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Use ostracize in a sentence

Definition of ostracize:

  • (verb) expel from a community or group
  • (verb) avoid speaking to or dealing with

Sentence Examples:

The scandalous pair was completely ostracized.

He is at once dishonored; society ostracizes him.

They were socially ostracized and individually boycotted.

And were the Protestant citizens ostracized henceforth?

Society may ostracize you, or toss you back into the gutter.

They were ostracized, ridiculed, slandered, mobbed, and their lives threatened.

This set with Berenice as instigator, took it upon themselves to ostracize Hester.

To be identified with it was to be socially ostracized and boycotted generally.

Anyone who is called upon to do a stunt has to conform or be ostracized.

They were composed, and even cheerful, under an infliction that would have ostracized a woman.

She felt herself outcast, ostracized, and was unable to defend herself from malign fortune.

Plenty for all; but monopolized and organized until the laboring man is almost ostracized.

Legally your actions cannot be assailed, but morally they should ostracize you from decent society.

To hinder the unfolding truth, to ostracize whatever uplifts mankind, is of course out of the question.

This cadet and several others were asked whether Minnie, if admitted, would also be ostracized socially.

If he noticed its five-cent atrocity, he will ostracize me; and you know who bought it.

It had seen him a pauper, ostracized; an unclean thing in the mouth of friend and foe alike.

Those who do not are ruthlessly ostracized, so children learn to abide by the decision of the crowd.

The publicans formed a distinct social class, for from the community in general they were practically ostracized.

And some are still to be found in the ostracized monasteries, in the nunneries, and in other unexpected places.

She received a wonderful ovation from the town; there was no appearance of her being ostracized by the county.

Any determined effort to ostracize the viceroy was soon killed by the presence and influence of Lady Spencer.

And just because the skunk happened to be superbly gifted in this respect, was that any reason to ostracize him?

He is regarded as nothing by both men and women, is slandered, abused, insulted, ostracized, and not allowed to marry.

Any cadet who utters a lie, and is detected in it, is ostracized as being unfit for the company of gentlemen.

For two years the Czar had been slowly and surely ostracized by a persecution which was as cruel as it was unreasoning.

Our women are infinitely self-respecting, and a man who put his arm around a woman (in public) while a different measure was being played, or when there was no music, would be ostracized from polite society.

You may stroll time and again without the least encouragement, as though wholly ostracized from this society; and then some morning you are welcomed on every hand and admitted to the inner circle of the wood life.

Susan saw good little women ostracized for the fact that their husbands did not appear at ease in evening dress, for their evident respect for their own butlers, or for their mere eagerness to get into society.

Having thus struck out the first of the eighteen hundreds, we may take the liberty of similarly ostracizing the last twenty-four or twenty-five, which are yet to come, and start the nineteenth century as far back in the eighteenth.

She began remembering what she could not have remembered, since she was not then born: the trouble over her mother's marriage, the bitter opposition, the shutting the door upon her, the ostracizing her from heart and home.

He had once been deeply concerned in a plan by which Rodney Grant had been practically ostracized by the academy boys, and now, to his deepening rage, while Grant floated high on the wave of popularity, he found himself ignored.

Austin's belief that the "baby was killing me by inches," since she took it into her head to sleep with no one else, and to play half the night, and to stay with me all day besides, I felt myself "ostracized."

How were they to know that they might not be compromised by their vicinity to an ostracized man, and how did they know that the king was not observing them, to see how they would receive this bold intruder?

Now consider for a moment what that signifies to a man like me, fallen so low, I confess it, ostracized and exiled, cut off from all old associations and without hope of overcoming my fault sufficiently to enable me to make a fresh start.

The "Boss," on the other hand, by this wealth and public position would naturally be an important member of the society in which he lives, whereas as a matter of fact he has come to be ostracized because of the source of his power and wealth.

If anyone were to oppose the plan they would be ostracized from the village since, once the golf course is completed, not only will the fields and woods be transformed into piles of money, but there will be a rest facility, a restaurant, and jobs.

When all the votes had thus been cast, the shells were carefully counted, and, if six thousand bore the name of the same man, he was driven out of the city, or ostracized, as it was called from the name of the shell, for ten years.