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Use incubate in a sentence

Definition of incubate:

  • (verb) grow under conditions that promote development
  • (verb) sit on (eggs)

Sentence Examples:

The eggs were incubated unsuccessfully.

Disconnect the gas apparatus and incubate.

The incubating bird is most solicitous about its nest.

She might even now be incubating the horrible, loathsome disease.

A simple and practical method of artificially incubating reptile eggs.

Transfer the emulsion to a tube of sterile nutrient broth and incubate.

After the progeny is deposited in the cells, they incubate like birds.

Plant a fresh tube of wort from the resulting growth and incubate.

Predation Several complete clutches being incubated disappeared from nests that were unharmed.

There are also American cuckoos that build their own nest and incubate their own eggs.

In the Red-eyed Vireo, only the female regularly incubates, and courtship feeding is definitely functional.

The bird was incubating, and on the afternoon of 27th May the cuckoo hatched out.

It was of loose construction, made of twigs and fibers, and contained five partially incubated eggs.

While incubating under the hen during the first few days, the egg evaporates rapidly.

The milk is agitated inside a jacketed cylinder, where it is allowed to incubate at about blood heat.

Dear reader, did you ever wrestle with a hen that had a wild, uncontrollable desire to incubate?

It incubates, and this incubation is measured as to time by a variety of circumstances I need not enumerate.

The female builds the nest almost unassisted and appears, likewise to incubate and brood the young.

All uncertainties incubated in private darkness; they lived and grew and even put forth new appendages.

Continue in the path of wisdom, therefore, and faithfully incubate only masculine fledglings for the literary coops.

There were three partially incubated eggs in the nest, a somewhat dull white, spotted with pinkish dots.

During the two days when the stupor was incubating, she had repeated seizures of the following nature.

I have met with a nestling, partly incubated eggs of different ages and fresh eggs in the same nest.

His passion, like a fever long incubating, leaped suddenly into full force by no conscious volition of his own.

Ugly, somber facts have been unearthed in the no distant past, while others are incubating for an unsavory hatching.

The incubating bird is not a close sitter and departs from the nest long before the intruder arrives.

Motionless, rapt in meditation, the Spider is in an incubating posture, in other words, she is sitting on her eggs.

It may be that he has unwittingly incubated a bacillus which figures in novels as the "Call of the Wild."

Both sexes incubate, and their parental care and mutual attachment are not surpassed by those of any other bird.

It belongs to the cuckoo family, but, unlike the majority of its brethren, builds a nest and incubates its eggs.

By dint of much trying I work myself up into something of a glow; but it is all artificial, cerebral, incubated.

Nests are taken by dogs and foxes, and by hedgehogs and rats, at all times of the incubating period.

The robin was disturbed at first, but soon went on with her incubating in the new and more exposed position.

While one is incubating, it does not appear that her partner is compelled to play the part of a purveyor of food.

Insects, fishes, and reptiles lay eggs, and there are several rare species of mammals that lay eggs and incubate them.

In fact, the habit had hitherto been, as it were, incubating unperceived in him, as a fever does in its early stage.

Partly incubated eggs when placed in water float with their large end uppermost; if fresh they sink on their sides.

Some indication of the incidence of loss during incubation might be obtained by counting and measuring the eggs in newly found nests and correlating numbers with size (indicating the length of time incubated).

While a comparatively close prisoner at home for a period of fourteen days during the incubating process, she, however, does occasionally quit its shadows, when sorely pressed by hunger, but only for a brief time.

She immediately commences the incubating process, occasionally not before the succeeding day, and for ten long days is thus engaged, when the appearance of the young reminds her that the labor is ended.

Usually the eggs are simply dropped on the ground in suitable places (although certain turtles dig holes in which to deposit them), where they are incubated by the general warmth of the air and ground.

A bird, whilst incubating, and thus, hour after hour, doing violence to its active and energetic disposition, is under the influence of a strong force in opposition to and overcoming the forces which usually govern it.

The eggs vary from three to four in number; but I find that out of twenty-seven nests containing more or less incubated eggs, of which I have notes, exactly two thirds contained only three, and one third four eggs.

The picture usually represents the great flocks that resort in the brief summer to their rocky breeding places on icy shores, each female guarding and incubating her two eggs in the rudest of nests on the ground.

This is plainly false; for simple inspection of the incubated egg, and of embryos just taken out of the uterus, shows that the heart moves in them precisely as in adults, and that nature feels no such necessity.

This is plainly false; for simple inspection of the incubated egg, and of embryos just taken out of the uterus, shows that the heart moves precisely in them as in adults, and that nature feels no such necessity.

Both sexes incubate, and the male takes chief care of the brood; if disturbed after the young are hatched, the parent runs about in evident distress, and looks in the low scrub more like a rat than a bird.

Whatever these might have been, however, Fate, as far as the near future was concerned, had other plans incubating for the slender, blue-eyed trader to whom every one that came in contact with him seemed to become so much attached.

On the 29th of the same month I took another nest, also containing three eggs, precisely similar to those in the first nest; but these were so far incubated and the shell was so fragile that they were all lost.

The biologist who has examined such eggs before and knows them in all stages of the process may recognize in an egg which had been incubated for a short time something which his previous experience tells him will become a chicken.

As their legs are quite too long for convenience when incubating, they construct, of grass, rushes, and mud, a little cone of sufficient height, make their nest on the top, and sit astride, the long legs hanging down the sides.

Five is, I think, the regular complement of eggs; very often I have only found four fully incubated eggs, and on two or three occasions six have, I know, been taken in one nest, though I never myself met with so many.

Hens show no desire to incubate when you want them to the most, or in time to command the high prices for ducks and chicks in the early spring, and this is attended with a loss of at least one-half of the season's profits.

Birds' eggs can be incubated in a warm chamber, and by removing a portion of the shell and replacing it by an unbroken piece from another egg, it becomes possible to follow the daily development of the chick and to experiment upon it.

While incubating the females surround their nest with soft down plucked from their bodies and when leaving the nest to feed, this down is drawn over the eggs with the double object, doubtless, of concealing them and of keeping them warm.

It was shortly before she was sufficiently incubated to leave her glass prison, and she was fine and plump, and had begun to roll over and bump her head against the glass, surprising herself greatly, for she could not see the glass.

The usual number of eggs is eight; these are not all laid and brooded at one time, but the first two are often hatched by the time the last is laid, so that you may find in one nest young birds, fresh eggs, and others more or less incubated.