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Use likewise in a sentence

Definition of likewise:

  • (adverb) in like or similar manner; Samuel Johnson
  • (adverb) in addition
  • (adverb) equally

Sentence Examples:

He likewise contrived that the different plots were more skillfully interwoven, and in every way improved upon the old play.

The puritanical neatness of each garment, and the fiber of her laundered linen, likewise satisfied her as she became clothed.

The teleological argument, derived from the universal presence of a design in creation, was likewise employed in the Patristic theology.

They have, likewise, necklaces of many strings of very small shells, or of the dried flowers of the Indian mallow.

This era likewise saw the rise of William Harrison Ainsworth, whose romantic novels teem with the eerie and the gruesome.

The condition of the company, likewise, under whose auspices he was acting, presented at this time no very encouraging features.

Another was, that the people likewise should constitute two naval commissioners, for the equipping and refitting of the fleet.

It is one, too, that the Japanese themselves little perceive; so far as I have observed, foreigners likewise fail to realize its force.

The work likewise contains "Songs of the Lowlands," a selection of some of the more interesting specimens of the older minstrelsy.

Likewise, her stern-post being rotten, she lost a pintle, and the helm began to look fifty ways for Sunday.

He had burned his fingers pretty badly before he made the selection and likewise he had singed one of the eyebrows.

This interpretation is not only deducible in a very obvious manner from the fable itself, but is likewise agreeable to experience.

The use of images was likewise due to Etruscan influences, although here as in other respects Greek ideas may have been at work.

His coat has a wide embroidery of golden foliage, and his waistcoat likewise is all flowered over and bedizened with gold.

To conclude with a quibble: I hope you will not only feed upon these Greek roots, but likewise digest them perfectly.

Ali, the husband of his favorite daughter, equalled her father in his wives, as likewise Osman, the husband of another daughter.

The familiar interchange of ideas was likewise of advantage to them in the compositions which they produced, whether conjointly or separately.

He ordered a furnace to be set up for making spikes, and likewise timber to be cut down for the brigantines.

For this darkness of theirs is likewise full of atmosphere, a darkness in which there is life and breath and palpitation.

Bulls likewise bred there with the heads of men; and dogs with fourfold bodies, and the tails of fishes.

It exhibits likewise the tameness of his colleagues, who will submit to this and anything else he may choose to do.

Pitcher, who likewise officiated on those occasions; and he remarked an infinity of shops where every commodity of life was sold.

Likewise, when that failed, looks as though they tried to get him jugged for a loony and put away.

Thanks are due to yourself likewise, and are hereby accordingly rendered, for waiving your claim in behalf of your own parishioners.

Westbound the higher classes of manufactured goods likewise moved part way by rail and part way by water haul.

And which the antiquaries, who know a man by his crown better than by his face, have rejected likewise?

They are likewise afflicted with the dropsy and paralytic complaints, which, however, are but very seldom known among them.

It is observable likewise that Achilles, in the first Iliad of Homer, tells Agamemnon, in anger, that he had dog's eyes.

These mules and camels also serve to carry tents and armor, and likewise tools and munitions for the campaign.

Clark likewise instituted experiments which tended to demonstrate the relative insolubility of the fats used in the preparation of artificial butter.

The governors are likewise enriched through peculation from tithes and taxes, and extortion from sheikhs, wealthy farmers, and traders.

Thrush is principally a disease of early infancy: it is likewise often a concomitant symptom of some febrile and acute diseases of adults.

A small saw and a bradawl may also be added to the list, and likewise a chisel half an inch wide.

Our boat likewise ready for launching, the rigging also fitted over her masthead, and had the appearance of a rakish schooner.

By that time the shop had begun to show signs of neglect; its stock was decimated, its trade likewise.

Many horses and mules likewise were presented to him, richly caparisoned and armed, some with leather, and some with iron.

The rest did likewise; and soon, with eyes enchanted, all reclined: gazing at each other, witless of what we did.

The pressure received by the pad is also transmitted to the plantar cushion, which likewise flattens and spreads under pressure.

When at last she glanced up another couple, likewise immaculate of attire, likewise debonair and smiling, were seated at the little table.

If he learns Irish, which all the world scoffs at, he likewise learns Italian, which all the world melts at.

The actual nursing of the young seems likewise to involve equally unreasoning tendencies to pet, coddle, and "do for" others.

If he learns Irish, which all the world scoffs at, he likewise learns Italian, which all the world melts at.

Much importance likewise attaches to houses being thoroughly ventilated, and to their being sufficiently roomy to properly accommodate their inmates.

When he sees that all things are destined to pass away, and himself likewise, his pride will change to humility.

When of a proper heat, put in as much rennet as will bring it in twenty minutes, likewise a bit of sugar.

Those who were suspected for the murder of the chief conspirator, were likewise arraigned for that offense, but were acquitted.

From this office are likewise issued all writs for choosing of burgesses, and in it are filed authentic copies of all proclamations.

If the prototype of man has survived through all the vicissitudes of time, may not his speech likewise have survived?

She charmed him sensually, but other women had done likewise; she was beautiful, but he could conceive of greater beauty.

He likewise tossed a pebble four times into the air, and each time it became a cliff or wall of rock about the teepee.

