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Definition of onlooker:

  • (noun) someone who looks on

Sentence Examples:

Exclaimed the onlookers, as the troops pushed off towards the stranded merchantman.

Towards supper-time the onlookers began to think that matters were going too far.

Yelled the onlookers, as Clark's body struck the floor with a resounding thwack.

On landing, he bore himself with a vainglorious swagger before the crowd of excited onlookers.

His method of approaching that great potentate amazed the onlookers by its novelty.

He did not take on, but continued talking, gesticulating, and exciting the onlookers.

And how the onlookers felt in that awful moment when the boat capsized.

Probably her witching eyes and tresses tickled the fancies of the clerical onlookers.

Such boyish charm, so remarkable and perfect as his, held the onlookers spellbound.

The pale, undersized man was a mere onlooker whose sympathies were with the accused.

To Ralph, temporarily a mere onlooker, the ghastliness of the whole business was apparent.

The soldier was delighted; the onlookers were charmed with this exhibition of Western munificence.

There was something almost unnerving to the onlooker in the strained quiet of the woman.

It was a mean struggle for what to an onlooker must have appeared a remarkably unsatisfying prize.

A hundred or so onlookers, enthused by the varsity's exceptional showing, shouted, "Oh you Pennington!"

It seemed to the horrified onlookers to be the very demon of greed defending its spoil.

It would have been quite evident to an onlooker that the captain was not a practiced penman.

Oaths of the most curdling nature bellowed their way incessantly into the ears of the onlooker.

For a minute or so, nothing more was said, and the onlookers waited with palpitating hearts.

The onlookers stirred with interest; with eager fingers the artless Norwegian fumbled in his pocket.

Anne called wildly after him, not caring in the least for the other dumbfounded onlookers.

It seemed only right that you should get the straight, undistorted story from an unprejudiced onlooker.

Careless of onlookers, she sometimes scratched her head or rubbed her nose without ceasing her contortions.

Do they continue to dazzle onlookers throughout their career, or do they "fizzle out" at an early age?

It was prearranged, determined upon beforehand; a play, acted for the express benefit of the onlookers.

At the sight the onlooker could not repress an involuntary movement of repulsion and hastily withdrew.

They were simply onlookers; they were unarmed, and were merely there to witness the queen's punishment.

Scattering sparks cast a momentary glow of red on the whitened cheeks of the startled onlookers.

The theater of operations was, from the standpoint of a professional onlooker like myself, very inconsiderately arranged.

As was the invariable custom, a crowd of onlookers thronged the sidewalk, to watch the outgoing coach.

Then, swayed by a sudden inspiration, he shouted to one of the onlookers, a huge, hulking Peruvian.

One giddy carrot teetered on the edge as though about to entertain the onlookers by an acrobatic performance.

To the onlooker the idol seemed more than broken now, it was pulverized to very fine powder indeed.

Then began a battle the like of which none of the spellbound onlookers would probably ever see again.

A circle of onlookers had gathered round the quadrille party with which Lucien and Jeanne were dancing.

He felt helpless, as if he were the onlooker at some impending tragedy which he was powerless to avert.

All were occupied, but, because perhaps of the earliness of the hour, there were not many onlookers.

Once they became more active a scene ensued which could not fail to gladden the eyes of the onlookers.

He studied to keep strangeness out of his manner; an onlooker would note only a somewhat silent, preoccupied laird.

Little wonder the Danish merchants and other onlookers less friendly to us look with wonder upon us.

General sympathy was obviously with Dick Several of the onlookers advanced and shook his manacled hands.

To the bewildered onlookers there seemed to be a flash and a bang, instantaneous; then things were as before.

Since these defenses are not hampering the attainment of hypnosis, the onlooker may readily fall under hypnosis.

Suddenly, before the astounded onlookers, the Judge arose and took his place in the dock beside the prisoner.

To the fond onlooker at both, they were destined mates and only an insufferable accident had parted them.

Some had been quickly thrown to the ground by the athletic cowboys amid the plaudits of the onlookers.

The contest was chiefly one of swelling up and making faces, and was extremely exhilarating to the onlookers.

Perhaps he was shy; yet beneath that calm exterior seethed a volcano of emotion of which no casual onlooker dreamed.

Then, and not till then, the onlooker left the embrasure in the wall where he had been hidden.

This is one of many subtle ways of demoralizing the fielding side and whetting the interest of the onlookers.

At length, under a shower of blows, the Turk fell to the ground amid the plaudits of the onlookers.

A cry of pain escaped her, a murmuring, uncomplaining cry which drew a hum of sympathy from the onlookers.

The onlookers laughed uproariously, and he felt ashamed, he knew not why, for it was his first snow.

The best putters do this, although it is not evident to an onlooker, the noise of the scrape being inaudible.

