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Use jade in a sentence

Definition of jade:

  • (noun) a semiprecious gemstone that takes a high polish;
  • (noun) a woman adulterer
  • (noun) a light green color varying from bluish green to yellowish green
  • (noun) an old or over-worked horse
  • (verb) get tired of something or somebody
  • (verb) exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress;
  • (adjective) of something having the color of jade; especially varying from bluish green to yellowish green

Sentence Examples:

It is carved out of nephrite or jade, and is deposited upon a curious table of inlaid ancient marbles.

He flitted away down the path, his head held high, with an air of somewhat jaded jauntiness.

The Maori made his war club of jade and the pounders for preparing his food of stone.

Beneath the scarabs lay the jade talismans exquisitely carved and handed down from distant centuries.

A laborious system of spelling exasperates the reader, jades the eye, and fails to convince the ear.

He cared more for his curio-cases filled with smaller imported bronzes, Venetian glass, and Chinese jade.

The mother was tired out, the father seemed worried, and the children were jaded and spiritless.

Obsidian, jade, agate, and chert were the materials from which they made their tools and weapons.

A small stone hatchet made of jade nephrite, of the kind believed by the peasants to be thunderbolts.

"It has even now the effect which Gustavus Adolphus termed: 'a gilded saddle on a lean jade!'"

The man with the ebony skin, the eyes of jade and the astrakhan cap bent over Raoul.

Perhaps it was the last look of despair; but it spurred the jaded racer to redoubled efforts.

Jade is probably the toughest (not hardest) of all minerals because of its wonderful microscopically fibrous structure.

They wear many bangles and rings of jade or crystal, and a silver circle round the neck.

Sinai would make an even better contrast with the neighboring jade than would the bright green malachite.

The drivers brandished their whips and brought them down upon the haunches of their jaded animals.

He thought of gushing freshets of white water he had breasted, laved to the shoulders in liquid jade.

These rich but bad-tempered jades have disappeared within the castle, and the portcullis has come down.

To this the troops, jaded though they were by incessant marching, and half famished, joyfully assented.

In its richness of copper-colored hair and diaphanous jade-green draperies the room got all the decoration it required.

He looked so penetratingly at the laughing jade that I think it must have penetrated into her very soul.

I feel that my abstemiousness, implying as it does a jaded palate and an aristocratic indigestion, is highly fashionable.

They were the only friends I had when I first tramped, jaded and footsore, about the Province.

He felt jaded and depressed, needing distraction from the gray chill day and the laird's dying.

In the dusk the horse appeared to be jaded; its head hung down, and its gait was ambling.

We were jaded with his superfluity of loquaciousness, and were not sorry when the time of departure arrived.

A knavish jockey may ride an old foundered jade about the market, but none are obliged to buy it.

The hunger of the pagans was a healthier thing than the jaded sterility of the modern world.

They were a boy and girl, both very lovely, and wearing embroidered caps adorned with jade lilies.

The newcomer went on, without any break, apostrophizing a few late crocuses that were already looking jaded.

Round and round the square he trod, jaded, famished, waiting for the hours to drag themselves by.

It is engraved in jade and gold and embroidered in silk, as the insignia of rank for the nobility.

The chrysanthemum blossom which was formed of the carved jade petals, with the emerald in its center.

The day has been oppressively warm, and the breath of night brings welcome refreshment to jaded humanity.

Square jade ear-plugs were fitted into the lobes of his ears, and a jade ring slipped on his finger.

The room was sleepily fragrant with potpourri from the old perforated jade censer on the corner table.

The sun had risen when the exploring party returned, jaded and dispirited, from their fruitless search.

The jade has jilted me, and will you too hereafter; May Kobold, for a lover, be her luck!

By this time the sun is very near the horizon, setting in a roseate sky over a lagoon of jade.

In the latest slang and in words from Shakespeare the jaded saleswomen were eager to interpret my wishes.

As she executed the wild mazes of a newly imported dance, she held even the jaded Mayfair spellbound.

With his daughter the old jade worker lived in a thatched hut on the outskirts of the city.

Its name is derived from the Greek word ??????, kidney, the allusion being the same as for jade.

The aroma of the ham and bacon, broiled in the winter open, would have made a jaded epicure hungry.

Under one arm she carried a small white Pomeranian about whose neck flared a matching wide jade satin bow.

Her stockings were green, and she wore round her head a circlet of the most marvelous pieces of jade.

Whilst the term jade is popularly used in this sense, it is now usually restricted by mineralogists to nephrite.

The green-skinned girl squatting beside him in the coppice looked at him sideways out of her dark jade eyes.

They were sitting round a warming-pan, looking jaded and worn, brutalized beyond even what I had first imagined.

Our animals whinnied, pricked up their ears, and, jaded as they were, trotted along with a new-found speed.

They are carried in a case of embroidered satin, which is fastened to the belt by a ring of jade.

