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Use pacifist in a sentence

Definition of pacifist:

  • (noun) someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes
  • (adjective) opposed to war

Sentence Examples:

While our pacifists promote war by their teachings, they declaim against war and picture its horrors and calamitous results.

The one who is a pacifist now, is a slacker, a traitor, and in reality, a murderer.

The professional pacifist and the professional internationalist are equally undesirable citizens.

She had even dallied with the pacifists.

The pacifists and "defeatist" Socialists represented a minority.

All we humanitarians and pacifists have hatred as our mainspring.

They used pacifist groups to keep the democracies from rearming.

There is Jane Addams: vice crusader, pacifist, suffragist, settlement worker.

"All conscientious objectors, passive resisters, pacifists, and other cranks!"

You people, on the other hand, seem to have become infatuated pacifists.

The bleat of the pacifist was heard in the land.

The pacifists make me wild, and the militarists make me wilder.

The pacifist in war-paint is apt to overact the unfamiliar part.

In comparison with it the current pacifist machinations appear tame and insignificant.

You'll be happier there than in our militarist land, you pacifist gentlemen.

We have no knowledge of pacifist utterances of representative Germans of any time.

It is a curious fact that revolutionists so often regard themselves as pacifists.

The writers on war are likely to be either ardent pacifists or strong militarists.

In the next year the Athenian pacifist party was desirous of dropping further resistance.

The Germans hold that the most confirmed militarist may be a convinced pacifist.

Actually our pacifists and internationalists have accomplished little, if anything, towards a realization of this ideal.

He was, furthermore, a real pacifist, believing that war is debasing morally and disastrous economically.

The other sort of girl is also in this tale, the slacker and the pacifist.

A pacifist temporarily bereft of reason and lost to sense of patriotic duty; a misplaced figurehead.

Giving due honor to convinced militarist and sincere pacifist, his own course was still different.

We shall underrate and misunderstand altogether the very powerful forces that are against pacifist effort.

Militarists and pacifists, fathoms apart in times of peace on the question of a Dominion navy, joined hands.

All the pacifists were troubled and indignant over this turn of affairs; but none was disheartened.

There is no place for the pacifist in the minds of these apologists of the heroic order.

Even in Berlin society and among the ancient German nobility there were to be found sincere pacifists.

"Here, you see, is the disposition of the English," the imperialists will say to the German pacifists.

In this supreme, vital hour, the pacifist and the slacker shall suffer the damnation of hell!

The Pacifist propaganda, started and maintained by the German agents in our midst, has been very active.

The American pacifist has in the actual fact shown himself to be the ally of the German militarist.

I knew he had been a sort of pacifist, and that he had German friends and business connections.

You see that war will soon obsess rich and poor, alien and neutral and belligerent, pacifist and militarist.

Opponents of pacifism suppose that all pacifists belong to this class, except when they are in German pay.

Of artistic rather than political temperament, and strongly pacifist, he was sickened by the killing on both sides.

Irish pacifists who have watched the situation closely are convinced that this is precisely what the militarists do want.

In this the militarists are in the right, from their point of view; but the pacifists seem to me mistaken.

It will be well not to be too much disturbed by the thought of either isolation or entanglement of pacifists and militarists.

The remaining three, chastened by the contumely their attitude had occasioned, deserted the pacifists and voted for the resolution.

For not very many of them were pacifists, and there were at least a hundred screaming, gesticulating men lunging at us.

We must beware of any organization, be it internationalist or pacifist, which claims to subjugate and atrophy the living forces of man.

They know that a state organized on Socialist and pacifist lines cannot exist if hemmed in by capitalistic and militarist states.

Nothing is more harmful in international intercourse than a certain sentimentalism and contempt for realities on the part of many of our pacifists.

The outlook for religion has been discussed both by puzzled pacifists and by facile forecasters of the fulfillment of their own wishes.

I cannot understand those pacifists who talk about the German right to "expansion," and babble about a return of her justly lost colonies.

It was Edward Bernstein, the leader of the Socialists, who warned me of the instability of the pacifist faith professed by German democrats.

