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Use liaison in a sentence

Definition of liaison:

  • (noun) a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship
  • (noun) a channel for communication between groups; "he provided a liaison with the guerrillas"

Sentence Examples:

Naturally La Mara, sentimentalist that she is, denies a liaison.

All the past of this liaison unrolled itself before him.

He was equally incapable of conducting any discreditable liaison with any woman.

A German author, non-noble, had a liaison with a Prussian woman of rank.

If this three-year-old liaison had lasted until now, Jean would have been ruined.

There was no money or insignificant male liaison to stuff him down into grumpiness.

Guinevere's moral character is held to be untarnished, even by her liaison with Lancelot.

Our guest at dinner that night was a Serbian liaison officer from Divisional Headquarters.

The Japanese Military Administration maintained liaison between the Japanese Army and the civil government.

At seventeen years of age he became infatuated with Nana, and a liaison with her followed.

The military mission acted as liaison between the German and the Romanian general staffs.

Her biographers usually pass over this liaison quickly, as information about it was not forthcoming.

My seniority had marked me out as officer of liaison to the General commanding our division.

Light liaisons she knew well there had been; but Marco was not a sensualist.

At least twenty times different telephonists and agents de liaison had brought the familiar story.

Such are the facts, so far as they are ascertainable, concerning the origin of this curious liaison.

He has four children born in wedlock; he has but one son, the offspring of a liaison.

They who disregard these things in sitting in judgment on that famous liaison are foredoomed to error.

What misery, what wretchedness is that of the man who is alone and disdains debasing liaisons!

My enemies are setting about a rumor of my liaison with a Russian princess; they name Madame P...

There is nothing criminal in this liaison; nothing that could cause the most austere moralist to frown.

I looked into an adjoining tent and found the liaison officer from the heavies busy on the telephone.

This liaison seemed to him very reconcilable with the sentiments with which his wife could inspire him.

Hamilton found it easier to forgive than an unconfessed liaison with the most remarkable woman of her time.

Matilda had learned from some anonymous correspondent (probably a rival of Gabrielle's) of Jasper's liaison with that adventuress.

I would limit no man's liaisons, but twelve wives in lawful matrimony bespeaks an optimism unknown to me.

All others aid and abet the liaison, for does it not furnish delightful gossip in an otherwise somnolent community?

Perhaps he had the sense not to parade the liaison, in which case the good citizens would not be scandalized.

About a century ago an Italian nobleman was deceived by his wife, who had a liaison with one of his pages.

In fact, the dacha became the meeting center of the Russian underground with their liaison agent from the West.

Undoubtedly the story had been much magnified and embroidered, and accepted as a scandalous liaison or entanglement without any inquiry.

Being titillated by the infinite possibilities in sexual liaisons with strangers and a propensity for violence were both the natural state.

A few wretched liaisons, and a number of silly and by no means edifying scrapes, were all that came of it.

Every one indeed knew that he had a liaison with a beggar woman, to whom he gave ten kopecks every six months.

The other, Herbert knew at once as the grouchy liaison sergeant whom he had met half an hour ago out on the hill.

A month after their marriage he was living a licentious life and carrying on liaisons with the wives and daughters of his tenants.

True, he hated promiscuity even worse than marriage, and a liaison was only another kind of coupling, reactionary from the legal marriage.

Direct artillery liaison should, of course, be maintained between the divisional artillery commander and each brigade, if it is at all possible to do so.

Their liaison lasted several years, during which Boccaccio recorded the various phases of their passion with exemplary assiduity in verse and prose.

What concerned her far more than the moral complexion of the liaison, was her brother's connection with the unlawful scheme of extortion.

Which the system of legalized unions was contrived to curb, but cannot; if connubial life were a hazardous liaison there would be fewer divorces.

She referred to the first of their liaison, when they made their love in that same room under the very nose of a purblind husband.

Perhaps because he had come back clean, having never wasted himself in complaisant liaisons overseas, the inevitable focusing of passion stirred him more profoundly.

I was a fool not to understand, there in the auction room, when my face was slapped with proof of your liaison with this Lanyard!

Or, could it be that the Russian police, warned of his very imprudent language, his liaison with Sonia, had asked for his extradition?

