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Use partisan in a sentence

Definition of partisan:

  • (noun) a fervent and even militant proponent of something
  • (adjective) devoted to a cause or party

Sentence Examples:

By the Germans the summons to the rescue of the Holy Sepulcher was received with comparative coldness; the partisans of emperors, who had been humbled to the dust by the predecessors of Urban, if not by himself, were not vehemently eager to obey it.

I could have pardoned him that, too, if he had not impeached his partisans.

They burned most of their papers, and removed into the custody of friends whom they could trust those which they regarded as too valuable to destroy; and at the same time they sent notice to their partisans to cease writing to them.

Everywhere he had a body of mercenary partisans; kings even are known to have taken his pay.

When he speaks on the subject in his odes it is not with the voice of a partisan.

The palace was carefully watched; no one was even admitted into it except Agrippina's most trusty partisans.

His poor partisan again had a direct pecuniary interest in getting the land.

Shop windows were partisan to the blue, but held dashes of crimson as a sop to the demands of hospitality and welcome.

Garrulous as he was otherwise, the French partisan would give no hint of his general's plans.

These unfortunates belonged to that class who are seldom seen in their places, but who are sometimes whipped in by zealous partisans, when important questions are under consideration, and a close vote may be expected.

He had on a previous occasion tried the same device, and when the assembly had dispersed he had arrested the chiefs, called a counter assemblage of his partisans, and got up a counter petition, which he sent to the Sultan.

He also lavished large sums on every side, in order to secure partisans; and so excited the apprehensions of the citizens that bitter complaints were made, and threats uttered against himself, his royal mistress, and the new ministry.

Whether he was really guilty of treason was a moot question which admitted of no partisan treatment.

The king, who had for some years been very popular with, his subjects with all his failings, lost his hold on the country after the unfortunate war of 1885, and the partisans of the rival dynasty began to be hopeful once more.

It was a question I was to hear answered in a variety of ways during the next few months, by many of Anne's friends and partisans; for, as I think I have said, Anne had inspired great attachment since her earliest days.

Horses and horsemen alike seemed to have their partisans in about equal numbers.

Through a haze of vague indications a glimpse is caught of the struggle which was commencing between the partisans and the adversaries of Joan, and in favor of or in opposition to the impulse she was communicating to the war of nationality.

Robert spoke in good French and the partisan stared in astonishment.

His eyes traveled over the partisan's attire, and there his own great skill as a ranger told him much.

He is not altogether above lending himself to the hearsay of the partisan.

For the time being, the ballots and bayonets of its opponents have outnumbered those of its partisans.

It is partisan, but not ferociously so, except in dealing with some pet aversion, like the present Minister of Lands.

The partisans of the Medici had vanished magically and Savonarola ruled the city at the head of the popular party.

The crowd, moreover, was not led by obscure agitators or by violent and irresponsible partisans.

The famous feud of Brahms and Wagner partisans marked the alignment of the classical and radical traditions.

He has stratagems to plan out, partisans to bring into the field, ambushes to set, towns to take.

The most of the shouting was done by Douglas's partisans, composing a clear majority of the crowd, but it was very manifest that Lincoln commanded the attention of the greater number of those who were interested in the arguments.

Men, formerly the most zealous supporters of royal authority and prerogative, become the partisans of a convention that has no purpose other than to weaken an authority that is born of universal suffrage.

The clamor of the partisan and so-called independent press win be such as to make life there unpleasant for a time.

Bunch's despatches to your Lordship and to me can consider him as in the least degree a partisan of the Southern cause.

Above all, I am unable to make much distinction between the final agent in the jail and those other actors who play with loaded dice the bloody game in the criminal court with the partisan judge and the packed jury.

Orderly, courteous, enthusiastic, but partisan, the American tennis public comes out to cheer on its favorite.

We ought to love our own school, or hall, or college; but it is a poor, low kind of love if it means despising other schools, or halls, or colleges, picking holes in them, refusing to learn from them, and being mere partisans.

