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Use onlooker in a sentence

Definition of onlooker:

  • (noun) someone who looks on

Sentence Examples:

Inquired one facetious onlooker.

Astral is an onlooker.

Found some more inquisitive onlookers.

The onlookers recoiled, completely surprised.

The onlooker gingerly touched the object.

A group of onlookers began to applaud.

As if frozen, the onlookers remained immobile.

The French onlookers and listeners laughed.

The comments of the onlookers remained unheeded.

An inquisitive onlooker asked, "Have you lost something?"

Bull and the other onlookers seem fidgety!

The onlookers were delighted, and applauded vehemently.

The onlookers began to feel a little depressed.

One of the older onlookers spoke up reproachfully.

And now the onlookers altered their surmises.

The act was applauded by the onlookers.

One is not then an onlooker but a discoverer.

The splendor of it almost dazzled the onlooker.

The individual was, for an onlooker, magnificently developed.

It was almost humiliating even for the onlooker.

The question struck the onlookers as an unpalatable one.

Rather tiresome to be the onlooker all the time.

The onlooker exclaims to himself; but he looks again.

Yelled a dozen tormentors from South Grammar onlookers.

He whirled excitedly and grasped the nearest onlooker.

Is he watching the work as a mere inquisitive onlooker?

He is enjoining submission and composure upon all onlookers.

He was no longer an idler or merely an onlooker.

The spectacle must have been quite comical to an onlooker.

To do so is our national defect, misleading to the onlooker.

"Extra-terrestrial" had no meaning for most of the onlookers.

An onlooker would have pronounced them a pair of reunited chums.

There was no onlooker, supposing some slight accident befell.

At the same moment the onlookers discreetly drew back.

The onlookers were full of derision, disparagement, and slander.

"Oh," an onlooker cried, "the tinkers are murdering each other!"

At this flagrant violation of fair play the onlookers interposed.

Nan, the impotent onlooker, could foresee no ending, no outcome.

To the casual onlooker, it seemed just a patch of underbrush.

Exclaimed an astonished voice from the interested throng of onlookers.

Leighton was weirdly self-possessed, it seemed to the excited onlookers.

The onlookers exclaimed, and the host was visibly disturbed.

At least, so it seems to the onlookers in the shrubberies.

Startled at first, the onlookers broke into a roar of laughter.

Once more a circle of interested onlookers threatened to engulf them.

He was but one of a score of muttering, staring onlookers.

The ranks of expectant onlookers opened and let him through.

To an uninitiated onlooker, nothing could have been more ghastly or absurd.

She lurched forward into fuller view of onlookers as she spoke.

Details were volunteered, and he listened quietly, like a dispassionate onlooker.

One thing alone impressed the onlooker in those first startled moments.

He deluded himself into believing that onlookers accepted it as such.

Cheered by the onlookers, the boys approached each other warily.

Suddenly, to the yearning heart of the onlooker, a miracle appeared.

A more laughable spectacle, for the onlookers, can hardly be imagined.

The one onlooker, hatchet-faced Major Lane, suddenly leaned a little forward.

To the onlooker this campaign of virulent assault was extremely suggestive.

An onlooker would have fancied he heard the creaking of ill-oiled machinery.

Unless we gird it on, we shall be onlookers instead of participants.

Nothing more will happen to them which an onlooker cannot easily foretell.

The onlooker gets an impression of a tired class, about to become disorderly.

Meanwhile, the crowd of curious onlookers was increasing with amazing rapidity.

He laughed feebly, and the onlookers transferred their attention to him.

And the onlookers again applauded her, and kicked away the pieces.

White-faced onlookers gaze upward with expressions of mingled joy and pain.

Well, an election isn't a very restful time, even for the onlooker.'

Already a few curious onlookers had assembled like sheep on the boulevard.

From the mob of onlookers a chorus of derisive cheers went up.

Nothing definite could be gleaned from the excited ejaculations of the onlookers.

The question began to shine speculatively in the faces of the onlookers.

To an onlooker it would have appeared like a real stampede for the boats.

The falling into disrepute of this word is characteristic of the onlooker-age.

To an onlooker that pantomime in the darkness would have seemed utterly grotesque.

To the dazzled onlookers below, a new sun seemed to have been born.

Pulling it aside, a golden gleam dazzled the eager eyes of the onlookers.

Reynolds returned quietly, but the two onlookers could see him wince.

It was a heartrending sight, which sent the onlookers into uncontrollable grief.

Socrates, Constantin Marc, a few journalists and a few inquisitive onlookers followed.

The game is amusing, interesting, from the standpoint of the detached onlooker.

Those other onlookers thought it magnificent; their gleeful shouts said as much.

He was fumbling at the dash, while the onlookers jostled about him.

March grinned sympathetically but anxiously, and the onlookers held their breath.

A few people are intimately engaged, and the others are bystanders, or onlookers.

The mortal cleverness of such an appeal struck Duncan sharply, as an onlooker.

Such careless onlookers, who see and see not, are rife in all ages.

While it creates admiration in the onlookers, it creates modesty in the possessor.

It seemed to the onlookers below as though a dead body were being hoisted.

Round and round went the colt, amid the laughter of the onlookers.

He was afraid that onlookers would laugh at him if his glider failed.

Merry pandemonium broke out among the onlookers; they howled with shameless delight.

There was a stir among the onlookers as the vile epithet was applied.

His anger rose from a cause perhaps more explicable to an onlooker than to himself.

A fringe of careless or scoffing onlookers stood back against the tent wall.

Sigurd entered the palace unchallenged, and mingled with the outer throng of onlookers.

Yet even for a mere onlooker the panorama of the street was of unusual interest.

An onlooker would have been amazed at the metamorphosis that had come over the man.

Furious, I turned to look for the insolent onlooker, thinking to speak my mind.

She astonished all onlookers by the calmness with which she braved death.

Interpretive signs and amenities guided the erstwhile onlooker to the "ultimate," in fantasy dining.

The suffocating moments crawled by, the while the onlookers held their breath.