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Use meddle in a sentence

Definition of meddle:

  • (verb) intrude in other people's affairs or business; interfere unwantedly; "Don't meddle in my affairs!"

Sentence Examples:

We see arrogant priests continually meddling with affairs of state, and interweaving them with religion.

Alas, she did not know that clumsy hands had been meddling with her delicate edifice!

They know how to get the Turkish pasha not to meddle in their local affairs.

I shall tell the paymaster myself that I have just meddled a little in his affairs.

Since then this meddling Tribe infest the Age, Bear one a while, expos'd upon the Stage.

He is, in fact, like the Scottish thistle: no one may meddle with him with impunity.

The more I think of it, the more disinclined I am to have you meddle in the matter.

The Franciscans were annoyed that laymen, and even a woman, should dare meddle with religious instruction.

The ground was holy, and her tact debarred her from meddling with the muddle.

If I can punish them I will; and you too, you low, miserly, meddling, inquisitive old crone.

No one could meddle much with them save at the cost of such accusations of diabolic dealing.

He halted for a second irresolutely, with the officer's hesitancy at meddling with a drunken man.

She, who abhorred prying and inquisitiveness, had been accused by Jean of meddling in her affairs.

"I think I have checkmated this meddling Bolton," said the major to himself, in a tone of satisfaction.

If we were to be taken up as thieves, no matter, I dared not meddle with that child.

Said he, gnashing his teeth, with a savage oath, "I will teach you to meddle with me!"

He was no matchmaker, he thanked Heaven; he would be ashamed to meddle with such sacred mysteries.

The old haunting suspicion that his aunt had meddled with and defaced the will returned.

The reply of the colonel was so disconcerting as effectually to discourage further meddling of this kind.

The incessant attempts of the Greek emperors to meddle with the faith took presently another development.

Confound it, I know from her own lips that she dotes on some conceited, meddling ass!

With other property he meddled but little, and no acts of wanton cruelty sullied his performances.

They are inconsiderate, garrulous, inopportune, stupid, meddling, officiously helpful, which is sometimes worse than deliberate hostility.

It is not for mere theoretic upholders of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity to meddle with such things.

If I meddle in this matter at all it will not be as your coadjutor, but as your rival.

Webster, with all his great merits as a lexicographer, loved to meddle with the language too much.

Women have not had sufficient courage or rashness for dabbling in applied science, or meddling with mechanics.

Only the barns, which afforded Sylvia no reasonable excuse for meddling, remained as before, unsightly and dilapidated.

It pleases the chatterers and scandalmongers, and I haven't time to be perturbed, or to meddle with it.

Men little think how immorally they act in rashly meddling with what they do not understand.

The Athenian general had not been sent to meddle in the disputes of succession to the Macedonian crown.

The nonsense these great divines talk when they venture to meddle with science is really appalling.

Leicester received her effusively, anxious now not to meddle dangerously in what promised to be a ticklish business.

Humbly I left him to continue his dignified protest without any further unwarranted meddling on my part.

Only take the back way, and see you don't fall in with Lennox, that meddling old coxcomb.

It is therefore a harmless political curiosity, with whose rights the Italian kingdom has no temptation to meddle.

"We have trouble enough in keeping track of our own dishpans without meddling with the dishpans of strangers."

His meddling with the crucibles of science is appalling in its daring, its magnificence, and its horror.

She opened my watch to see the inside, and meddled with the wheel and broke the mainspring.

It was no ill simile by which Plato set forth the unreasonableness of a philosopher's meddling with government.

Indeed, this fierce creature will not often meddle with the peccaries when he sees them in large numbers.

"It's an old stunt," said Dawson, unbending a little from his suspicion of "white-collar" meddling in labor troubles.

He was soon made to learn the perils of meddling in the high politics of the High Dutch militarists.

Now, remembering a few biffs fate has given me, I have no burning desire to meddle with her business.

If you ventured to meddle with any question supposed to involve a doubt of the generally accepted Hebrew traditions.

I will not harm them, so long as their Scottish kinsfolk come not hither meddling with my purposes.

In his rage he unjustly condemned Aunt Maria as a meddling old busybody, and gave her ring to the cook.

"I forgot," said he, "that it was as a rival and not as a coadjutor you meddled in this matter."

The more I endeavored to accommodate matters, the more the ecclesiastic tried to confound them, hence I ceased to meddle.

She will meddle in your affairs, she will mislay your things, and will vex you in a thousand ways.

Everything but the overture has been meddled with; all else has been thrown into confusion, been changed and mutilated.

"If ever I meddle with literature," thought I, fixing myself in adamantine resolution, "it shall be as a travelling bookseller."