Here was an ideal pacifist, who could turn his sword into a plowshare at will, and yet keep the former unsheathed for instant use.

Against the prosecution of the war to its final and crushing end, the bleating pacifists are already beginning to raise their puny voices.

Donovan made a speech, a long speech, in which he explained exactly why it was impossible to remain a consistent pacifist in a world which contained Germans.

He denounced hyphenated Americans, professional pacifists and those who would substitute arbitration treaties for an army, or the platitudes of peace congresses for military preparedness.

Since then Esperanto has been run purely on its merits as a language, and has expressly dissociated itself from any political, pacifist, or other propaganda.

Many pacifists have tended to exhort about war instead of studying it; they have looked upon it as a thing accursed and irrational, beyond the pale of serious consideration.

Certainly theirs was the road of heroism and self-sacrifice, while the pacifists, even if right in principle, were skulking behind the protection the soldiers gave to them.

He was among the first to condemn the German outrages, to silence the voices of supine pacifists and plead for action on the part of the American Government.

Only a relatively small proportion, even of the absolutists, have no interest whatever in bringing about social change, and are thus unable to share in this aspect of pacifist thinking.

He should not be confounded with those parlor pacifists covered with official decorations and grand cordons of international orders, for whom peace is a gilt-edged investment in quiet times.

Only Erasmus was a clear-sighted pacifist, always declaiming against war and once asserting that he agreed with Cicero in thinking the most unjust peace preferable to the justest war.

"Strict accountability" seemed to be a popular watchword, except among pacifists and German sympathizers, but Americans soon began to be killed by the submarines without provoking the Government to action.

In examining them for other troubles I happened upon what appeared to me a very close relation between the peculiar attitude of the peace-at-any-price pacifist and a certain type of unconscious pervert.

"Will the world-wide tragedy of rivalry continue even inside the pacifist movement, or will this war teach those who are fighting against it the necessity of an energetic organization and preparation?"

As I pointed out in the first chapter of this book, the pacifist appeal to humanity so often fails because the militarist pleads that he too is working and suffering for humanity.

This idea was to constitute the foundation-stone of his mediation and fulfil all the hopes of the American pacifists for a compulsory court of arbitration in international disputes and general disarmament.

Senator Gore was a Pacifist on principle, and thought that the resolution for which he was responsible, to prohibit Americans from travelling on armed merchantmen, would avert the danger of war.

The talkative pacifists, who would make a grotesque farce of the bloody sacrifice by a futile peace, are bringing further ridicule and contempt on their country with their impertinent if well-meant efforts.

I am a pacifist, and I am an internationalist; I want to see the workers arise and turn out of office these capitalist governments, and put an end to this hideous slaughter of human beings.

Not in him any likeness to the sentimentalists, Greeley and all his crew, who were exultant martyrs when things were going right, and shrieking pacifists the moment anything went wrong.

Next came those "defeatist" cranks who always think their own side must be wrong, and who are of no more practical use than the out-and-out "pacifists" who think everybody wrong except themselves.

He is an advanced democrat and pacifist rather than (as is sometimes supposed) a socialist; he believes in the internationality of all intellectual work and sees no reason why this should destroy national characteristics.

However repulsive the idea may be to creatures of the socialized type, no sentimentalism and no pacifist theorizing can conceal the fact that the respect of a dog can be won by violence.

It certainly will never be decided by calling all pacifists cowards and slackers, and all defenders of the course pursued by President Wilson, the son of a clergyman, exponents of Prussian militarism.

The object of the pacifist should be to give men more and more political control over their own lives, and in particular to introduce democracy into the management of industry, as the syndicalists advise.

The beau capable of breaking into excitement awakens our curiosity, as does the conqueror stooping to a humane action, the Puritan caught in the net of the senses, or the pacifist in a rage of violence.

You could be a violent pacifist in sound of those guns, or you could be a violent militarist, but you could not be indifferent to the war, you could not be of two minds about it.

