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Use perjury in a sentence

Definition of perjury:

  • (noun) criminal offense of making false statements under oath

Sentence Examples:

Swearing falsely is perjury.

False swearing is perjury.

Perjury was severely punished.

Would he commit deliberate perjury?

Guilty of perjury; containing perjury.

Later she confesses her perjury.

"I was guilty of perjury then."

Such is the price of perjury!

He was once presented for perjury.

Death is the penalty of perjury.

Your protection was obtained by perjury.

It was a common case of perjury.

Does Jove indeed laugh at lover's perjuries?

"You do not dare repeat the perjury!"

Are two perjuries equivalent to one fidelity?

The witness knows something about perjury.

It passes another act punishing perjury.

There is nothing so terrible as perjury.

About half of it was rank perjury.

To keep anything back will be perjury.

She hardly knew what perjury was.

Persuade my heart to this false perjury?

There has been too much perjury already.

Don't forget that you have committed perjury.

With them perjury becomes a fine art.

I refuse to suppose you would commit perjury.

Base man, of what perjury are you guilty?'

He pretended to make confession of his perjury.

I just signed as witness to your perjury!

Perjury was threatened with the same penalty.

The hull blamed business stinks of perjury.

You shall not add perjury to your sin.

Perjury in the common cause was no sin.

"I don't wish to commit perjury," I said.

No, there was no reason to suspect perjury.

You have deceived the court, and committed perjury.

Do not add perjury to your other sins.

False swearing or perjury is a great sin.

Perjury had lain on one side or the other!

Perjury and murder and theft and adultery!

This prevented it from being perjury in law.

I ain't going to commit perjury for nobody!

This disposes of the theory of wholesale perjury.

"You have faith enough to believe it would be perjury?"

Penal servitude is among the consequences of perjury.

She might have saved her soul the perjury.

Wherefore, for indeed an oak does not commit perjury.

All writers agree in the prevalence of judicial perjury.

Why is it a great sin to commit perjury?

It compelled no perjury, no hypocrisy: it rewarded none.

I may have occasion to prosecute him for perjury.

Thus pour the stars down plagues for perjury.

Money was collected to prosecute them for perjury.

Thus was deliberate perjury rewarded by sudden death!

Their only excuse for perjury was their youth.

She said, her heart sinking at the perjury.

The report of his perjury spread rapidly abroad.

Is it in perjury and robbery that honor lies?

For this he was arrested on complaint of perjury.

Second, the amount of perjury that it annually produces.

The fact of your committing perjury is already settled.

He surely wouldn't, for a mere acquaintance, commit perjury.

I wonder at perjury no longer, for my part.

It forbids perjury; but mere lying is not forbidden.

I'd never thought of perjury as a possible charge.

Could he be guilty of perjury to save them both?

Of this see what I have written before against perjury.

I'm afraid they're going to make it a perjury charge.

That creature would be a walking witness to your perjury.

Mortimer was not sure that it was common perjury.

He calls these essays his final perjuries to Apollo.

Only a woman could have committed the splendid perjury.

Each district has its own pet class of perjury.

False affirmation is subjected to the same penalties as perjury.

He who is guilty of perjury, incurs the same punishment.

They are all caked with perjury, many layers thick.

Terry had committed perjury several times in his court.

Mitchell covering this part of the pro-Peary perjury effort.

Hence, lying, cheating, fraud, perjury, theft, robbery, murder, suicide.

They feared arrest for perjury, of which they were guilty.

Tacitus, in the same manner, we should prosecute for perjury.

I will permit the government to add robbery to perjury.

All assertions of that kind should be punished as perjury.

Perjury floats on the surface, murder lies at the bottom.

And the hope thus aroused was well worth a perjury.

"Why don't you say perjury, and be done with it?"

It would be gross perjury not to fulfil my promise.

Either evidence convicts him of perjury, and equally destroys reputation.

The accusation of perjury did not touch him at all.

Swearing falsely to any such report shall be deemed perjury.

There was no one to reveal the perjuries of her divorce.

I am not going to allow a man to commit perjury.

Adding quickly, with a laugh, "It's dreadful to commit perjury!"

My conscience forbids, my interest orders me to commit perjury.

It seems clear that many of the witnesses committed perjury.

Why should he commit this wholly useless act of perjury?

Repeat your oath to me, that I may convict you of perjury.

Bribery sought to be concealed by the most corrupt perjury.

The natural sequel was the prosecution of Canning for perjury.

Perjury poisons the wells of truth, the sources of justice.