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Use nuzzle in a sentence

Definition of nuzzle:

  • (verb) move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position;
  • (verb) rub noses
  • (verb) dig out with the snout; "the pig nuzzled the truffle"

Sentence Examples:

Her own mouth, pushed forward, searching, the mouth of a nuzzling puppy, remained grave and tender.

As the pigeon perched on the partition he reached up and nuzzled it in the most affectionate manner.

While he ran his fingers through it, Bob turned his head and playfully nuzzled Daylight's shoulder.

The paper dropped into the ditch and lay still, and the pony began to nuzzle Janice's hand.

As the big dog nuzzled against his leg, Sandy leaned down and stroked his broad, glossy head.

The horse stopped immediately, nuzzling towards its master as if it wanted to drink the wine in his glass.

She dropped to her knees, slipped her hands around his waist, and nuzzled her face against his thighs.

Perseus nuzzled against Nathan's neck and the man rested his face against the horse's head for a moment.

Zora stretched out her graceful neck to nuzzle the Heir's strange attire with the tip of her projecting lip.

She hesitated for a moment, then slipped her arms around his neck and nuzzled her cheek against his.

Far, far above us the monster mountains nuzzled among the clouds till cloud and mountain were hard to tell apart.

I nuzzled him gratefully, and with quite an affectionate tap he mounted me again, his attention on me not on the road.

Miller's ear with the large end of the horn, then reversed and nuzzled her temple with the small end.

Mother knew, of course, that when Leah and her pretend friend, Sarah, played together, Sarah would often nuzzle Leah.

She held them in both hands and nuzzled into them, inhaling her lost self in the new-old scent of liberty.

All of a sudden Don began to tremble with eagerness and nuzzle and sniff among the roots of the grass.

When they stopped to rest again, Pep went up to the friendly man and nuzzled his hand and licked it.

And Finn nuzzled her shoulder and wondered why she was in any doubt about his recognition of a thing so obvious.

When this great rock is hot with midday glare, I will force him out here, my gun nuzzling his back.

She lifted them to her lap, where, after much licking and nuzzling of the doll, he curled himself up to sleep.

He nuzzled me for more, and, as he did so, I placed my hand on his back, behind the saddle, and pressed.

I can see the proud light in her eyes, and I can see Old Bill's sensitive upper lip nuzzling at the blanket.

She smoked another cigarette, and then she fell into a light sleep, her head nuzzling under his arm pit like a puppy's.

She nuzzled Leah's shoulder, and then unfolded and stretched her wings, so they would be out of the way for climbing aboard.

Once the horse dropped his head and nuzzled under some leaves for a few blades of sheltered grass that had escaped the winter.

The horses, having eaten their fill, were lying down in the grass, and his own nuzzled his hand as he stroked their noses.

He led the way as he spoke, leading loosely by the bridle the horse which followed him, and nuzzled thoughtfully at his shoulder.

Something nuzzled his shoulder while he stood listening to the diminishing tumult of the pursuit; and even before he turned he knew what it was.

The next second they were crowding around her, nuzzling her hair, her shoulders, her hands, evidently begging in silent eloquence for some expected dainty.

From the top of the divide the man watched until she disappeared, then he stroked softly the velvet nose that nuzzled against his cheek.

With a bound the great animal was at the Indian's side, nuzzling, rooting at him, licking his hands and face with his long red tongue.

As soon, however, as she saw the woman, the cow ran to her like a dog and nuzzled a wet foam-flecked mouth into her mistress's bosom.

Cried Kenneth, going up and patting each pony in turn, the little animals responding by nuzzling up to him and rubbing their ears against his chest.

They stood beside it for a few moments while Marsh patted its neck with one hand and allowed it to nuzzle in the palm of the other.

"And I'm tired," he added as he stretched himself on the rock beside me, laid his head on my breast, and nuzzled his lips into my bare throat.

For half-an-hour or so it was only the birds and themselves; then at a turn in the narrowing valley they came in sight of cows nuzzling the pastures.

"And so you shall, my pretty," said Steadfast, sitting down on the stump of a tree, and taking her on his knee, while Toby nuzzled up to them.

Kaufman didn't have to be told twice; she took Thompson into her arms and nuzzled his throat, breaking the skin to sip but not piercing his carotid.

On either side of him nuzzled the great logs, like patient beasts, and between them were narrow strips of water, the color of steel that has just cooled.

Nor would he let her have all the good things to herself, for he would nuzzle at the green leaves between her lips and pretend to enjoy them greatly.

Finn silently nuzzled the under side of the Master's right wrist; but, though his dark eyes were eloquent, it was beyond him to explain either his doings or his emotions.

Scott took pains to make friends with the horse which seemed to remember him, submitted to his caresses and nuzzled the side of his coat for the expected lump of sugar.

She caught the man on his bound, nuzzling over him for a minute, and then tossing him high into the air, and leaping up to the full of her splendid height after him.

And it soon learned to nuzzle Joan for sugar and follow her about the yard like a big dog, looking quite injured and surprised that she did not take it into the house with her.

On hands and knees on the floor, head to head with Sammy Small between them, they were growling deep-throated at each other and nuzzling at the baby, who was having the time of his young life.

It lay some few yards away from the central hole now dug, and the wolf stood nuzzling the ground with its nose before Hyde understood that he was meant to dig exactly in that spot for it.

The old horse seemed to know him, for he pricked his ears and kept nuzzling with his nose all over the Colonel's coat, until he put his hand into his pocket and pulled out an apple for him.

When they begin to come to the bread, if the bottom is at all muddy and the water not too deep, you will see lines of mud stirred up by them as they come on, nuzzling in it like so many pigs.

Bennet's dog gave me great help in disposing of the cake, and when he had finished the meal he nuzzled up against my leg, which was as much as to say that he was very thankful for my kindness to him.