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Use meager in a sentence

Definition of meager:

  • (adjective) deficient in amount or quality or extent; "meager resources"; "meager fare"

Sentence Examples:

In aboriginal times Navajo clothing was meager.

Japanese histories for this period are very meager.

As for biographical data, meager is the word.

The tableware is of tin and somewhat meager.

The big Frenchman told the same meager story.

Bacon, fritters and coffee might seem a meager feast.

Fun had no place in his meager workaday vocabulary.

One may but guess from the ensuing meager data.

Willy's meager features were perplexed, but Red caught the idea.

They flashed and scintillated brilliantly, even in the meager light.

The Dutch power had fallen before a meager naval force.

Information regarding the early stages of Aryan life is meager.

Is the panel agreeably filled without appearing overcrowded or meager?

With respect to style, they were meager, insipid, and jejune.

His pay was meager, but ofttimes his profits were large.

I caught his meager hand; I adjured him to live and hope.

And our knowledge of human institutions is still extraordinarily meager and impressionistic.

The ordinary food of the peasantry is of poor quality and meager quantity.

This was the meager total that outweighed those uncounted hours of Paula's.

However meager the contents of the pod, there is a superabundance of consumers.

Their food was meager and of an enervating sameness and their bodies degenerate.

That is all I may urge in extenuation, and I concede its meager insufficiency.

Specially prepared food replaced the wormy, fermenting, and meager fare of ordinary days.

Now, although I've mentioned reorientation before, what I actually know about it is meager.

My fanaticism would not allow me to take so meager a sum for it.

The judgment of the American people relative to this island is based upon meager data.

The furnishings here were meager, and evidently restricted entirely to the votaries of poppy.

Again the half truculent glance explored every nook and cranny of the meager premises.

In vain the poor fellow adjured his brains for some homely suggestion, some meager inspiration.

In comparison with the transept towers, the western belfries of the cathedral appear meager.

Theirs was not the incentive of large emoluments, for Government salaries are notoriously meager.

She was not handsome, and the meager sentiment of her soul easily disintegrated into morbidness.

His thin body, seen against the summer-glaring planks of the wharf, was childishly meager.

His diet was as meager as that of an Indian fakir, though not otherwise resembling it.

The possibility afforded him a meager comfort, instilled a faint glow into his benumbed being.

The frontispiece portrait of the wan, meager, despondent saint promised freedom from romantic balderdash.

There were shelves around the wall, with a meager library of brand-new and little-used law books.

Its appropriation was impossibly meager, even with the niggard's increase just wrung from the legislature.

I'll try and make two hundred dollars answer, though that will purchase but a meager trousseau.

The literature on the histological structure of known phosphorescent organs of fishes is rather meager and unsatisfactory.

I tried to talk to my burly guard, but his English was as meager as my Russian.

The Truth is, Colonel Claiborne simply composed that speech and interpolated it into my meager narrative.

Occasionally, on the brow of some jutting crag, may be discovered the meager hut of some poor Indian.

He loved her still, but his earthly treasurers were as meager as when she had wedded another.

The body is flattened above and conical below and is supported by a rather meager annular foot.

He had only the most meager acquaintance with that great fundamental of a sound and sane education, embryology.

All their meager breasts panted together, the violently dilated nostrils quivered, the eyes stared stonily uphill.

The sources of Swedish history during the first two centuries of the Middle Ages are very meager.

In a science the rule is, abundant data and meager results; in an art, meager data and abundant results.

The amount of information on the ritualized behavior of the Bell Vireo and related species heretofore has been meager.

Darling Auntie, who had acknowledged the meager satisfaction of a life given up to stitching underclothes and polishing brasses!

In the meager information about midgets, one writer, in an excellent article, estimates one midget to every million of population.

The twisted, meager frame slumped dejectedly, the face was haggard with fatigue and worry, the eyes deep-sunken, distrait.

A little face, meager and burning-eyed, was gazing at him trustfully from among the furs in the sledge.

The data, however, were so meager that none of them were happy about taking the great responsibility of marching out.

As results had been meager along here, the sides of the trench were turned to the northward and northwestward.

There is frequent historical mention of the use of basketry, but the descriptions of form and construction are meager.