And that was not the first time that meddling with Spanish affairs was fatal to a foreign robber!

Queen Philippa who was by birth a Fleming and liked to meddle with Flemish business, was his patron.

For that reason, a boy should never meddle with a high-tension current or with the mains from dynamos.

"Well, then tell her not to meddle with me again," said the virago, shaking a stick at the child.

Out on these queens, that dabble in matters that they do not understand, and meddle in other people's business!

Like Rojas, they were Cuban colonists, and resented meddling in Cuban affairs by one whom they considered an outsider.

I know that I shall seem a busybody, or perhaps something worse, meddling with things that don't concern me.

The Japanese meddle with hospitals, schools, and churches in ways which even they could not possibly believe are excusable.

Nobody hereabout thinks a little lot of stones worth meddling with, so long as they don't lie in their road.

The slumber of Justinian was such a sacred thing that no one dare meddle with an oath sworn by it.

You all know her, and know it is not her wont to meddle in politics, or to bawl and bluster.

The teaching of schools, which instructs young men to meddle with the strength of an infuriated horse, is mere prattle.

I never cared to meddle with things that were controverted among the saints, especially things of the lowest nature.

You are a splendid fellow, Mark, though I must say you meddled, but I know you did not do it unselfishly.

They waited for him, sent for him; he treated the mission with great hauteur, and disapproved of their meddling.

She does not approve of this sort of thing at all: she thinks no good churchman should meddle with it.

Had you not meddled with what did not concern you, no one would have thought of suspecting this wretched Frenchman!

Of this considerable remains exist, but it has been meddled with, and vulgarized by the insertion of quite unsuitable windows.

They have among them a Moorish governor who rules over and chastises them, without the king meddling with them.

Rarely, indeed, does a German caricaturist presume to meddle with politics, and still more rarely does he do it with impunity.

Be silent, you saucy baggage: philosophize as much as you please with her, and do not meddle with what I do.

A skunk's a varmint that don't stink tell ye meddle with him, but Hank Halliday stinks all the time.

Thank heaven for the beneficence which surrounds the birth of love with the supervisory ministration of no meddling old woman!

The samovar she refused utterly to meddle with, assuring them that she would as soon think of running a locomotive.

It was exasperating, therefore, that through Bonaparte's meddling they found themselves still compelled to carry on negotiations with a monarchy.

She might restrict my eatables, but I'd be hanged if I was going to have her meddle with my drinks.

I'll not believe it; he is too good a youth to meddle with such a canting, snivelling set as are congregated there.

Whoever exercised rabbinical functions without his authority and, especially, meddled with marriages and divorces, was threatened with excommunication.

In fact the people were exasperated and demanded that the priests should be brought to account for meddling with politics.

I am not one of our radical rightists, but I too resent this eternal meddling which is the modern idea of government.

"Get out of the way you impudent hussy," he commanded, "I'll kill your meddling lover, like the varlet hound he is."

He consents; but enjoins the gaping oaf upon no account to meddle with the machine, or set the figures in motion.

If it did exist, it was carefully hidden away and not allowed to meddle in such troublesome affairs as Kurdish forays.

"Decidedly not; and if persons will meddle with theatrical writing, they ought at least to have a good knowledge of dovetailing."

If her brother should attempt to reply, she would snappishly retort, "I don't care, you shall not meddle with it."

A queer sense of anger, as if some well-liked possession had been meddled with and defaced by outsiders, rose in her heart.

Many millions of animals, as well as members of the human family, have died from a misapplication of medicine, and officious meddling.

Still it is plain that its treaty rights could not always secure the commonwealth from the meddling of Roman proconsuls.

Would you have me meddle with the bastes of any neighbor, who might put me in the Stone Jug for it?

He was a poor specimen, that foreman; one of your little, officious, meddling busybodies, as aggravating as the buzzing of a persistent fly.

Like other kings and princes, he should never be permitted to meddle, directly or indirectly, temporally or spiritually, with this country.

Why, let the roarers meddle with me another time: as for flying, I scorn it; I killed 'em like a man.

His father was a doctor, a prudent man, engrossed in his profession and unwilling to compromise it by meddling in politics.

If she had really been so generous, so self-sacrificing, they thought they could forgive almost any amount of crossness and meddling.

It was fortunate that his constant war with the German Emperor prevented him from meddling much with English politics.

And indeed in the quiet fierce face and weighty jaws there was something which debarred men from meddling with their owner.

Elam had not meddled in Babylonian affairs for centuries, but she had gradually become alarmed at the growth of Assyrian power.

"Don't let anybody meddle with the wires, Jack," he said to the young Englishman who was in charge of the dynamo.