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Use permissible in a sentence

Definition of permissible:

  • (adjective) that may be permitted especially as according to rule
  • (adjective) that may be accepted or conceded

Sentence Examples:

Warm taupe permissible.

To expatiate on this is not permissible.

Under no circumstances is blood-letting permissible in sunstroke.

A word concerning pneumonic plague may be permissible.

The following articles are permissible: Broiled chicken, shad, bass.

"It is a provincialism quite permissible in the West," said Marion.

To an Italian wife, almost every thing but this is permissible.

Oil paintings are only permissible when dreamy and vaporous in tint.

Oil paintings are only permissible when dreamy and vaporous in tint.

It is permissible to use either one or two turnbuckles on each wire.

We are frankly on teleological ground, and metaphor and vagueness are permissible.

I submit that a customary falsifier is not permissible as a counselor.

It might be permissible to laugh at the cricketers, not at cricket.

Also dabbled in English hexameters, holding that extra-metrical syllables were permissible there.

"On board a flatboat," said my father, "a breach of form is permissible."

Is it permissible to reside with brother, who has filed on adjoining land?

Nor is it permissible for him to use the typewriter in inditing these.

To-day it was a world in which curves and even curlicues were permissible.

Calling and knocking were dignified and permissible, but they did no good.

The Hopi were always strict monogamists, while among the Navajo polygamy was permissible.

All that is permissible in suitable cases is to employ electricity "in psychotherapeutic doses."

As such acts in German eyes are permissible stratagems, they constantly resorted to them.

It is scarcely permissible therefore to suppose that he had been victimized by a humorist.

Then correspondence was permissible only in French and German: Flemish was not tolerated.

Sad doggerel; permissible perhaps as a sample of the Friedrich manufacture, surely not otherwise!

Certainly he may not, except in those rare cases where vasectomy is permissible as described above.

When intensification is desirable or permissible, either the ordinary mercury or uranium intensifier may be used.

It is fully permissible for a widow to revive her maiden name after several years of widowhood.

As yet, the two little women had ventured upon nothing more than permissible cancan steps.

Lady Ann was offended, and seriously: was alliance with such a woman permissible or sufferable?

It is not permissible for applicants to send their wives, valets or chauffeurs to represent them.

Ellen smiled decorously, for she was not sure how much smiling was permissible in school.

The velocities attainable in large calibers within the permissible weight of an automatic pistol are comparatively low.

It is permissible to call a pink rambler Dorothy, but why add the unspeakable surname Perkins?

Irrigation of the colon, when permissible, may stimulate peristalsis in the higher segments of the bowel.

Curtailment or deprivation of personal freedom by a public authority is only permissible on a legal basis.

Curtailment or deprivation of personal freedom by a public authority is only permissible on a legal basis.

Their old friendship makes this permissible, however unromantic, and he has always rallied her thus.

Curtains may hang in straight lines or be simply looped back, but fancy festooning is not permissible.

In this case it is permissible to abbreviate, but it is better form to write the name in full.

Still, he was far from the illiberality of denying that philosophy duly bounded was not permissible.

An interference with or abridgment of personal liberty through official action is permissible only by authority of law.

Harry could understand that it was war, that it was permissible to do what these Germans planned.

This, you perceive, is dignified and impressive; dignity and impressiveness are virtues permissible to great capitalist institutions.

The young people, the old people, the highest and the lowest (permissible), are thrown promiscuously together.

This one might, were such triteness permissible, have been most succinctly characterized by a well-known description of war.

Nor is it permissible, after a color has been miscalled, to return to it and again ask its name.

Possibly certain cases of incest may really be exaggerated accounts of misunderstood unions once permissible by totemic law.

Until transliteration from the Slavic languages has become standardized this, I am sure, is permissible and even advisable.

Irascibility is regarded as permissible in sickly children only: grown people are supposed to be superior to displays of impatience.

The process of earmarking the permissible and the impermissible gift strikes one as very difficult even if possible.

Harry could understand that it was war, that it was permissible to do what these Germans were planned.

An emaciated form of his philosophy, and a literal interpretation of the scriptures, constituted the only permissible studies.

The diphthongs in bite and bout are pronounced by the uneducated in many ways not permissible in standard English.

The majority pursue such worldly avocations, often quite humble, as are permissible for them under their caste laws.

Plural marriages were permissible under our system, but were not very general, and plural wives were usually sisters.

One peso is the lowest permissible play on any single number at roulette and one hundred pesos is the highest.

