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Use obsolete in a sentence

Definition of obsolete:

  • (adjective) old; no longer in use or valid or fashionable;
  • (adjective) no longer in use; "obsolete words"

Sentence Examples:

Ring and disc armatures are practically obsolete and need not be further considered.

Nothing can really hurt me in these obsolete aspersions and this vague scandal.

It is the illusion induced by the hypnotism of a terminology which is obsolete.

He finds himself listening in his club to the tedious reminiscences of obsolete tragedians.

Holcombe minced his precarious way up the ragged hill among the obsolete tinware.

Action and Uses: Obsolete aromatic bitter; without advantage over gentian or other bitter drugs.

Ancient customs, some of them salutary and ennobling, have come to be regarded as obsolete.

Is it anything but a corruption of the obsolete word tetchy of the same meaning?

This word is by no means obsolete in France, in the acceptation of "a sledge."

Variations in hyphenation, and obsolete or variant spelling, including quoted passages, have all been preserved.

It is by no means obsolete, or a mere technical term of the "patient anglers."

And numbers of them owned old obsolete elephant guns, Tower muskets, and blunderbusses.

Walled cities were no longer endurable, and walled and limited possibilities were equally obsolete.

Avoid those which are foreign, slangy, obsolete, unusual, extravagant, technical, long, colloquial, or commonplace.

The student is perplexed, too, by obsolete words and by some hopelessly corrupt readings.

And many of them are defying this obsolete and debasing law of their faith.

I am sure the shooting stick and wooden quoins must be as obsolete as ink balls.

And so we have their piteous and plaintive plea for the obsolete and the outworn.

The idea of war, for mere conquest, seems now to be obsolete among civilized nations.

Species lenticular, striated concentrically; the teeth of the hinge variable, and sometimes obsolete.

They adhere conscientiously to the use of the vast Mycenaean shield, in their time obsolete.

The language had undergone some changes since Chaucer's time, which made his scansion obsolete.

The first type is known as the surface carburetor and is now practically obsolete.

It is rather thicker than most of the others, and the umbilicus nearly obsolete.

Following, three smaller craft, likewise unarmed, towing six apparently unmanned cruisers of obsolete design.

For this reason, I think, any temptation to use antiquated or obsolete language should be resisted.

The current revolution in science and technology has rendered civilization unreformable as well as obsolete.

No other Italian city could have been more interesting to an observer fond of reconstructing obsolete manners.

Mating is a platitude, begetting an absurdity, and motherhood has the quaintness of things obsolete.

Now, this process of photography revolutionized the daguerreotype, revolutionized photography and the daguerreotype became obsolete.

Torture was obsolete, for hypnosis allowed a victim to die before he could reveal secret information.

The arms have been supplied by the Spanish Government, and have generally been of obsolete pattern.

Archaic and obsolete spellings and usage were left as originally printed, however obvious typos were fixed.

These airplanes are obsolescent, if not obsolete, and their crews are trained for reconnaissance only.

The practice that is called cheapening, or beating down the price, is now nearly obsolete.

The old sports and games which were inherited from the Gaelic ancestors are becoming obsolete.

The Devereaux is an old southern grape now nearly obsolete because of its capriciousness as to location.

The later history of the student body explains why the requirement of Hebrew became obsolete.

Zest is quite obsolete in its original meaning of a piece of orange peel used to give piquancy to wine.

I may observe also that the mention of an "electrified atmosphere" implies a hypothesis long obsolete.

The vitrified forts of the north of Scotland give evidence of yet another of the obsolete arts.

On one side stood a dilapidated cook stove of an obsolete pattern, surrounded by a few kitchen utensils.

Panels embroidered with close diagonal bands of flowers were made into loose trousers for women, now obsolete.

The day book has been omitted, as it is practically obsolete, not being used by progressive bookkeepers.

This obsolete idea, that banks should issue money, is showing all the vim of a death struggle.

The Indian Contract Act, passed in 1872, has unfortunately embodied views now obsolete, and remains unamended.

Contrasted with an exposition of ancient morality addressed to the moderns: a chimerical attempt upon an obsolete subject.

The English custom of eating what is called rare or underdone beef or mutton, is now becoming obsolete.

Sheffield insinuates, that he had previously lampooned this lady, and hints at some scandal now obsolete.

Straight whist is also played occasionally for money, but this practice, happily, is rapidly becoming obsolete.

The practice of using never in such phrases was anciently in vogue, but is now becoming obsolete.

And it was part of his Victorian and obsolete mental equipment to expect sympathy from a woman.

