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Use melee in a sentence

Definition of melee:

  • (noun) a noisy riotous fight

Sentence Examples:

Diving, wheeling, climbing, a pair would drop out of the melee or disappear behind a cloud.

In the melee a Boer horse (a plump one) was triumphantly captured and preserved for dissection.

The boys rode straight into the melee, firing through the smoke until their ammunition was exhausted.

Houses seem to have battled in the air, and stuck wherever they tumbled down dead out of the melee.

Darrell instantly had a suspicion of the truth, and his eyes were immediately directed toward the melee.

They were provided with seconds, surgeons and all the attendants necessary for properly staging the melee.

Then Oscar himself leaped up, and with a hammer in either hand he went battering into the melee.

In a short time the melee would have been desperate, if the enemy had dared to stand before them.

Their attention and that of their guards was on a melee that was rolling rapidly toward them.

Lacey's pistol was in his hand, David's sword was gripped tight, as they rushed upon the melee.

Then the policemen got to him, and a real fight brought the big audience into the stamping melee.

Did you actually think you could have bossed those professionals, kept your mental footing in the intellectual melee?

In the melee Dennis pushed out into deeper water, where the frantic animals could not plunge upon him.

The Allen fell to the floor, weeping and dragging itself one-armed and one-legged away from the melee.

This caused the line to tighten and all went on top of the pair and a grand melee resulted.

The bailiff and the usher, on their part, had, since the start of the melee, endeavored to escape.

Moreover, he had counted his antagonist wrongly, and thought he could arrange a melee of twenty against twenty.

Riding at some distance from the melee, I had an excellent opportunity to watch the progress of the hunt.

North of the Fifth, who lost his life in the melee near Winchester, was also a most excellent officer.

He looked down and saw that a thrust from someone in the melee had slashed him to the bone.

Three or four of George's companions were engaged in the melee, and some hard blows were given back and forth.

Now regiment after regiment is going to pieces in this terrific melee, and still the "rebels" hold their ground.

Nichols, and in the melee McMahon was shot, as far as I have ever been able to learn, by my brother.

Mike danced about the melee with bared teeth, charging in once as if to leap upon the quarry with both feet.

He caught up the child to his arms, and hurried with her through the melee to the watchmaker's doorway.

In the midst of the melee a radar set had been turned on, but it couldn't pick up any targets.

Groups of warriors gathered and broke, voices rose; and shrill yells began to cut above the melee of the noise.

The officer looked as shamed after the melee as though he had stolen a sheep or scratched the Democratic ticket.

I shouted to my men to cast down their rifles, and to take spears and throw themselves into the melee.

The melee about Red's lost gun works out, of course, at three dead on each side, and three more Red prisoners.

The Austrians were between him and his troops, in the melee, and he was brought off with desperate efforts.

The surge of sound from levels underneath told of a far bigger melee down there, spreading through the Citadel.

His first onset was terrific; but in the fiercest excitement of the melee he knew when to call a halt.

By the rules also it rests with Red to indicate the survivors within the limits of the melee as he chooses.

Although the enemy had not yet come into his zone of action, he launched the platoon of tanks into the melee.

A dozen men sprang upon him from a dozen directions, and he went down in the midst of a wild melee.

Formerly the number had been somewhat indefinite, varying from fifteen to twenty, and the style of play a general melee.

If he had gone with ten men, there would have been an instant melee, in which he would have lost his life.

In the melee created by incompetent officers and ignorant physicians, one single-minded man could find all the duties he craved.

The melee finally ended by four of the guards who were crazy drunk, being bucked and gagged to keep them quiet.

We saw the awful melee, the struggle to the death with that song above all the shouting and the shrieks...

There was a lot of angry shouting with everyone talking at once; I thought there was going to be a general melee.

There was a confused melee for a moment, and then his figure appeared beyond the line, through which he had broken.

Fred himself was breathing rather hard, because of the way in which he had been compelled to exert himself in the melee.

Suddenly in the midst of the melee the horse was seen to bolt from the rest and dash out upon the prairie.

Such has been the common outfit of motives in every age, and in every age its melee has been found insufficient in itself.

Within a few seconds they were mixing it in a wild melee with Communists who seemed literally to drop on them from above.

It ends in a long sigh, and then follows a scene, a tumult, a melee, which hardly admits of a description in words.

Finding that Wight had taken part in the melee, Cook hurried to his cell, but found Griswold in it instead of Wight.

In the melee, one of their number managed to get away from the rest and reach the doorway to the emergency room.

Somehow in the melee the old man had again got hold of a revolver, and just as Fleck seized him he fired again.

I did what I could with my bow, until I got alongside, and then joined in the melee as well as I could.

Some chance blow in that last melee of round four must have found a vital spot, for he was obviously in bad shape.

It was going to be a fine barrage, with guns going off in all directions, because it is hard to keep your head in a melee.

The Duke, in the recent melee, had received more than one wound, his third horse that day had been slain under him.

The Saxons put up a stiff resistance and there was a general melee, but eventually our adversaries were forced to retreat with losses.

Canary laid the two babies behind the door where they could not be stepped upon in the melee, and faced the enemy boldly.