Justinian likewise forbade theatrical exhibitions, races in the circus, and the fights of wild beasts, on Sunday, under severe penalties.

She was likewise deep in meditation, wondering how William would receive her avowal of dislike to have either of her children mesmerized.

The dinner hour had passed, likewise the second policing of the day had been attended to by the humble plebes.

Henry Burns and Tom and Bob likewise armed themselves with the sweeps of the Viking and a piece of spar.

From conscientious scruples he likewise resigned the governorship of several provinces and the important post of Grand Commander of Artillery.

If he learns Irish, which all the world scoffs at, he likewise learns Italian, which all the world melts at.

At entertainments, likewise, were introduced female players on the harp and timbrel, with buffoons for the diversion of the guests.

Between this orangery and the house is a small circular piece of water, on the edge of which several likewise were massacred.

It is likewise in accordance with the opinions expressed by the stipendiary magistrates generally, as I have found them in official documents.

These persons have, too, a similar kind of handwriting, with very much lengthened letters; and they likewise abuse the alphabet.

Much in his exaggerations and contradictions is likewise to be set down to drollery rather than to any serious design to deceive.

No flood in civic highways appalls him; the tramp of armies, likewise, is beneath him, and he overlooks revolutions, undisturbed.

Over the door is a triangular niche, which is likewise intended to bear up the weight of the masonry from the lintel.

It likewise, by its frequent pictures of human woes, humanizes the mind, and fortifies us in bearing our own misfortunes.

We likewise hear of the Greek fire, but there are not, so many miracles attached to its effects as in some sieges.

The Asiatic signs, likewise, far from being limited to the years and months, presided also over days, and even hours.

Here may be noted likewise some remains of a mastodon which Winchell, in the same paper, says had been found in Adrian.

There are likewise rooms for the exhibition of the produce of the useful arts; and attached to it is a botanic garden.

Golden plovers, likewise, probably make the southward flight from the Arctic to the South American coast in one giant leap.

Likewise, a sitting statue, by Michel Angelo, of one of the Medici, full of dignity and grace and reposeful might.

We were likewise assured that wonders had been done already, for that four months ago the ground was covered with furze.

A long glazed building is likewise in progress for monkeys, who may thus disport their recreant limbs in an exotic atmosphere.

Lath and plaster are likewise destroyed in the dismembering, but they are small loss as they are usually in bad order.

His coat has a wide embroidery of golden foliage; and his waistcoat, likewise, is all flowered over and bedizened with gold.

In an authoritative tone he ordered the landlord to bring us out a tankard of ale, and likewise treated the coachman and guard.

Then another sentence is read, which the pupils likewise shout in a singsong voice, while their bodies sway to and fro.

Our allies were likewise ordered to follow the example of the Spanish foot; this was accordingly done and the object accomplished.

Harte, in his panegyrics of him, makes me hope that there is likewise a great deal of truth in his encomiums of you.

It is likewise conditionally as was the first, but no apostasy can follow, for a complete healing has made that impossible.

It is understood that all the details of application appertaining to these innovations are new also, and likewise belong to me.

There are likewise several espalier divisions, in which the pear tree is extensively cultivated, and appeared to be in a very prolific state.

White men likewise made use of tamarack roots in boat building, but the roots were different from what the Indians used.

The burning white day passed, and likewise the night, with its white stars shining so pitilessly cold and bright.

His lot was likewise embittered by the recollection of the soft and luxurious life to which he had lately been accustomed.

Pressures were then repeated on the fingers and the palatine nerves, and the teeth in the upper jaw were likewise removed.

Much more than the visible world is imaged by that dewdrop: the world invisible, of infinite mystery, is likewise therein repeated.

Rocks were streaking down, hurtling into the air, falling to crack powder from other rocks, that likewise were set in motion.

Over this prelate, who was likewise to have under his jurisdiction twelve suffragan sees, he had a personal grant of precedence.

His coat has a wide embroidery of golden foliage; and his waistcoat, likewise, is all flowered over and bedizened with gold.

He likewise carried out other works, the sites of which are indefinite; and he obtained for the priory the pastoral insignia.

The axle, which is likewise of wood, is never greased, and thus causes the demoniacal kind of music to which I alluded.

"Puss" had pen and ink ears, whiskers and tail, and likewise a tiny red-painted fence post upon which to sit.

Flying Mice are likewise found, in considerable numbers, in this country, of a very handsome appearance, and also of the Opossum species.

Philately embraces the whole earth and likewise the whole earth is sometimes embraced within the limits of a postage stamp.

And when the first came, they supposed that they would receive more; and they likewise received every man a shilling.

Likewise, as has been stated, injury such as is occasioned by long continued standing on the same foot is followed by laminitis.

Sometime, likewise, they unbind wounds to show their condition, and strip bodies naked to show the stripes they have received.

He dismisses likewise the universal difficulty of plebiscites, which is to be just in laying down the limits of the various regions.

The whole tendril, namely, the tarsus and the three toes, are likewise sensitive to contact, especially on their under surfaces.

They shall likewise have full liberty to employ such advocates, procurators, notaries, solicitors and factors, as they shall think proper.