These liaisons in the air have cheated the divorce court and saved the hearthstone far oftener than man has the least idea of.

He was one of the first Frenchmen to re-enter Strasbourg, and is now an invaluable liaison official between the restored French Government and the population.

To you, Margaret, our liaison means nothing more than the memory of a few abandoned nights, a few heart-to-heart talks in the winding ways of the English gardens.

Our aviators lacked experience as observers in keeping their liaison in directing artillery fire and in informing the infantry of the movements of their units and of the enemy's.

Now, it happened that some years before the young nobleman had formed a liaison with a woman, a famous danseuse and singer, to whom he had been deeply attached.

In liaison with French troops, this Brigade broke up a powerful German attack at a very important point of the position and afterwards carried out a series of attacks.

After a passage, where the liaison officers lie sleeping close together, comes a wainscoted room, with a chair and a table and, at the back, an iron bedstead.

The German officer who would violate a woman in an occupied territory fares badly, and the code forbids that he enter into liaison with a woman of the enemy.

This liaison, whose motive and origin were quite unknown, caused a great sensation, for the duke, already known for his immense fortune, now became known for his prodigality.

The thought of this liaison, of pleasures that her sister-in-law was no doubt enjoying, exasperated her still more, because of her own ugly woman's strict sense of propriety.

Sexual license either before or after marriage is considered a venial offense, but a woman detected in a liaison with a man of one of the lowest castes is turned out of caste.

He was a person of the highest fastidiousness, and had never had a liaison with any woman beneath him in class in his life, even in his Oxford days.

One cold day the buglers, who are supposed to be having a liaison drill while the rest of the brigade are maneuvering, decide to sneak off and build a fire.

Then there was her husband, who, gullible as he might be, must nevertheless suspect their liaison, since, by her own confession, she dissembled her obsession very badly.

In a brief space he had effectually thrown away his chance by his presumptuous conduct, his evident incapacity, and yet more by his public liaison with Madame de Montbazon.

Furtively yet boldly, timidly but merrily, they started on one of those strolls, partly Parisian, and partly suburban, which, according to Juliette, were the chief enchantment of their liaison.

During these proceedings I noticed my liaison officer in angry dispute with two Japanese officers against a truck carrying the Union Jack as an indication of the nationality of the train.

These act as liaison officers between existing associations of every denomination in a given district, and centralize all outside efforts for the protection and relaxation of the munition women of that area.

It was a benumbing shock to learn definitely that her husband was in liaison with a definite person, and to be confronted in shabby clothes with that person all dressed up.

When the liaison is being added to the sauce it is intended to thicken, care must be exercised to keep stirring it during the whole time, or, otherwise, the eggs will curdle.

The King's line was not lost in obscurity; he gave us almost embarrassing details of the first of his forebears, who sprang from a liaison between a beautiful lady and a shark.

Break yolks of eggs into a basin and add cream, then add the liaison of eggs and cream to stock; let it just come to boil, being careful it does not curdle.

Of these it will suffice to mention Condillac, who professed to explain all knowledge from the single principle of association (liaison) of ideas, operating through a previous association with signs, verbal or other.

That is, she knew quite well that he had borne her no grudge on account of the past, had indulged in no theatrical repudiation of her friendship because of her liaison with Claude.

The officers of the liaison can be readily distinguished by their caps, which resemble those worn by railroad brakemen, and by the gilt sphinx on the collars of their drab uniforms.

It is, Monsieur, that France is a great lady who does not derange herself for a simple vagabond like Gaston, or about whose liaisons or quarrels it is not for Gaston to concern himself.

I was aware that most modern men prefer an amour with a married woman to any other kind of liaison, and I thought Lucio would have readily yielded to the plan I had preconceived.

Then, alone with his thoughts upon the dark road, his imagination would picture the progress of the approaching liaison that he had foreseen between his quondam mistress and the Comte de Bernhaus.

Elvira has a liaison with Colonel Lorenzo, which Dominick, her father confessor, aids and abets; but the amour is constantly thwarted, and it turns out that Lorenzo and Elvira are brother and sister.