To my query whether it might not be nephrite he answered no, that it was true jade of fine quality.

He was fast getting down to the dregs, and now almost every pleasure palled upon his jaded taste.

The whips were plied lustily over the jaded horses, to give them a lively, not to say frisky appearance.

The emperor felt much pleased and had his jewelers carve two little boxes of the finest jade.

Out of the dense formations of endless fast food chains, Simon's novelties were to titillate the jaded restaurant goer.

After some experience of the horse's paces, the king declared, "It was the heaviest, dull jade he ever bestrode."

Besides, we encamped so late, and were so jaded by a long day's travel, that the mosquito-nets were neglected.

Precious opal, agate, jade, star sapphire, and fossil wood are some of the stones that are cut mostly as cabochons.

I pulled up my jaded nag, however, with such a jerk, that I well-nigh threw him on his haunches.

She emptied the soap dish, cleaned it, poured in the germicide, and dropped the jade necklace into the liquid.

Before they had quite finished there appeared a man in a purple robe, bearing a scepter of jade in his hand.

The pampered, jaded appetite no longer finds satisfaction in simple food-flavors; the palate must be prompted with pungent things.

My horse was jaded, so I got on the elephant, and made one of the peons lead the horse behind.

The unexpected adds to the ancient lure of curiosity the touch of tartness that gives life to a jaded palate.

He found it more nourishing, he told me, than pure albumen, and more stimulating to the jaded nerves than laparotomy.

Out of curl, out of breath, jaded of face, bedraggled of clothes, they stopped abruptly and stared into the vista.

The jaded pleasure-seekers, whose fashion-filmed eyes were blind to natural beauty, were talking of "doing the Falls in one hour."

The army was completely jaded, having been on the march since early morning, and rest was imperatively demanded.

From that laden air, the so cadaverous murmur of that sanctuary, I would hook it at the beck of any jade.

Not poisoned with bad air, nor wearied by late hours; not singed and jaded with chagrin, vanity, and disappointment.

Wiley looked especially pretty in a pleated jade sports skirt, a white pullover sweater, a jade beret on her fair hair.

In shop windows with curtains of fluted silk were silver things and jade; satin gowns and shoe-buckles of rhinestones.

In the adjoining cabins the jaded occupants were busily engaged in removing the traces left by their arduous labors.

It was as if humanity, tired of its own beauty, sought the lack of it as a stimulant to jaded sensuality.

Some specimens are of the finest green jade or nephrite, a refractory stone which must have been most troublesome to fashion.

He saw his comrades lashing their jaded animals, in efforts to escape, and saw the redskins riding upon them.

She faced him with lips as thin as his own, and her languorous eyes hardened into little dots of jade.

She wore long jade earrings which nearly touched the white shoulders, and gave her the air of an Egyptian princess.

A trend to violence and a resentful emotionalism are combined with desperate attempts to spur the jaded adrenals with artificial excitements.

Among them are brazen jades who chatter saucily with the guards, and these are the best treated of all.

That distinguished young man, who was beginning to look a little jaded with incense, was engrossed with his hostess.

The emerald has had certain ceremonies said over it, and has been set on the radiating petals of a jade chrysanthemum.

Two jabbering jades have just been accusing me of being married to both of them, and have threatened me with justice.

Of course, she wore her jade phoenix on her hair as usual and shoes and handkerchief embroidered with the same pattern.

The jaded band was finally surprised and captured in a sheepfold, where they had sought shelter for that night.

Sometimes it is just a device to give zest to a jaded political palate, and is comparable with the elaborate make-believe of children.

In any other place the appearance of the wretched, jaded, spiritless object would have occasioned a murmur of compassion and remonstrance.

We have come here to push our fortune, but the jade flouts us, and ranks herself under the standard of the foe.

The horse's pace was slow, and there was something in the fall of the hoofs that betokened a jaded steed.

The military wear a robe on which is embroidered a unicorn, the girdle being adorned with a jade clasp set in rubies.

If a tiger or a buffalo escapes from his pen, if tortoiseshell or jade is broken in its case, who is to blame?

When one rose jaded from a sultry night she felt it was not the time for codfish cakes or scrambled eggs.

Was the irregular reply, as the rider, hastily throwing himself from off his jaded hackney, advanced toward the yeoman.

Jade idols, Toby mugs, Dresden, Chelsea, and Japanese figures did not jostle one another on its mantelpieces or in its cabinets.

The sheen of her hair was that of a raven's wing, and her eyes scintillated with the blackness of polished jade.

By degrees, however, the wine and wassail of mine host began to operate upon bodies already a little jaded by the chase.

Soon the long-drawn-out army was on the march, jaded animals straining at their loads, their drivers reviling and beating them.

On the floor of that tunnel, close to the entrance, lay a pile of heavy stalactites of some mineral which resembled jade.

We shook our jaded mounts into a shambling trot and reached it at that hour which ushers in the short November dusk.