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Definition of maxim:

  • (noun) a saying that is widely accepted on its own merits

Sentence Examples:

We moralize in our jesting like the Turk, but are likely to veil the maxim under the motley of a Yiddish dialect.

According to the savage maxims of the Greek republics, his innocent family would have shared the punishment of his crimes.

The young are often very hostile to merely conventional moral maxims, and suspect their hollowness, not always without reason.

It would, indeed, be his care; for it was a maxim of Italian politics that no man willingly stirs after dinner.

You must form all conclusions, and all maxims, for yourselves, from premises and data collected, and considered by yourselves.

The prudent man, in the old maxims, makes hay while the sun shines and plows deep while sluggards sleep.

Their maxims are like those of the early Greek philosophers, a proper introduction to the good society of the intellectual world.

He was obliged, by dramatic propriety, to put into their mouths those anarchical maxims which are complained of in his ode.

A young man possessed of unbounded faith in this maxim came to town for the purpose of practicing medicine and surgery.

And he had propounded the memorable political maxim, "Have I not a right to do what I like with my own?"

It is an axiom of the civilized world, and a maxim even with savages, that allegiance and protection are reciprocal and correlative.

I have in no wise exaggerated, but have simply followed the golden maxim of "nothing extenuate nor set down aught in malice."

The noninterference of one nation in the domestic condition of another, is an established doctrine, and a settled maxim, of international law.

The popular objection to casuistry is similar to the popular objection to the maxim that the end justifies the means.

There were books about the room: a volume of Napoleon's maxims, a French novel, a little volume of Sophocles in its original Greek.

It was an old and fixed maxim likewise of the Roman government not to suffer any unlicensed assemblies of the people.

Browning, that the grasp of a man should exceed his reach, if not an ennobling maxim, must not be forgotten entirely.

I don't want to be a prig and hamper you with moral maxims; but if you need me, I want to be there.

It was there that priests, nurtured in the maxims of a spiritual despotism, dared with most insolence to tyrannize over minds.

The Homeric maxim, that "the government of many is not good," is fully adopted and rigorously adhered to in these societies.

The following rules or maxims will be found applicable to all cases, and may be regarded as laws of the syllogism.

He adopted the maxims of the romanticists, but disapproved of almost all the works of art in which they were embodied.

All such persons act on the Socratic maxim that the life without inquiry is a life to be lived by no man.

Maxims of extreme antiquity show how the avocations of the husbandman are to be guided by the movements of the heavenly bodies.

Apparently there is no science in statesmanship, and our politics are but a ruthless trampling on the simple maxims of political economy.

Tell us unconditionally (concluded the Athenian herald) that we may bury our dead under truce, pursuant to the maxims of our forefathers.

The features that pleased them in tragedy were the emphasis, the political declamations, and the maxims on the perversity of things.

He was there not as a politician, but as an inquirer about the ceremonies and maxims of the founders of the existing dynasty.

The maxim, that ecclesiastics are entirely amenable to the justice of the king, like other citizens, has prevailed throughout the kingdom.

I knew about a dozen of these maxims; all I can remember now are: "If you desire to be inebriated: abstain from wine."

Bismarck laid it down as a maxim that an ambassador should not be "too popular" at the court to which he was accredited.

It will show the utter helplessness even of the ablest rulers, when they try to meet new emergencies by old maxims.

Of the maxims and principles of revolutionists, I understand not a word; but thus much I know, revolutions never end well.

Violate such foundation maxims, says the independent moralist, and you need not even speak of "Going to hell," hell will come to you.

The first chapter is devoted to the elucidation of his great maxim: "To address men well, they must be loved much."

And it is not, I believe, a "little moral," i.e., a copy-book maxim, that we should fall in love with our neighbor's wife.

This is so even of that writing which, as children, we learned in copybooks with engraved maxims at the head of the page.

To be up and doing is the maxim of a Canadian; and it is this that nerves his arm to do and bear.

To be up and doing, is the maxim of a Canadian; and it is this that nerves his arm to do and bear.

On our trenches shells were still bursting, maxim and rifle bullets were still pelting from somewhere in half enfilade at long range.

Another maxim was, to keep Jemima ignorant of her own capacity, lest she should set up for a genius, and be undomesticated.

Still he kept up appearances, and was nothing daunted, it being a maxim of his that 'as one door closed another opened.'

It is in itself a wonderful illustration of the results possible to be attained in a land of unequaled opportunity by following Franklin's maxims.

For the sake of such emotional excitement or parade as are now by smokeless powder, maxims, long-range rifles, and machine guns abolished?

There is a good Japanese maxim which says, "Dig a well before you are thirsty," and it is evidently very desirable to do so.

Such maxims as these evidently enshrine much of his own temper, and throughout his career he rarely seems to have violated them.

Moreover, all of them will attack you, either by bitter witticisms, or by serious arguments, or by the hackneyed maxims of gallantry.

In short, they settled it as a sovereign maxim, so long as their pockets were full, no matter how much they were drubbed.

Thought, on the other hand, is found where something is proved to be, or not to be, or a general maxim is enunciated.

Hence, in this sense, the maxim under consideration is not true; and no man's natural liberty is abridged by the State.

At its worst, it is a body of maxims for the conduct of business and a polemical discussion of disputed points of policy.

Delays are proverbially said to be dangerous; and equally well-known is the maxim which recommends the attacking of a disease at its onset.