As to his liaisons with women, the handsome, brilliant Caesar, surrounded by a halo of military glory, must have been a Paladin of romance to any woman who had a capacity of admiration in her.

Even in his liaisons, it was said of him that his chief ambition was to learn the real sentiment of those about him through their wives, rather than merely to gratify a personal appetite.

As an illustration of her sterling honesty in money matters and her delicate manner of ending a liaison, the following anecdote will serve to demonstrate the hold she was able to maintain upon her admirers.

If he had not given her up already, it was through his weakness of character, through the powerful ascendant she had managed to get over him during the seven years of their liaison.

Security liaison can check propaganda output in the process of transmission; security supervision can check the output after it goes on the air, and can transmit through channels recommendations for punitive or corrective action.

It has been represented as a liaison in our vulgarized English sense of the term: it was in reality a pure and cordial friendship, into which there entered no element of shame and no taint of degradation.

There was no wire communication between these Allied Railway and River Forces, and of course liaison over the lateral terrain impassable swamp in fall, and a field of deep floundering snow in winter, was impossible.

The Emperor never cared very much for her; he told his wife all about the affair at once, and made her mind quite easy by his unreserved confidence respecting this brief and unsentimental liaison.

The wooden boxes roped on top the caissons swayed and tossed, spilling gas equipment and liaison instruments, to be picked up by the dismounted men following, who cheered on the drivers to greater speed.

The mother of Louisa, still young, had not been insensible to prepossessions; and had a liaison at Rome, where she was unaccompanied by her husband, the effects of which she had not altogether eradicated.

She revealed to him the real character of her mistress, and warned him that if Giovanna became conversant with the liaison, then she herself would be done to death, and he, Louis, would probably be assassinated.

They expected to avenge themselves on the Belgians, who had swept away their reconnaissances, their patrols, their posts of liaison and their centers of information and entirely disorganized their clever but fragile lookout system.

If, then, he thought of marriage, its prosaic, advantageous side only appears to have entered into count; and the liaison, which stood him in lieu of it, stirred, beyond sense, nothing but sentiments of common gratitude.

It is the duty of all leaders to foresee the establishment of liaison for the engagement in their plan of battle, and also for the prolongation of these means with the advance of the attacking troops.

They accepted him as a sort of unofficial liaison officer maintained by the Japanese for the purpose of keeping them informed as to what the foreigners thought; also, in some measure, to elucidate the Japanese point of view.

Many of these radical women frankly say that they would like to marry the "right man," but failing to find that rare species, they claim their right to sexual freedom in more or less capricious liaisons.

The liaison of Princess Pauline with this amiable officer was the most lasting that she ever formed; and as, unfortunately, neither of them was discreet, their mutual tenderness acquired in a short while a scandalous publicity.

He passed from one liaison to another with incredible frivolity, carrying on several at the same time, and weaving without scruple a great net of deceptions and lies, in which to catch as much prey as possible.

I just thought that he had noticed that we four had passed the whole evening together, and that possibly we might be opening a friendship that might result in a liaison which might not be so judicious.

In those mountains the white goat, grizzly bear, mountain sheep, mule deer and elk all live together, in perfect liaison, and never but once have I heard of the goat getting into a fight with a joint-tenant species.

Reconnaissance had to be carried out, details of plans and liaison arranged, and dumps had to be made, the last on an unprecedentedly large scale, so great a number of Tanks never having gone into action together before.

Unfortunately she conceived a guilty passion for the King's brother and as there were too many spies about for the liaison to be kept secret for long, the faithless wife was condemned to be devoured by tigers.

Their connection, formerly a guilty one, for the advocate had wife and children of his own, had in course of time, since he had been left a widower, become one of those liaisons which tolerant people excuse and except.

She entered the shop, leaning nonchalantly on my arm; she bestowed an amorous glance on me and addressed me in the familiar second person, which she had not done twenty times at the very outset of our liaison.

She believed that she could recognize them with a readiness and an accuracy that were exceptional, and it was a fact that she had often divined and unraveled liaisons before society had even suspected their existence.

Colonel Frank, my liaison officer, took the letter to Russian Headquarters, and on his return informed me that the admiral thanked me for my letter and that he was pleased to be able to allay my fears.