He sat motionless and unblinking for twenty minutes; then unluckily the onlookers told him it was quite finished.

The future human being, to the cold-blooded onlooker, is a useless little atom added to the human sea of nonentity.

My idea had been to permit him, strictly as an onlooker, to gather some idea of the rudiments of the game.

We walked away down the block to hold a council, and also to let the group of mystified onlookers disperse.

The plunderers will escape with their booty, and the foolish onlookers will pay the penalty of these crimes.

Rightly to forecast its destiny would, indeed, have demanded no common perspicuity in an intelligent onlooker from some other sphere.

It does not take an open-eyed onlooker long to discover that social organizations of all kinds are infested with many evils.

Most of the onlookers were doing their best to conceal grins, and even Blacksnake's sympathizers made no move to do anything.

The General hooted apathetically; the onlookers looked anxious, and the Staff Captain got his first grip on the tin.

These onlookers dropped behind as the racers went at high speed, but the view was clear, even when afar.

The trick was done so quickly that the engrossed onlookers did not realize for a second what had happened.

First one side and then the other he dipped it, changing so swiftly sometimes as almost to bewilder the onlookers.

Suddenly the ranks of the onlookers parted and a Japanese in foreign clothes strode through, a middle-aged man, muscular, authoritative.

This is the mastery which produces in free skating that "melting" of one figure into another which so hypnotizes the onlooker.

With her droppings she fashions masterpieces of marquetry and mosaic, which wholly conceal their base origin from the onlooker.

To an onlooker they appear to be quaffing the flattest part of the sport, having missed all its head and froth.

One of the onlookers called one of the jockeys a thief, and accused him of pulling a horse in the race.

There is ever a confusion in exuberant life which bewilders the onlooker, even while he admits that life had better be.

A few policemen, soldiers, or onlookers would be killed or mutilated, and a panic created, but few arrests were ever made.

It was here, at the back of the mule drove, that he became once more an onlooker; this time a thoroughly mystified one.

While the rain streamed, the five, with Susan a horrified onlooker, fought on and on about the division of the money.

To the onlookers it did not seem possible that danger to them lurked in this unchained fire demon, so far away.

This injudicious deal aroused the suspicions of the onlookers, so that he was arrested, and being convicted was sentenced to death.

Only familiarity with it enabled an onlooker fully to appreciate its grotesqueness without allowing the equilibrium of his stomach to be disturbed.

And here and there, too, is a doctrinaire philosopher or an idle onlooker who croaks of degeneration and declares that life lacks inspiration.

It ends by maddening the European ear, and the onlooker is forced to bolt or risk an epileptic seizure, or some such misfortune.

Such as fisticuffs has been employed by Uncle Sam to aid in recruiting, then purely for the amusement of the onlookers.

In the gyrations of the dance the onlooker would momentarily lose sight of her; she came and went like a blinking candle.

Lester sank to his knees, tugging savagely at the tightly clasped burden, and angry cries rose from the scandalized onlookers.

Round and round the diminutive pugilists went until Jan showed signs of the savage, and onlookers interfered to prevent murder.

The pugnacity of the calf, and the lively way in which he butted his opponent, caused great amusement to the onlookers.

The onlookers held their breath, as the ball, evilly accurate, dangerously direct, was poised in position for the kick at goal.

Stafford reflected that this was always her way: wherever she went she attracted attention, drew interest, magnetized the onlooker.

The onlookers of course could hear nothing of what was said, but from the pantomime Tony appeared to be expostulating, advising, entreating.

At this the fanfare of trumpets sounded again; firemen rushed down the street, dragging a line of hose and drenching the onlookers.

The jaded elders, the fossilized waiters, the onlookers, the fanatical Italian himself, felt an indefinable dread at sight of the stranger.

These flyers hurried away through a gap in the circle of onlookers toward their own machine before our friends could accost them.

Lines drew taut and merciless for all untouched by the accolade of station, while on every side sat groups of elderly onlookers.

The onlooker felt odd man out, debarred as he was by his profounder experience from sharing in the young people's light-legged dreams.

When the ensign was hoisted to the main gaff, the onlookers knew that she did not belong to the merchant service.

It may well be conceived, that during this desperate combat between the horse and mule, the onlookers were convulsed with laughter.

If anyone observed the unpretentious master and myself as we walked away from the crowded pavement, the onlooker surely suspected us of intoxication.

Broke swiftly from the onlookers, for the dapper young man had made a throw that had roped the animal's forelegs together.

For some seconds she floundered in eighteen inches of tepid water, her horrified features mercifully obscured from the onlookers by a miniature waterspout.

All around the base of the mound ran a processional road, so that their majesties could drive under the eye of the onlookers.

One astounding event after another was happening that afternoon, and this last tragic incident held the onlookers spellbound for a moment.