The obsolete rudder of the Oxford pairs is now held by the coxswain of the head eight.

Many of its Spanish elements are ungrammatical, and others are long since obsolete in the classical tongue.

The eyebrows and lines are a dull white, with scarce a variegation, and the facial circle obsolete.

In one of the two cases the word thus misapplied has itself in that meaning become obsolete.

Eleven of these superannuated and obsolete organs we bring from the fishes, four from amphibians and reptiles.

This old fort, with its long, obsolete, muzzle-loading thirty-two pounders, was associated with Bert's earliest recollection.

The primary meaning of mistress of a household is, if not obsolete, in present usage only a vulgarism.

Some rusty muskrat traps and obsolete fire arms were heaped in one corner, with discarded hats and boots.

The old gentleman rose, bowing with that quaintly obsolete courtesy which was in vogue in his youth.

Flagellation was not obsolete as a penance, and the clerk was expected to find three discipline rods.

The ornamental, strange and obsolete instruments are the ones that fakers chiefly furnish to the ordinary trade.

Obsolete words and misspellings were left unchanged; however, corrections noted in the Errata were corrected in the text.

His gentility, though a little rusted and obsolete, is like a Sunday suit which nobody thinks of rallying.

They adopted views which were then becoming obsolete, and their conclusions have been rejected by Homeric scholars.

This ancient term became obsolete, and was misapplied by the Greeks, who uniformly applied it to horses.

They depict and satirize contemporaneous rather than obsolete manners, but the characters and plots awaken little interest.

The sobriquets had passed into general use, and the real names of Bess and Mari' were nearly obsolete.

This phase of old and happily almost obsolete Scottish intemperance at funeral solemnities must have been peculiarly revolting.

Against the wall a clavichord, set aside as obsolete, raised its dusky red ebony box on grooved legs.

A sprinkling of archaisms is not amiss, but a tissue of obsolete expressions is more fit for keep than wear.

It is a curious fact that all the pieces of ordnance with which we are "blessed" are obsolete naval guns.

This is obsolete, but the word is still in the Anglo-Indian Army the recognized designation of a Paymaster.

There are included here ballads in Scottish dialect, and in old English wording with obsolete spelling and capitalization.

Markham evidently fancied that with the larger acquirement of facts the vivisection method would gradually become obsolete.

It is, consequently, of more than documentary interest to understand how America epitomizes a civilization that has made literacy obsolete.

If the cases are formed by postpositions, new postpositions can be used as soon as the old ones become obsolete.

The whole thing is, as I have called it, an optical illusion, due to the hypnotism of an obsolete terminology.

The whole controversy between empiricism and rationalism as to the intellectual worth of sensations is rendered strangely obsolete.

The rocket is now an obsolete weapon, having made its last appearance in war in the Austrian army in 1866.

To be bound, fettered to an obsolete belief, which does but cramp our energies, and bind us to detestable trade.

Traces of obsolete religions may often be found in popular customs, in old wives' stories, and in children's tales.

They had the greatest admiration and affection for the gallant little Japanese, but considered their training obsolete.

Such a means of conveyance may still linger in some secluded country parts, but it is generally speaking obsolete.

Those walls had become obsolete, and the house was the one object present to the aims of the restorers.

Battlements are now obsolete, except when they are of no use, as on the roofs of churches and Gothic cottages.

The author lays bare a heart ulcerated and mangled by an obsolete education, a meaningless existence, and a forlorn hope.

They still speak a curious old obsolete Spanish that can be understood by a Mexican or a Spaniard quite easily.

And yet in his eyes Cato was only an uncultured personage and a fanatic for an obsolete order of things.

The language of the text, old High German, contains obsolete words which were out of use before typography was invented.

The distinction is practically obsolete in our day, and the whole craft goes more generally by the name of jewelers.

They also compiled lists of Irish words which were considered difficult or obsolete at the time the glosses were written.

The Saxon synonym thrall has become obsolete in our language, but some of its derivations, as thralldom, are still in use.

They developed filthy speaking as a special branch of rhetoric, and professed the science of recondite and obsolete obscenity.

On account of its close resemblance to Martha it was generally considered unworthy of perpetuation and is now practically obsolete.

The absurdity of attempting to revive an obsolete language such as Erse is shown by its lack of literature of modern type.

Many of them relate to obsolete questions and issues, monumental of controversies long dead, and of disputatious doctors otherwise forgotten.

Your silent entry into town, depending upon the merits of your wares to work up a trade, is chimerical and obsolete.

Knowledge of aeronautics is still slender and improvements are made so continuously that machines may become obsolete within a few months.