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Use jubilation in a sentence

Definition of jubilation:

  • (noun) a feeling of extreme joy

Sentence Examples:

The jubilation was natural.

There was immense jubilation.

He was full of jubilation.

Tom's momentary jubilation died away.

Then we had a jubilation.

He cried, in wild jubilation.

Rapidly the jubilation died away.

Such jubilation proved premature, however.

He said, with great jubilation.

Cried Billy in wild jubilation.

Quick jubilation surged within him.

No time was wasted in jubilation.

There was not much jubilation.

Then there was jubilation, indeed!

How inappropriate had been our jubilation!

Shouts in wild jubilation and glee.

There is jubilation in my heart again.

Her voice cracked with suppressed jubilation.

Somewhere in his mind was jubilation.

He crowed on a note of foolish jubilation.

The world went mad with jubilation.

Great jubilation reigned on all the ships.

There was great jubilation at his coming.

There was evident jubilation in his tone.

There was great jubilation aboard that day.

There was jubilation in the enemy's camp.

Samuel's voice took on an added note of jubilation.

There was still greater cause for jubilation.

Two hours later the jubilation was complete.

The long tensions resolved into endless jubilation.

Jubilation might be either a reward or a punishment.

Bewilderment and then jubilation beset the exiles.

On Monday there was general Conservative jubilation.

There was no note of jubilation in her voice.

The jubilation of the crew knew no bounds.

There was jubilation displayed on his every feature.

And now the audience joined in the jubilation.

It was almost time to begin the jubilation.

And his jubilation increased as he flew along.

He repeated, with a kind of inward jubilation.

You should have heard the shrieks of jubilation.

And now there was a note of jubilation.

The new opportunity filled him with jubilation.

Mackay turned on him a face of open jubilation.

Sparrow was far from sharing her jubilation.

Crowds followed behind, and all was jubilation.

There was indeed every reason for this jubilation.

In Ellen's mind was neither jubilation nor reproach.

Permit me to express jubilation at successful trip, sir.

All the hosts of jubilation made ready to move.

His heart seemed to leap with a mad jubilation.

A lot of jubilation over the capture of one man!

The proposal was hailed with laughter and jubilation.

Down with the philosophers, for wisdom is jubilation.

His mind was in a state of sober jubilation.

The price paid has been too high for jubilation.

There was a general sound of jubilation and praise.

He did not seem to share his comrade's jubilation.

That note of hidden jubilation in her voice worried Sarah.

A brief season of jubilation followed the trial of examinations.

The party had won, there was much jubilation.

Among the Knuckle Dusters there was great jubilation.

The jubilation of Dooley can hardly be described in words.

There was great jubilation over this among the Nationalists.

It was present now for jubilation and for spoil.

And then there was another jubilation over the telephone.

"What on earth is the cause of all this jubilation?"

She was quite a heroine in the small family jubilation.

Wonderful was the jubilation when it became an accomplished fact.

Now there was no sense of jubilation in his heart.

The whole orchard rang with their notes of jubilation.

This woman, upon seeing him, burst forth immediately into jubilation.

"Very good," he admitted with an accent of intense jubilation.

There was a yell of jubilation all along the corridor.

His jubilation was so great he could hardly sit still.

Bruno, expressed an eager excitement that was not unlike jubilation.

Yet there seem to be a hint of jubilation in his eye.

Opening them, the boys could hardly suppress their jubilation.

It is the opposite of your own now waiting for jubilation.

Then, out of sheer jubilation, he slapped Dave on the shoulder.

One is that Christmas should be observed as a time of jubilation.

Cried the eight boys in jubilation, and hopped around her.

Then the rest of the evening was spent in jubilation.

Venus captures Cupid, and demands the cause of his jubilation.

She wondered why he did not show more jubilation or excitement.

She spent her days in one quiver of excitement and jubilation.

They shook hands with each other in an ecstasy of jubilation.

Waves a shawl in the air, and shrieks with wild jubilation.

The dance drew towards its close in a storm of jubilation.

They beat their wooden drums, and sang and danced in jubilation.

Hats went up into the air and there was general jubilation.

Flags were flying, and a brass band added to the jubilation.

"Haven't got them yet," he paced the room in nervous jubilation.

I cannot describe the mad jubilation which surged through our veins.

And there was such jubilation as was never heard of before.

When we got home, we had a regular jubilation over that flour.

There was jubilation in the faces of our hero and his friend.

When he did, there was no light of jubilation on his face.

Shrill jubilation echoes between the sounds, and it too grows to music.

Bud did not turn, but he waved his hand in jubilation.