Jackman talked of labor troubles, mentioned a recent case in which thousands of men making essential munitions of war had downed tools because a drunken pacifist, a workman, had been dismissed from a factory.

By admirable inconsistency, the pacifists would, in so doing, place the manufacture of war-materials in the hands of army and navy officers, whom they pronounce the most pernicious of all promoters of war.

Such visions, inculcating power of judgment, are never more requisite than in these days in which the blind pacifist, the quack reformer, the misguided theorist, and the wide-promising demagogue are abroad in the land.

A pacifist might argue that under these circumstances it would pay not to resist since the loss by fighting would be greater than the loss by nonresistance, considerable though that might be.

He characterized his opponent as a socialist, a radical, a dreamer, a pacifist, a nondescript citizen hesitating on the border of absolute disloyalty to his government in a time when virile patriotism was needed as never before.

It was a phrase powerful enough to sway many men, essentially pacifists, towards taking an active part in the war against German imperialism, but it was a phrase whose chief content was its aspiration.

It cannot be denied that systematic German propaganda, either open or in pacifist guise, was at work energetically throughout the West from the beginning of the war to arouse sentiment against American resistance to German encroachments.

The banking world is neutral, the industrial classes have reorganized their business, and the agrarian population, small and great, are pacifists by tradition and temperament; the political and academic middle classes are neutral.

He held from the beginning that pacifists were the greatest danger to the state, and from the moment he came to power he has sought out and executed every German pacifist who has revealed himself.

The agonized public turned on the suspects among them, the defeatists and the pacifists, and for days at a time the baying of an accusing public pursued these miserable creatures and hunted them down.

Pryor poured forth a flood of fluent words, and was well on in his prayer before his dazed and horrified audience awakened to the fact that they were listening to a pacifist appeal of the rankest sort.

A cabinet meeting held on March 20, 1917, disclosed that the President's colleagues, even reputed pacifists like Secretaries Daniels and Baker, were a unit in regarding a state of armed neutrality as inadequate to meet the serious situation.

I was afraid that I might see some horribly wounded man or some decayed dead body that would so scar my memory and stamp such horror into me as to reduce me to a mere useless, gibbering, stop-the-war-at-any-price pacifist.

He was above all things a fighter, and the favorite objects of his denunciation were professional pacifists, nice little men who had let their muscles get soft, and nations that had lost their fighting edge.

The war, in whose progress poor health had forbidden him to take a very active part, had made of him a pessimist and pacifist; but even here a certain temperamental weakness had forbidden him to be too ardent.

Wilson, convinced pacifist, was drawn into the war by an elevated humanitarian motive, which made him feel that to prolong the war was an act of intolerable complicity with the Germans, and he gives us an example.

At the moment when the society of which he is a part insists that every one of its members participate in an enterprise to employ these proscribed means, the pacifists of all shades of opinion become "conscientious objectors."

I fight with Saxon because he's a pacifist, but like all pacifists he's a very pugnacious person, and he can get frightfully angry, but it's pitiful to see him when he's been angry, because he's so sorry afterwards.

He fancied that he could conquer the French by his winning ways, and in this his vanity deceived him, although at certain times, partly owing to his reputation as a pacifist, he was a not unpopular figure in Paris.

Every retreat of the army, every diplomatic blunder found an excuse in the machinations of the pacifists, and these unpopular gentry to whom no one listened were invested by their opponents with the formidable power of organizing defeat.

The consideration which weighed with a much larger number, however, was that Roosevelt had so antagonized the German vote and the Pacifist vote and all the other anti-American votes, that he might not be a winning candidate.

They wore their opinions as they wore their clothing, and when the time of trial came they were ready to exchange their pacifist ethic for the ethic of the war-makers, were ready to don a national uniform in matters of opinion.

It is an assemblage of peoples in such a frame of mind to whom the pacifists are proposing, in effect, a plan for eventual submission to an alien dynasty, under the form of a neutral peace compact to include the warlike Powers.

Until the pacifist can show that the employment of military force fails to secure material advantage, the common man will, in ordinary times, continue to believe that the militarist has a moral sanction as great as that underlying pacifism.