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Definition of narrative:

  • (noun) a message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events;
  • (adjective) consisting of or characterized by the telling of a story; "narrative poetry"

Sentence Examples:

The authoress writes with considerable descriptive power, and all through the stirring narrative never permits us to lose sight of natural surroundings.

Between the versions of the German and the North, there are great differences of narrative, but perhaps not great differences of merit.

Previously to the narrative of Vasco da Gama, the poet speaks in his own character, and patriotically elevates the Portuguese nation above every other.

Where our cottagers went, and under what delusion, are utterly unknown to us; nor is it important to our narrative that we should inquire.

It is because those questions seemed to answer themselves, and unanimously, in the affirmative that the data chronicled in the following narrative were gathered.

His Commentaries, that is, his memoirs, history of his campaigns, are admirable in their conciseness and precision of rapid and running narrative.

The above is a genuine narrative, collected from authoritative data, and may be relied upon when all other means of ascertaining the truth fail.

Read one narrative of shipwreck, and human nature seems all sublime; read another, and, under circumstances equally desperate, it appears base, selfish, grovelling.

She listened smilingly, and with patience, to what, I dare say, were my prolix narratives, though her own recollections were so singularly impaired.

The history of Prussian policy in 1859 has not yet been fully written out, but the gaps in the narrative are closing up.

The earlier Greek historians did not separate the description of countries from the narrative of events of which they had been the theater.

In his earnestness, he had neglected to soften down the narrative, so that it might not terrify the heart of this unworldly infant.

On the contrary, the concurrent testimony of the three narratives is to the effect that the catastrophe was the consequence of diabolic suggestion.

These people were probably pre-Celtic, and this strengthens the arguments already put forward for a pre-Celtic origin for the Protagonist of our narrative.

Here the steady flood of the butler's narrative became excusably broken into the incoherence of rapids and the decent reticence of disappearing falls.

In his earnestness he had neglected to soften clown the narrative so that it might not terrify the heart of this unworldly infant.

The scrupulousness which refines his work gives quality to his narrative, and he can be read with pleasure by persons of exacting taste.

One of the striking features of the compilation is its succinctness and rapidity of narrative, while at the same time necessary detail is not sacrificed.

Lack of space will not permit us to institute detailed comparisons between other narratives in the early chapters of Genesis and Babylonian literature.

Crow sat perfectly horrified with himself, endeavoring to remember what possible extent of offense he might have been betrayed into by his narrative.

The papers were repeatedly read aloud by an amanuensis, copious notes and extracts were made, and the narrative written down from my dictation.

We will say here a few words about this man, who is destined to play a rather important part in the course of our narrative.

She told her aunt and her sister of his misdeeds, till the energy of her narrative brought something like renewed life to her.

Many wrote in Latin, others in Italian; but all sought to compose historical narratives in a more artistic, or at all events, more artificial way.

These omissions of the ordinary and accustomed practices of voyagers are suspicious, and of themselves sufficient to destroy all confidence in the narrative.

The moment the subject was mentioned, I entered on my narrative with an eagerness of sincerity that would have undeceived any but Inquisitors.

In his earnestness he had neglected to soften down the narrative so that it might not terrify the heart of this unworldly infant.

A dove also, if we accept the interpretation above given of the Argo narrative, may have been represented in this part of the star temple.

The play is a most humorous and lively representation of "our liberal shepherds," the sacred narrative merely affords a pretext for the gambol.

The simplicity and directness of the narrative, and the want of any apparent motive for deception, were a strong guaranty of its truth.

I maintain that he used it allegorically for purposes of illustration, without intending to express any opinion as to the historical verity of the narrative.

Sometimes the most important feature of the whole narrative is altogether omitted; sometimes a feature altogether new and preposterously absurd has been added.

It comes since I have completed my narrative, and very accurately confirms the conjecture of Chalmers, quoted in the note of "The Landholder's Assistant."

