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Definition of jubilation:

  • (noun) a feeling of extreme joy

Sentence Examples:

Unluckily Punch's jubilation was premature.

Pixie gave a little prance of jubilation.

There was diabolic jubilation in the words.

There was dignified scientific jubilation among the three.

Jamborees of jubilation are already rife in the latter locality.

The news was received at the Austrian capital with jubilation.

The Anglo-Indian press all over the country, however, was in jubilation.

He departed, leaving the two worthies in a state of bewildered jubilation.

For some the jubilation of the hour is toned down by saddened thought.

The hero of the blue tie led off amid great jubilation among the sportsmen.

Men beat their neighbors on the back in instant comradeship of convulsed, rollicking jubilation.

Writing about the middle of February, an important German newspaper raised a shout of jubilation.

The presto is flashing with life and has a trio of rollicking, even whooping, jubilation.

Feasts and Festivals Babylonian religious festivals were, as a rule, periods of jubilation and rejoicing.

Even her bumptious rudeness could not conceal the jubilation with which she'd penned it.

Harmony reechoes harmony; and with this glorious ode of jubilation the act comes to an end.

She reclined at ease in her comfortable chair, quite unstirred by his derision, his jubilation.

His wife did not come under this ban and was the center of jubilation and gesticulation.

The last page, beginning with the Presto, is sheer orchestral jubilation of the most intoxicating kind.

With eager neck outstretched he swept rapidly after the vanishing flock, uttering hearty "honks" of jubilation.

Some went about their labors doubtfully, some almost timorously, some with jubilation, one or two with real regret.

They fell to their repast with ravenous jubilation, and the disappointed priest sat dejected and silent.

The joy over such "German defeats" will prove just as brief as the jubilation over such "Belgian victories."

Perhaps, however, the acme of jubilation was attained when the Burgher law was put in force in the district.

Extraordinary jubilation was created in the Czar's dominions, particularly in the Capital, by the failure of the Japanese expeditions.

Then there was fantasia on horseback, and all the notables to meet the boat, and general welcome and jubilation.

There were no shouts of jubilation, for the news in the papers that day saddened the hearts of the people.

And spurring his horse, he emerged from the thicket, leaving the gauchos there, in a state of jubilation impossible to describe.

Sensations of Erg becoming the center of some unintelligible, barbaric scene of jubilation, as though he were being received with great joy.

Yet mingled with the jubilation which the possibility of triumph over our enemy raised in my breast, there was certainly a foreboding.

It was a night of jubilation, and the whole of Seawall joined to make a celebration of the wonderful feat of the two swimmers.

Accosting a stranger, he asked the cause of such jubilation, explaining that he had only that moment arrived from a far country.

The rest is a long jubilation on quicker beats of the chant, amid the plash of waters and the shaking of martial brass.

Great was the jubilation among the aggrieved men, for each confidently expected to borrow a copy from his neighbor when it came out.

The girl's cry was taken up on all sides, there was bustling to and fro, laughter, gossip, whispering, shouting, and general jubilation.

He went up the field looking straight ahead, hearing, like a sound in a memory, a song of jubilation and the brassy accompaniment of a band.

We had passed through various stages of jubilation, no one was drunk, but we had been jocose and rowdy, we had told stories of all kinds.

However, after a certain amount of journalistic jubilation when the award went against us, our cousins overseas charitably allowed the memory of our peccadillo to accumulate dust.

The first movement stands out in the symphony with a subtler design than all the rest, though it does not lack the ringing note of jubilation.

This was a typical Grecian country town, and the natives thronged the streets half in fear and half in jubilation on the arrival of the troops.

The ragged crew jumped to their feet, uttering shrill cries of joy; then their jubilation turned sinister, and they gave vent to threats, oaths and imprecations.

The innocent delight she had when riding on the top of a bus, and her jubilation at discovering an Egyptian Princess indulging in the same form of amusement!

We had passed through various stages, not of intoxication, no one was drunk, but of jubilation; we had been jocose and rowdy, we had told stories of all kinds.

Sopwith and others, from the balcony, tried to persuade them to disperse by telling them that further jubilation was not desirable, and the aviators wanted rest badly.

The jubilation that followed, it is impossible for me to describe; and my husband, who approves of all I have yet written, begs me not to attempt an adumbration of it.

The opening of one of the complimentary odes, "Celebrate this festival," fairly carries one off one's feet with the excess of jubilation in the rollicking rhythm and living melody of it.

His arrival with the big pickerel, to say nothing of the smaller ones, created a wave of excitement among the boys who were in camp, and great jubilation among the Delawares.

The jubilation of our class, as we lolled or clog-danced in the corridor, had need to be organized into some systematic fooling; and for once in a way, the boys accepted a suggestion of mine.

At some distance from the rest sat the bottle-nosed man; still he was a sharer in the general jubilation, too, for it was he who had piloted the yacht to the island.

She, in Protestant jubilation over this brand snatched from the burning, came in haste, very nearly departing, indeed, in similar haste as soon as the unholy project of the secular marriage was mooted.

The presumable jubilation of Katie, the penniless ripper of the Savoy, when he should present himself to her a free man, did not enter into the mental picture that was unfolding before him.

As an accompaniment of the drama we have the mystical chorus of angels commenting on the progress of earthly affairs and giving utterance to the sweet, passionless jubilation of sinless beings after the Ascension.