When the American labor unions accumulated partisan power, the Chinese became a political issue.

The partisan had managed admirably, but he was now compelled to fly.

Too many historians in every belligerent country have lost their heads and degenerated into shrieking partisans.

The regent rewarded her partisans liberally for their efficient and successful measures.

In this hour of peril, his deep love for the Union welled up within him, submerging the partisan and the politician.

Nor were the emotions kindled, those of the partisan only, but rather also those of the devotee and the martyr.

His political achievements, as is perhaps natural in a community which courts the voter and despises the soldier, have put out of sight the means by which he mainly won them; namely his genius as a cavalry and partisan commander.

He always represents their cause as a cause of liberty, and all who oppose it as partisans of despotism.

Smart Congressmen, partisans, the ignorant flotsam of conventions and intrigues, heard the philosopher with contempt.

Not as a partisan, not as an advocate, do I make this appeal; but simply as a citizen, who seeks, in all sincerity, to offer his contribution to the establishment of that policy by which Union and Peace may be restored.

Good for men, those simpletons, who in the present age, are the only partisans of blue in passion and in life.

First came angry words; then the enlisting of partisans, and then all the miseries of fierce and determined civil war.

A few of his warm partisans, who are ever very warm in their praise of their friend, at one time considered him superior even to Kit Carson; but, when the skill of the two men came to be tried in the same cause, the palm was yielded to Kit Carson.

Although the partisans of the secular priests were not a few, nor of the lowest class, yet they were unable to withstand the current of the popular desire, strengthened by the authority of a potent and respected monarch.

Without waiting to hear the general's response to his apology, the gallant partisan dashed on, and in a minute or two more had joined the party of regulars, who were holding their ground with difficulty.

The birth of James I. this year, re-animated the partisans of Mary of Scotland; and men of the most opposite parties in England unanimously joined in the popular cry for the marriage of Elizabeth, or a settlement of the succession.

The man who spoke was knocked down by a Webb partisan, and assailant and assailed were hustled from the house.

You know that he will not trim, and balance, and hang doubtful, or become a partisan; but that he will seize some great principle which lies at the root of the whole controversy, and make its true bearings clear at once.

As neither party was able to secure the election of its own partisan, a compromise was mooted.

In such a hypothetical case, the King authorizes you to act in concert with them, to pursue the direction which they may think proper to give you, and to employ every means to augment the number of the partisans of the good cause.

Most of our orators since have killed their own influence by fanatical clinging to some partisan cause.

Arthur Balfour not merely strong political partisans, but also stern party disciplinarians?

A fierce rivalry existed between those of his sons who aspired to the throne, each of whom possessed his following of partisans, both at court and among the people, who were ready to support him, if need be even with the sword.

The boat was captured by a French partisan leader, who had made an incursion to the river.

A curious phase of the navy question in our country is the fact that very few people, even the most extreme partisans for or against a large navy, have ever studied it as a problem and endeavored to arrive at a correct solution.

Hawthorne was a good lover and a very sufficient partisan, and I suspect that if Franklin Pierce had been made even less of the stuff of a statesman, he would still have found in the force of old associations an injunction to hail him as a ruler.

The police and their partisans put up their guns, and the Beast, still defiant, went back sullenly to cover.

They were entering a region haunted by warriors, and still ranged by daring French partisans, but they had no fear.

The Oval crowd, always so ferociously partisan, moved round him uneasily.

He was a man of vehement nature, a violent partisan, and an untiring student.

The author will devote his best endeavor to do justice to both sides of the subject treated in his book, taking warning from the partisans who fix an exclusive attention on that aspect of it which they respectively prefer.

His light hair, deep sea blue eye, tall athletic figure, and hearty hand grasp, his eagerness in debate, his violent passions, great genius, and irregular habits, rendered him a formidable partisan, a furious enemy, and an ardent friend.

The controversy was entirely about the account of a particular action in the war of 1812, and a work containing over fifty chapters was absolutely condemned as partisan and worthless for what was found on a few pages of one chapter.