Thus, and thus only, should we be following out the maxim of Stonewall Jackson, "Always mystify, mislead, and surprise the enemy."

This name the Hebrews gave to those sententious and figurative maxims of moral wisdom of which the Proverbs of Solomon are a specimen.

I don't generally agree with copybook maxims, but all work and no play does make Jack (or, rather, Hans) a dull boy.

This sent a wave of tea over his head and scalded him, and there the didactic virtuous, and the copy-book maxims, scored.

Marcy, was a politician who is best remembered by his enunciation of the notorious political maxim, "To the victors belong the spoils."

Remembering this, one of my wonderful aunt's incontrovertible maxims, I grew abashed (as I say) by reason of this my deplorable lapse.

What new maxims are these, which neither we nor our forefathers ever heard of before, and which no wise institution would ever allow?

You may be sure that I have well learned all of caution's maxims; they have, all my life, been dinged into my ears.

Therefore, the pedant, with his general maxims, almost always misses the mark in life, shows himself to be foolish, awkward, useless.

A few general maxims, enforced with vehemence, and inculcated with importunity, but failing for want of particular reference and immediate application.

Among the perverse, over-subtle ideas of certain Greek philosophers is the maxim that we should be very cool in the matter of friendship.

To make use of this subject, though yet unknown, was introduced the maxim, that to make good bouillon the kettle should only smile.

The old generals, to be sure, boasted professional experience, but, having ossified their experience into pedantic maxims, they had less professional skill.

And across the wax-cloth Tilly pushed a copybook, in which she had laboriously inscribed a prim maxim the requisite number of times.

It consists of wise maxims or censorious admonitions; there is no outpouring of religious feelings which absorb the soul, and which characterize fervent prayer.

On the other hand, and unlike other critics, he was always ready to acknowledge when Royalties acted on the maxim noblesse oblige.

They are old, well-known, moral maxims, which are expressed in a simple and dignified way, but which do not contain anything remarkable.

"The virtues of a woman are her wealth and worth," he said sententiously, as though he were quoting a maxim out of a child's copybook.

Saddles were being emptied quickly as we closed on the German lines, and tore past their Maxims, which were in the front ranks.

The maxim of war, that the reduction of every place, however strong, is possible, must be equally true in the art of thievery.

Some parts of it crumbled away faster, leaving a pattern of baffles which acted like a maxim silencer on a rifle, or like an automobile muffler.

This maxim set his conscience at rest, and the result was, that the unfortunate pullet was eaten up to the very bones.

The reader will decide whether I do the Doctor justice, while I say, that he must have been petrified when he composed this maxim.

Giving, perhaps, a cheerful and unforced accord to the current moral maxims and popular creed, they permit neither to rule their conduct.

As the noble maxims of Socrates would still be there, we might call it the Socratic religion as we talk about the Confucian religion.

Hannah's curiosity was not chastened by much reflection, and some things were overheard which verified the old maxim that "walls have ears."

A Drama, he feels, should not aim at the inculcation of any definite maxim; the moral of it lies in the action and the character.

The Irish people still appreciate the force of that maxim of Edmund Burke's, that the things which are not practicable are not desirable.

Then these maxims began to be applied, sometimes timidly and sometimes in scorn and shallowness, to the sacred history and literature as well.

This maxim, when examined into, will be found nothing more than a puerile remark, just like many other apothegms consecrated by their antiquity.

A maxim of the illustrious sir William Jones very apposite to the point in dispute, has floated in my memory from early life.

And, to make it less trying, the drinkers adopt the Socratic maxim of "small cups and many," by frothing the beer up incredibly.

On the other hand, he, whoever he is, who acts on one maxim, is a pedant and spoils things for himself and others.

"Indeed, a great writer had given currency to a generally accepted maxim when he said that invalidism was the normal condition of woman."

It is, however, suspected, that this law, so repugnant to the maxims of Germanic freedom, has been surreptitiously added to the golden bull.

Never forget the maxim of the old German physiologist that "Health comes in through the muscles and flows out through the nerves."

The speech overflowed with illustration, ingenious analogy, felicitous quotation, brilliant epigram, and political paradoxes that were made to sound wondrously like maxims of wisdom.

Why, then, should I deny myself while I am young, so that I may console vain regrets with copybook maxims when I am old?

And it is time for the merchants and workingmen of America to apply to their political struggle these simple maxims so well established elsewhere.

He does not argue his points systematically, but launches a series of maxims, as with set teeth, clenched hands, and a brow like a thundercloud.

Madame will bother me, and say it is unladylike; and perhaps she will give me Theresa Tidy's maxims to do into French as a punishment.

Now the two, relying on very dexterous arguments and thoughts, and sententious maxims, will show which of them shall appear superior in argument.

One of the guns swept away the German wire, and knocked out two enemy Maxims; but the other was wrecked by a shell.

The philosophy is quite incongruous with this formalism and rigidity, most of the maxims being elaborated with care, and only proverbs in form.

Bolts, locks, and all kinds of fastenings were prohibited among them, the maxim of "honor among thieves" being considered a more efficient safeguard.

It may well be imagined into what perplexity young minds felt themselves thrown by such dislocated maxims, half-understood laws, and shivered up dogmas.

They had only escaped the errors of the moralists, by substituting, in place of their austere maxims, enjoyments without any regard to consequences.

His compositions were of a high order, and his moral maxims much in vogue, but he was notorious for worldliness and a love of money.