He knew that Tess was living as best she could, existing on the meager fare allotted to her kind.

In the succeeding chapters the phases of this historic movement are reviewed as the meager data now obtainable can permit.

From his pack he took a small frying pan, a coffeepot, a tin cup, and a meager supply of food.

The treasury of the Austrian court was so empty that but meager supplies could be provided for the troops.

Meager and fragmentary as these Spanish sketches are, they nevertheless opened the way for a new school of American romance.

He boiled the kettle and spread a thick slice of bread with a meager discoloration of molasses for Teddy Brisk.

Few of these fifteenth-century engravers have left us as much as a name or the most meager data as to their lives.

The money paid for licenses is a very meager compensation for the beggary, crime, and bloodshed which rum produces.

If the meager data available be accepted, the difference in size between the two sexes is less than in other subspecies.

A human lamprey, sticking himself always at the thin and meager board of the poor, a vile parasite, but holy!

He was the son of a Baptist clergyman of very limited means, hence his early advantages were of necessity meager.

We had left Clarendon with only a meager supply in our haversacks, and no provision train was with the command.

His meager limbs were lost in his faded, flapping trousers, but he had a doughty air far beyond his years.

He was far too illumined for that, even judging from the meager accounts which we have of his life and message.

My work can offer only a meager substitute for that which my departed friend was not destined to accomplish.

The men of the guard were all impoverished kinsmen, who lived like parasites upon the lawyer's strained and meager bounty.

Historical writing has fittingly been called the aristocracy of literature; it requires long and patient investigation and yields meager returns.

That was the reason why the actual scientific results of Greek thought, with all its splendid powers, were so meager.

How could he consent to cut himself from all this and take Joanna's meager and unlovely body in his arms?

He was a man of meager education and by no means the native ability of Pia and many of the German colony.

In Prohibition States the people lack even the latter, unless they can invest their meager earnings in quantities of adulterated liquor.

He drew a chair up to the oilcloth covered table and surveyed the meager fare of his sister with high disapproval.

Like the menhirs, they have beautiful, flexible lines; they possess the eloquence of natural outlines, which are never cold or meager.

In the search for purely architectural evidence among these ruins it must be confessed that the data have proved disappointingly meager.

She had fought valiantly against his weakness, but her meager strength had been pitted against the accumulated intemperance of generations.

Men to work the meager tanneries were exempt from military services and transportation for hides and leather supplies was free.

Indians, observant and grave, swung silently across the reaches on their snowshoes, and silently back again carrying their meager purchases.

While his meager crops were coming on, the backwoodsman must supply his family with food from the stream and forest.

I made but the poor picture of it, for I have meager power of words, and am fettered with an imagination of no wings.

They smiled, these overfed, and whispered among themselves; they criticized, and in their meager hearts their filled stomachs gave charity.

Anne's apartment was on the second floor, and the requirements of some caryatids on the outside rendered her fenestration particularly meager.

Not content with this meager largess the Spanish troops mutinied, and only the promise of further cities to sack quieted them.

The hard, hopeless life of the mountain farm, sustained only by a meager and ill-cooked diet, begat laziness and shiftless unconcern.

Limber repeated the meager details, avoiding her eyes as much as possible, and watching Tatters, whose head he was stroking as he talked.

They ate their meager lunch beside a miry pool, where a clump of cedars under a bluff gave a few square feet of shadow.

In hurriedly dug positions offering the most meager kind of shelter, the Russians in one morning drove back four consecutive Austrian counterattacks.

She looked at me quickly and hurried on down the corridor ahead of me, moccasin soles slapping, meager horsetail bobbing, shoulders hunched.

And, looking at the meager, uninspired features of her husband, he wondered how she could have ever brought herself to marry him.

Here, strong men fought marauding Indians and contended with periodic drought in an effort to make a meager living for their families.

By the time they had started and eaten a meager breakfast the outlaws had swilled down a full quart of water apiece.

Life for all was limited in content, education as we understand it meager and ill-diffused, opportunities for advancement for the individual about non-existent.

She was a thin, or rather meager, person, very wan in the countenance, had no nose and many pimples in her face.

The Saint unrolled some of his meager belongings on the stone floor, and in the center of it all was a small package.