"Well," said he when the narrative was concluded, "if those hooligan boys are going to take to catapults they'll make things lively all round."

Christy gave his father the narrative of the brief voyage, and astounded him with the information that his brother was on board.

This system lasted till the day when Rabelais gibbeted dialectics by his merciless satire, as Cervantes demolished chivalry by a narrative comedy.

This is the point of my narrative on which, as respects my own self-justification, the whole of what follows may be said to hinge.

The company seated themselves in a circle around him, and he commenced the following narrative, the slightly antiquated style of which craves your indulgence.

The facts related were well known, but here they were confirmed by the master's own narrative, and the recipient's happiness was unbounded.

The Frankish conquerors of Gaul founded about a thousand years before the date of this narrative the first dynasty that reigned in the land.

The narrative is brightly written and abounds in anecdote, while the personal point of view is ever present and adds a touch of piquancy.

He is not even content with adding to the teleological account of phenomena a chain of empirical, narrative generalizations as to the usual course of things.

The letters of the two Italians reproducing the Portuguese narrative cannot therefore be treated as exact historical documents, every detail of which is correct.

George Hunter, in his quaintly interesting narrative "Reminiscences of an Old Timer," tells of a somewhat similar incident down in the Rogue River country.

The disappearance of Saul during this interval helps however, as we think, to explain a subsequent statement in Luke's narrative that is certainly perplexing.

An increasing number of modern scholars regard the Babylonian story as an earlier form of a narrative which the Hebrew writer took and purified.

Among the Mexicans, if we are to believe the narratives of their Spanish conquerors, human sacrifices constituted the crowning rite of almost every festival.

Under the circumstances, it is perhaps fortunate that we had no central museum, but that our antiquaries have published careful narratives of their proceedings.

Another inconvenience often attending a declamatory tone, as distinguished from the narrative or descriptive, is the tendency it has to make a particular cadence.

The descriptions of customs interwoven in the narrative are derived from authentic records, the sagas, the evidence of graves, and of antiquities in general.

The Bible narratives are executed with a direct and almost brutal baldness that at once marks the frescoes as the work of a Spaniard.

My endeavor has been to make the narrative as clear and intelligible as the conflicting needs of conciseness and of frequent transitions will admit.

This is the point of my narrative on which, as respects my own self-justification, the whole of what follows may be said to hinge.

We find in the Homeric narrative accuracy, delicacy, naturalness, with grandeur, sentiment, and beauty, such as Phidias represented in his statues of Zeus.

I must here digress, to mention an affair not exactly accordant in point of time with my narrative, but relevant in regard to its subject.

Desiring, as I do, to extenuate rather than accuse, nothing shall enter into a narrative of these circumstances which is not capable of undeniable proof.

The wholesome morality, the charitableness and homely piety apparent throughout, give the narrative a charm denied to many works of greater literary pretension.

Taylor's work: they are rare and brief, and they are inseparable from the human interest of the narrative with which they are interwoven.

An interesting plot runs through the narrative, but the charm of the story lies in its happy mingling of Irish humor and pathos.

An interesting plot runs through the narrative, but the charm of the story lies in its happy mingling of Irish humor and pathos.

To the narrative is attached a little gold sickle, a sort of symbolic and sacred piece of jewelry that female druids wore in their belts.

It had no pretensions to verbal accuracy, and the coarseness of the language was modified to suit European taste, but the narrative was adequately rendered.

He was in Sicily; had sent her a gossipy narrative of his wanderings among its ancient places, and among its scenes of beauty.

It is not too much to say that by a captious criticism of this kind, any narrative, however sober, might be shown to be absurd.

Would he have had time to take these parcels out of the captain's bag in the narrow compass of time allotted him by the narrative?

This characteristic, which may be called mental prepossession, is well illustrated in the following narrative, the truth of which, however, is not guaranteed.

