powers to promote friendly relations between the parties.

Between two such strong characters as these it was not to be expected that all would be harmonious at first, and the married life of Isabel began inauspiciously enough in one respect.

The succeeding year opened inauspiciously to the American arms.

The ninth inning opened inauspiciously for the home nine.

The day of the great inauguration ceremony dawned inauspiciously for somebody.

The commanding figure of the war, which opened so inauspiciously for the United States, was General Andrew Jackson, the hero of the battle of New Orleans, and afterwards twice elected President of the United States.

Ferdinand and his officers were indignant at the treatment they had received from the archduke, and proposed, as they had nothing, to leave him and his troops to carry on the siege which they had so inauspiciously begun.