The crowd shouted with laughter, in which Allen, quickly affected by this extraordinary tipple, presently joined; and when he accompanied Dick back to the cell he was in a state of great jubilation.

We were there delivered over to another lot of ruffians, the first lot clearing off to their homes in high jubilation at the prospect of rejoining wives and families after many months in the field.

All was going so easily that when he had taken away the letter I indulged in a little pardonable jubilation, as I ran hastily over the heads of what I had to say to the Emperor.

While I was attempting to hack my way through I heard a delighted gurgle of laughter and turned round to see half-a-dozen of the Chinks sitting on their hams and watching me with undisguised jubilation.

The gift of a few strings of beads completed their delight and redoubled their agility; and, from the distance of a mile, their shrill songs of jubilation still reached the ears of the receding Frenchmen.

It was a device for moments of emptiness and in later times also for moments of extraordinary jubilation, but since the last pages were scribbled there has been enough of celebration in merely living out the days.

Great was the jubilation of the children, and not a little surprise among the ladies when the wagon appeared festooned with bunting, the driver carrying a flag, and the horses' heads decked in like manner.

Further along several other fellows were jumping with might and main, and showing either jubilation or deep chagrin as they found themselves able to do a shade better than ever before, or else going backward in their scoring.

Since the struggle towards light from an almost native twilight is Greek, a thrill of jubilation runs through the people when they hear a laconic sentence, the language of elegy or the maxims of the Seven Wise Men.

From the faded characters of the frayed, yellow letter, torn in part, rose hatred, passion, mad jubilation, mad agony of love and remorse for a night of blood, an Indian mountain night, clattering with torrents of rain.

It is to be noted that this date is distinctly later than that of the first laughter of pleasure, though it is not far removed from that of the first clear appearance of the laughter of gaiety or jubilation.

All that oppose these decisions, though passed by triumphant majorities, with loud jubilation, and fastened on the Nation as its sense of right, are mere rubbish, sure to be swept away as the waves of the National life roll on.

All was joy and jubilation over a career that had even now surpassed the records of antique heroism, that blended the romance of oriental prowess with the beneficent toils of the legislator, and prospered alike in war and peace.

Other bells, one after another, united in the grand chorus of jubilation, supplemented by the thunder of artillery from the fortifications about the city, until every method of expressing real joy seemed to combine, as if by magical art.

These first days of Vienna appear to my memory as a kind of storm of jubilation, as a tempest of laughter and cries of amusement, of shouting and singing, of the frolicking of light feet, of the sweet weeping of violins.

The jubilation of the prophet was short-lived, for even as he spoke, and with decanter, but half emptied, the tramp of feet sounded in the hallway, and the door was flung open to admit four men, armed with muskets.

This council had advised that all legal processes against the Grants settlers cease and even now the echoes had not died away of the jubilation of the deluded people over what was considered the end of the bitter controversy.

When I assured them that there was no more question of their decapitation than of mine, and that they were perfectly safe, they broke into a discordant jubilation like that of a children's school let loose; life had nothing more to give them.

And as he held them, his face grew broad and deep with humor; men looked into it and saw themselves, all the real good and the absurdly conventional which they had, and there was a great jubilation at the genial sight.

In the eyes of every one who laughed and sang dwelt the unchanging shadow of anxiety; on every face was stamped an expression that spoke more plainly than words the doubts and misgivings that constituted the background of their jubilation.

When the amendment was finally submitted on June 4 the newspapers, which had been loyal to the cause all these years, and the men and women whose interest and support had never flagged, were overjoyed with thanksgiving and jubilation.

Never did I hurry down those stairs so quickly as on that night, nor did Klaus ever take me in his arms so impetuously, so full of thankful jubilation, as then, when he came toward me to lead me to the cradle of his child.

The joy on board was indescribable; and as night closed in, and we stood out on the starboard tack, the certainty that daybreak would discover the enemy was almost as great a cause for jubilation as if we had already won our victory.

In the long chapter which serves as his requiem, and in which there is the suggestion of Dickens not in the best phase of his art, the jubilation is somewhat diabolic; it affects one as if Hawthorne's thoughts were executing a dance upon a grave.

This time, sobered by my words and manner, he took in silence the ring I proffered; but having glanced at it, gave way to a second burst of rapture and Jubilation, more selfish and personal than the first, but not less hearty.

For four consecutive days their output equalled the best ever done by the factory, and then just as every woman was beginning to thrill with that jubilation which only comes of a hard task well done, a weak spot developed in the hardening department.

Of coarse, governments founded on a different, and it may be an antagonistic principle with ours naturally feel a pleasure at our complications, and, it may be, wish our downfall; but in the end England and France will join with us in jubilation at the triumph of constitutional government over faction.

Those who do not adore them, those who do not feel a constant jubilation at seeing them laying their plots while braiding their hair, creating special idioms for themselves and constructing with their slender fingers machines strong enough to destroy the most powerful fortunes, must be wanting in a positive sense.

Steadily yet eagerly the feet drew nigh, the melody growing at once in awe and jubilation, as the man came nearer and nearer to him whose word had made him clean, until at last she saw him fall on his face before him, and heard his soul rushing forth in a strain of adoring thanks, which seemed to end only because it was choked in tears.