As he ended his amazing narrative, Alfred solemnly placed the tankard, bottom up, on the table, inviting Prudence to inspect its immaculate surface.

Our poet has written a narrative of this journey in a series of letters to his wife, interspersed with pretty verses, and abounding in vivacity.

The wholesome morality, the charitableness and homely piety apparent throughout, give the narrative a charm denied to many works of greater literary pretension.

In a pause of the narrative he took off his hat and made a courtly bow to the child, who held herself erect before him.

The peasantry fled either to the depths of the forests, or to the city, and increased by their narratives the consternation there prevailing.

Again, we find in the narrative of Moses that the occasion which led man to leave his natural unity is attributed to solicitation from without.

Avoid platitudes, and reveal the customs and manners of your people so faithfully that the student of social science might use your narrative for data.

Narrative is, in the first place, entirely dispensed with in favor of actual representation, though the result, it must be admitted, is somewhat kaleidoscopic.

The one weaves into its regular narrative the Fairy Tale, the other takes up into its text what we have called the Romantic Novelette.

A big, ill-dressed fellow was repeating the tale of scandal for the benefit of a newcomer; the narrative moving jerkily over hiccoughs, like hurdles.

Wherefore our conclusion must be gathered by inference from those Scriptural narratives which happen to be written more at length and circumstantially than usual.

Direct questioning found a trail of broken narrative and followed it with a hound's pertinacity, until the story rounded into some sort of shape.

The following narrative paints the state of things at Baden, and equally portrays the Bath life of Germans in the interior of the Empire.

Such are the principal features of the narrative which Moses gives of this Egyptian expedition, and of the terrible event in which it resulted.

A single moment of scrutiny would have detected the whole fabricated narrative; but there is a charm in romance which bewitched our luckless Anthony.

I have thus given you a very hasty and unstudied narrative of this severe calamity, as I have gathered it before any account has been published.

It is a simple narrative, but it will give you a line on the shortcomings of our consular service, and it will carry its own moral.

The narrative says quaintly that as they sat before a great fire their shins burned on the fore side, while their backs were frozen.

I briefly related my lifeboat adventure, and in a few words completed the narrative of the raft and of our deliverance by the lugger.

O'Grady's explanation, which it may be better to abridge, for the good lady was wont to be somewhat prolix and discursive in her narratives.

She told the lie without sign of emotion, but all the same felt an inward qualm at the memory of the doctor's terrible narrative.

His open narrative carried conviction, and the annoyance that the two men had shown when the stowaway had been discovered quickly evaporated.

Application to them of the rule that requires conformity to a reasonable standard of relevancy to the main purpose of the narrative results in their exclusion.

The author in elucidation of the merely personal narrative has introduced certain phases and aspects which have been neglected or ignored by other historians.

Contrasted with this hardly heathen cosmogony, which shows recent Bible influence throughout, the Algonquin narrative reads like a song from the Edda.

That enchanting little epic deals with an episode from one of the great Iceland narratives, and follows it much more closely than Ibsen's does.

The path began to widen, and Sammy again vouchsafed some information, taking up his slender thread of narrative as if it had never been interrupted.

The action of the story brings in a voyage, which the Greek narrative dismisses with a few words, merely as a piece of necessary machinery.

These criticisms build the principle of their objection generally upon the marvelous or romantic element which intermingles with the current of the narrative.

It may not be easy to find the exact locality referred to in this narrative by looking into the first gazetteer that is at hand.

Events have been transposed to the extent of some few months in this narrative in order to preserve the continuity and evenness of the story.

One of the first digitized treasures was Beowulf, the earliest known narrative poem in English, and one of the most famous works of Anglo-Saxon poetry.

"With us," he said, "songs of sentiment, expression, or even description, are properly called Songs, in contradistinction to mere narrative compositions, which now denominate Ballads."

The chapters of his narrative dealing with this portion give a most vivid picture of artist life at an Italian court in the sixteenth century.