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Definition of perjury:

  • (noun) criminal offense of making false statements under oath

Sentence Examples:

Prevarication often amounts to perjury.

Subornation of perjury is a felony.

He did not appreciate the turpitude of perjury.

Motes tried to inveigle her into committing perjury.

They might be sundered without perjury or perfidy.

Here you forswore yourself; here you pay for perjury.

Prevarication and perjury are publicly approved as praiseworthy actions.

Whoever has jostled against imposture and perjury knows it.

Perjury out of this air can forge manacles for free hands.

Nothing but the basest perjury can sully my good name.

Perjury was allowable, if the perjured were inwardly determined not to swear.

Do you mean to say that you accuse the Countess of conniving at perjury!

"If you don't mind suborning perjury, why should I mind committing it?"

Notwithstanding this, the amount of perjury committed, especially by policemen, was appalling.

Prance later pleaded guilty on a charge of perjury, and well he might.

He did not venture to appear, and he was duly excommunicated for perjury.

It could scarcely be more base than the premeditated perjury which Sir William contemplated.

The very witnesses suborned to accuse him charged his enemies with subornation of perjury.

One man was so horrified that, in place of denouncing the perjury, he fled incontinent!

It suborns witnesses, nurses perjury, defiles the jury box, and stains the judicial ermine.

It is rather alarming to think of the huge amount of perjury which has followed electioneering.

The testimony of their own witnesses convicted them of subornation of perjury to destroy Smith.

The Peers flamed at a charge for subornation of perjury against two of their members.

He is certainly a monomaniac; no other conclusion could save him from an indictment for perjury.

Deceitfulness, duplicity, perjury, adultery, theft, murder, are the deadly poisons which kill the nations.

Upon the other his oath was less sacred, and the sin of perjury was venial.

To expose once more the perjuries of Oates and his imitators is but to slay the slain.

Well wived then the king would be, if the pangs of perjury caused me no pain.

The difference between perjury and mendacity is not in the least one of morals or ethics.

For adultery, polygamy, sacrilege, perjury, murder, witchcraft, infanticide, and fratricide he had a particular tax.

They preferred beggary to perjury, and have died or fled to preserve the integrity of their consciences.

Perjury has a sort of bird-lime attraction for scoundrels like you; so just keep away from an oath.

Now, sir, you have perjured yourself and I will arrest you for perjury unless you do it again.

A chambermaid who was one of the witnesses, was whipped at the cart's tail for her perjury.

If so, we shall make a horrible scene, cry treachery and perjury, and trounce your nephew well.

The offenses principally cognizable in this court were forgery, perjury, riot, maintenance, fraud, libel, and conspiracy.

In the civil law the rules of evidence are vitiated by the admission of sundry excuses for perjury.

I must sit down; for the idea of your perjury has enfeebled me so, that I cannot move.

Far be it from me to habituate you to perjury; far be it from you to contract any such habit.

Perjury has become a fine art, because our legal system fosters the chicane which is innate in quick-witted peoples.

Robbery loads my loins, perjury cracks my chine, Adultery ... nay, Tab, you pitched me as I flung!

Therefore, since perjuries with justice impose upon the perjured, let woman grieve, deceived through a precedent her own.

He should be careful lest he incur the moral guilt of subornation of perjury, if not the legal offense.

That would be to reward the perjury, selfishness, and unbridled ambition of the unnatural mother of my poor child.

One of them deserted; and apparently prevarication ran to the bounds of perjury, if it did not overpass them.

And if lying, dissembling, perjury, and falsehood, be no breaches in a woman's honor, she is as innocent as infancy.

All the sneaking instincts; all the groveling, crawling instincts unite and blend in this one crime called perjury.

I have debased my own word, ruined my credibility, by a series of perjuries, all flowing from one initial folly.

The unlucky imitator of Oates was prosecuted, by order of the government, for perjury, subornation of perjury, and forgery.

Is this Chamber, which for fifteen years has resounded with their protestations of devotion, about to hear their perjury?

The amount of perjury committed by these men, and by the professional perjurers whom they employed, was fearful.

He had said something to himself jocosely about lovers' perjuries, the remembrance of which was now very bitter to him.

Because the outcome of this case, if it reached court, would be your indictment for conspiracy and the subornation of perjury.

Every fresh perjury rising to join its cloud of hovering fellows, each morning weighing heavier and heavier on our sluggard eyelids.

The rich evaded taxation; and if in the process it was necessary to perjure themselves, they committed perjury with alacrity.

The charges on which these warrants were issued were, in the main, preposterous perjuries by the hirelings of the Governor.

It is good breeding to shun chess and dice, brothels and perjury, false testimony, and other lasciviousness or filthy behavior.

And perjury in the view of a non-christian Chinese is a venial offense except when so clumsily committed as to lead to detection.