He heard the voices of officers shouting to both cavalry and infantry to charge, and then there was a confused and terrible melee.

In the melee a young man acting with the mob was shot through the thigh, but by which party it is not known.

Furiously engaged in battle, the two hosts became filled with great joy as the warriors beheld and seized one another in that dreadful melee.

It is obvious that he wished to keep himself out of the melee and took the best probable way of doing so, by asking no questions.

Jack had been in the melee for quite some time now, and was giving way to a substitute who seemed eager to get in the game.

There are some other pieces that I must put in hand at once, seeing that in such a melee you must be covered from head to foot.

We still found it difficult to introduce any imitation into our game of either retreat or the surrender of men not actually taken prisoners in a melee.

The enemy were as eager to take his scalp as his own people were to save it, and the opposing warriors came together in a hot melee.

Then we saw a detective come bounding over the roof of the car and onto the hood and landing here, just in front of this melee.

I believed Morton and his men, under cover of the darkness and in the melee, had sent in some shots not calculated upon the program.

And now down into the somewhat frantic melee of the aroused camp fell a shower of slim weighted reeds, each provided with a clay-ball head.

It was a complete surprise to the Indians, and in the melee that followed one of them was killed, and the other made his escape.

In the melee his rifle had been discharged, and he had broken away at the same instant and turned to defend himself with the butt.

In the melee some few blows were exchanged, but it must be admitted that one side was about as much to blame for this as the other.

This proceeding was resented, and in the melee the Sergeant was severely cut with a knife, in the hands of one Davis, of another company.

The two bodies of savages rushed headlong upon each other and engaged in a general melee, and a more dreadful set of men I have never seen.

And though the odds were two to one, it was not hard matter to hold the robbers off until Sir Launcelot came charging into the melee.

There might be some six or eight persons engaged in a strange and confused kind of melee, but the Prince and myself only sought each other.

Anxious to be the first in the melee, I allowed my friends to gallop off, and dashed myself through the wood directly in pursuit of the herd.

He no longer hesitated, but, calling on his men to follow, led off boldly into the thickest of the melee to the support of his stout-hearted officer.

These diamonds cut to splendid white melee and the output is large enough to make some difference in the relative price of small stones as compared to large ones.

One or two Turks, who had hidden in the scrub during the melee, gave their presence away, yelled with terror and fell dead at the first shot.

And that you may not be under restraint of conscience or arm-tied in the melee, I not only conclude your mission, but release you from every obligation to me.

It closed with a desperate melee, in which the Confederates, charging under Wade Hampton and Fitz-Hugh Lee, were met in mid-career by the Union Generals Custer and McIntosh.

Men, leaping from before the charging cars, got caught in the murderous melee of iron and steel and wheels; men's shrill cries came amid the scream of metal.

One Johnson Hinton, a man nobody knew and who had nothing to do with the fight, was one of the spectators who had stopped to watch the melee.

We dragged him into the center of the floor and in the melee that followed Jake lost his footing and at least three of us were precipitated with him.

They fight their murderous battles on the streets of the city, and during the melee assault and rob the people, after which they flee with the plunder.

Several times today you were some lengths ahead of me in the melee; and once or twice I thought you lost, for I was too closely pressed, myself, to render you assistance.

The great melee tournament was over, and a few lingered over the now empty lists, discussing in familiar converse the departed guests and the events of the evening.

It closed with a desperate melee, in which the Confederates, charged under Generals Wade Hampton and Fitz Lee, were met in mid career by the Union generals Custer and McIntosh.

There, however, they rallied, made a gallant charge, and in the melee I received a severe cut on the head, which passed through my helmet and even wounded the skull.

For a moment it seemed to me that there was a chance in this melee for us to cut our way through, and I caught Boyd by the arm and pointed.

In the melee, an old lady belonging to the Home for the Aged was lost, and her feeble sisters in adversity moaned and mourned for her all through the night.

A few women may have been killed in the general melee that followed the first entrance into the town, but that was accident, not intention, if it occurred at all.

A moment I hesitated, then, distinguishing among the sounds of conflict an unmistakable, though subdued, cry for help, I leaped forward and found myself in the midst of the melee.

It was vain to plead with the Prince to be one of those told off to remain in ambush in order to intercept and slay any fugitive who might escape the melee below.

Instead of complying, he fell from his horse as if shot, lay still an instant, and then in the confusion of the melee glided through an adjacent basement door and disappeared.

He could not whip a sick chicken, yet his uncontrollable anger had carried him into the general melee, and he had been roughly thrown out by some of his own men.

Indeed, so confused was the melee that it is stated that one regiment, being surrounded and ordered to surrender, actually laid down their arms to another regiment of their own brigade.

We have never resorted to arrests, but instructed the young man who acted as body guard to the young lady assistants to hold his own as best he could in these melees.

We succeeded in confusing the mob to such an extent that we were able to work our way through the fringes of the melee and move clear across the first room, before we were recognized.

We have recovered all the spoil they were carrying off, and we could have won nothing more, had we been in the thick of the melee, and come out of it, perhaps, sorely wounded again.