An addition of substances for medicinal or dietetic purposes is permissible, though in such cases the goods must be declared.

In other parts a greater laxity is permissible, since no false impression is conveyed by using the non-Slav version.

An attempt to bulldoze a young government man into believing that the taking of logs without payment was permissible.

We jiggled and jumped and bumped, and only by going at the slowest permissible speed could stand it.

That such was now permissible, and even praiseworthy, considering its consolatory results, only made him a more ardent sexton.

And if it was permissible to speak at all, she would do me no such discourtesy as not to speak freely.

To chronicle the small events which occurred in that Arcadian parish, would be to overstep the bounds of permissible tediousness.

It was easy to run the Spanish blockade and take supplies to the rebel forces, which was a permissible trade.

The goods were marked, but bargaining was permissible if the figure was considered by the saleswoman to be too high.

Or, to lessen fatigue, is an occasional rise and fall of the wrist permissible in a long passage of scale or arpeggio?

Retroactive criminal legislation which is not detrimental to an accused person is permissible (for example, a law reducing a penalty).

Only in real biography are such phenomena permissible; in fiction, Naturalism carried to such an extreme repels by its unlikeliness.

It is therefore scarcely permissible to call them lazy according to the general acceptation of the meaning of the term.

As our oldest poetry was alliterative, alliteration has always been considered a permissible, and indeed a favorite, ornament of English verse.

The Scandinavian investigators concluded that the levels of concentrated cesium approximated the maximum permissible dose range for large populations.

If the fruit used is permissible in the diet of an invalid, its combination with junket adds variety to the diet.

For a silver wedding, the engraving may be done in silver, and gold lettering is permissible for the fifty-year anniversary.

If that possible hastening is licit the whole action is licit; if it is not permissible it will vitiate the entire action.

The leading principle of the canon law of marriage is the limitation to monogamy of the permissible forms of the sexual relationship.

This book rather gives disgust or horror of sensuality in that it does not invite to foolish experiences or even to permissible unions.

Commiseration has, and should have, its curiosity, and it is permissible to regard misfortune traitorously when we wish to relieve it.

Under these circumstances conjectural reconstruction of its walls is quite permissible, although extreme caution is necessary when guided by imaginary probabilities.

The analogy of the brain to the battery or dynamo in which the current originates is the only logical or permissible one.

In the removal of the second molar too much outward movement is not permissible, as the outer alveolus is often very dense.

Even the King's men themselves, though probably without any intention to offend, sometimes misjudged the limits of what was permissible.

Of course, that is not permissible, and the German Government does its best to rap these lazy wretches on the fingers.

As a rule, in works of this description, dealing with the sources of history, it is not permissible to refer to contemporaneous authorities.

During this time there has been a steady growth away from the theory that money-making is permissible in an honorable public career.

Should ye condemn the arsonist and the murderer to life imprisonment, it would be permissible according to the provisions of the Book.

Cultivation of the memory is a far different thing from "trick memory," or feats of mental legerdemain if the term is permissible.

It was considered permissible, nay highly praiseworthy, to cut the thread of existence, when every hope of an endurable future was lost.

In bargaining, overvaluing and undervaluing are not only permissible but inevitable, attempts to increase the desire to buy and willingness to sell.

The seeming admission that polygamy might be permissible relates to cases for which the laws of all civilized nations make provisions.

It is permissible to run an amount of risk to save an upper extremity which would be unjustifiable in the case of a lower limb.

Masturbation, like extra-connubial sexual intercourse, is sexual indulgence outside the limits of that which is alone permissible by the canons of theological morality.

It is permissible to ask whether it would not have been juster and more humane to have looked into the matter a little more closely.

All the same, it is permissible to regret that he should have throughout his life pandered to the popular conception of a poet.

Certain old servitors, faithful guardians of tradition, in vain recalled that it was not permissible to sit down in the sovereign's apartments.

Postage must be fully prepaid, and great care exercised not to add any written words or figures except such as are permissible.

Any sort of lounging costume was permissible during the daytime, and the guests straggled in at luncheon without regard for promptness.

It is not permitted to kill directly to save the life of another, but it is permissible to mutilate directly to save the whole body.

In giving statutory power to appoint Commissions and listing permissible subjects the Act differs from the Evidence Acts considered in Australian cases.

Any sequence is permissible, only in this puzzle as soon as a pawn reaches the eighth square it is dead, and remains there unconverted.