The imam then, with a most solemn oath, abjured the idea of explaining away his words, or seeking absolution for perjury.

Afterwards we meet the statement that condign retribution is always inflicted for the two flagrant sins of perjury and blasphemy.

If there was no conspiracy, there surely could have been no willful perjury, no suborning of witnesses in pursuance of that conspiracy.

And if there had been such fraud, then would the testimony of all those four witnesses be crushed into arrant perjury.

The ladies twit the men with a double perjury: that they have broken their vow to study, and their love vows.

Any willful and corrupt false statement in said affidavit or in answer to any material question propounded as herein authorized shall be perjury.

Finding himself in a cockpit of corruption, he put down bribery, slavery, perjury, and a hundred kinds of venality and intrigue.

It's a shame; it's tough on Phil to make him suborn perjury, but I don't see any other way out of it.

Litigiousness got no play where courts did not exist, and perjury could not show itself where witnesses were not examined.

This was ingeniously framed with an appearance of justice, as if debarring from office only those who to rebellion had added perjury.

The young Prince a respecter of promises made, had no wish to be a party to the perjury committed by his father.

These imprecations filled the people with dire forebodings, all the more so because this perjury had been committed on the Sabbath day.

For what simony, sacrilege, and deceitful perjury, with respect to ordination vows, patronage opens a door, he that runs may read.

The first was executed, the second was about to share the same fate, when the perjury of Smith was incontrovertibly proved.

Perjury in transactions with the national revenue and with municipal assessors is by no means unprecedented among persons of high general reputation.

Swiftly he would place his finger on a vital point, untwist a tangle and involve perjury in the confusion of its contradictions.

He confessed his perjuries, and was, in consequence, let off with standing in the pillory, a fine and a whipping being remitted.

To save himself that shame, he was willing not only to perjure himself, but to take upon himself the consequences of his perjury.

If their system of morality makes virtues of "prevarication, perjury, and every crime, when it serves ghostly purposes," the reproach is fatal.

Masterful liars, who have held their own in most parts of the world, are vanquished by the systematic perjury of the veld.

Yet the line is repeatedly cited as showing the dreadful doctrines of Euripides and the sophists; doctrines that would justify any perjury!

On the contrary, the Jesuits added perjury to disobedience, and uttered falsehoods so bold and so barefaced, as Jesuits alone are capable of.

For the injured person, in indignation at the perjury, smote the staff upon the ground, and broke it, and espied the money.

Untruthfulness has always been a characteristic of Taffy, and judges have quite recently commented upon the prevalence of perjury in Welsh courts of law.

Rufus startled the court, and horrified the magistrates by asking Tim how much the Captain had paid him for committing perjury.

I wouldn't irk you with promises, blackmail you into perjury, wring from you an oath we both should know was made only to be broken.

Its object was to remedy a defect in existing law under which there is no punishment provided for subornation of perjury in official investigations.

His method is either to suborn or intimidate the parties, by threatening to indict them for perjury or otherwise persecute them to utter destruction.

From this filthy mess of perjury and forgery Zola's intrepidity and devotion to justice arise clear and white as a lily from a cesspool.

That was a new and dreadful revelation, when, at every page, I read the excuse and justification of robbery, slander, adultery, perjury, murder, regicide.

By the subterfuge of perplexing interpretations, mental reservations, and an artful ambiguity of language, they excused and sanctioned perjury and every other crime.

There is another case, however, affecting subornation of perjury, which, not having any parallel case in remembrance, I do not know how to deal with.

To avoid paying the seigneur's claim a price, lower than that really paid, was sometimes named in the deed, and this led to perjury.

It means that I'm a product of perjury and incest, as my father broke his oath and established an illicit relationship like any unclean sheep.

"It would make your nice little speech a perjury instead of a simple untruth, and I should say no, again, on other, and perhaps better, grounds."

He was accused and convicted in a council of simony, perjury, fornication, adultery, sacrilege, murder, incest, blasphemy, atheism, and was deposed for these exploits.

An unbeliever could certainly be punished for perjury; how, then, could his oath be "no oath," when perjury expressly meant false testimony given on oath?

Large promises, smooth excuses, elaborate tissues of circumstantial falsehood, chicanery, perjury, forgery, are the weapons, offensive and defensive, of the people of the Lower Ganges.

Perjury, profligacy, and the betrayal of confidence in the most essential tie of human nature, were supreme in popularity in the Novel and on the Stage.

The latter poured out all his justified anger on the king for his faithlessness and perjury, and the punishment he decreed upon him was terrible.

The farmer could not defend himself; somebody took money for willful perjury to evade a clause of the homestead exemptions, and the usurer got his order.

If a man lies under oath or procures the lie of another under oath, if he perjures himself or suborns perjury, he is guilty under the statute law.