It was not a hard heart which was beating that night in the breast of Claude, nor was it the foolish, emotional heart of the partisan, lost to the touch of reason, to the influence of the deepest truth which a man of any genius dare not deny.

As the days passed and the time approached for the joint session of the Senate and the House, for the purpose of counting the electoral votes and declaring the result, the tension became greater, and partisan feeling more intense.

How disastrous may be the result of decisions so manifestly partisan, I will not attempt to forecast.

Johnson for protection; but in the calm review which the lapse of twenty years affords, the most ardent Southern partisan must see that the President's policy was at enmity with the interest and happiness of his section.

It is very seldom in the history of political issues, even when partisan feeling is most deeply developed, that so absolute a division is found as was recorded upon the question of adopting the Fourteenth Amendment.

Giles, a devoted partisan of Jackson, and given to the public with appropriate commentaries and asperities.

The partisans of this theory of the state of nature from which men have emerged by the voluntary and deliberate formation of civil society, forget that if government is not the sole condition, it is one of the essential conditions of progress.

One body of communist partisans after another was detached from its allegiance.

While these great movements were going on, some minor affairs showed great gallantry on the part of partisan officers.

Major Norris told me many amusing anecdotes connected with the secret intelligence department, and of the numerous ingenious methods for communicating with the Southern partisans on the other side of the Potomac.

The schoolhouse boat has won the toss, for it takes up the inside berth, amid the triumphant cheers of its partisans.

General Taylor had been elected without subscribing to a platform or pledging himself to a specific measure, and he was therefore in a position to resist and reject appeals of the ordinary partisan character.

Going slowly at first, he steered straight for the forwards of the enemy till within a pace or two of them, when he doubled suddenly, and amid the shouts of our partisans slipped past them and was seen heading straight for the Craven goal.

For he was a brilliant airy kind of fellow, and had much of the chevalier, as well as of the partisan, when requisite!

Elizabeth, with her confidential partisans in four sledges, had hastened on in advance of the others.

The minister's partisans retorted with equal acrimony, if not with equal vivacity.

The partisans of analysis require the writer to devote himself to indicating the smallest evolutions of a soul, and all the most secret motives of our every action, giving but a quite secondary importance to the act and fact in itself.

During his first session in Parliament he attracted considerable attention to himself, for he spoke frequently and well, and generally with a humorous eloquence which made him a favorite with those who were not bitter partisans on the other side.

All but the most bigoted partisans will qualify it as it deserves.

Like many another overzealous partisan, he had made for Kate one more enemy.

The young women were ardent partisans, but also very pretty; and treason, somehow, heightened their beauty.

Walpole, however, was not worse than his contemporaries; nor, even if he had been, would the contemporaries have been inclined to treat his offenses very seriously so long as they were not inspired to act against him by partisan motives.

Sir John Barnard was certainly no implacable partisan in that sense.

It has a touch of partisan exclusiveness that is sadly out of place.

It was at times illustrated by marked ability, and on the Republican side by intense bitterness and partisan malignity.

It would have practically revolutionized our splendid political fabric into a partisan Congressional autocracy.

A radical partisan in all measures where radical action seemed to be called for, he was for the time being sitting in a judicial capacity and under an oath to do justice to the accused according to the law and the evidence.

Magnanimous at heart, the bitter partisans often made him their tool.

Hardwick found it impossible to entertain, or at least express, any sympathy with the Pagan world, even the cold judgment of the historian would have been better than the excited pleading of a partisan.

In 1687, after various skirmishes between partisans on either side, the quarrel assumed a new importance.

Happily, Magellan found in Juan de Aranda, the factor of the Chamber of Commerce, an enthusiastic partisan of his theories, and one who promised to exert all his influence to make the enterprise a success.

Prince Edward held the line of the Severn, separating Simon at Hereford from his English partisans.

Too many indiscreet or malignant partisans were interested in inflaming the conflict.

He and his partisans were assaulted and put to death by Young's adherents.