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Use permissible in a sentence

Definition of permissible:

  • (adjective) that may be permitted especially as according to rule
  • (adjective) that may be accepted or conceded

Sentence Examples:

The uncivilized people who consider that practical joking is permissible are as a rule bitterly hostile to serious drama.

A century had developed sufficient toleration to make interesting, as well as permissible, a public discussion of divergent beliefs.

My husband had become contaminated with the popular idea that even more frequent relations were permissible during pregnancy.

It is certainly permissible not to identify in principle the republican idea or form with atheism, anti-Christianism, or Freemasonry.

His round face and his profile have exactly the degree of distinctness permissible or possible in a Romantic countenance.

It is permissible only as a guard against impertinence, or for the purpose of checking personalities, or troublesome intrusions.

Redundancy is sometimes permissible for the surer conveyance of meaning, for emphasis, and in the language of poetic embellishment.

He determined to question the latter if a permissible occasion arose; suddenly his interest had sharpened toward her mental situation.

Kant here brings forward two reasons why it is permissible to conceive of the existence of an extra-human, archetypal reason.

My husband had become contaminated with the popular idea that even more and frequent relations were permissible during pregnancy.

"Not death itself shall part us again," he whispered, with that extravagance of attachment which is permissible to lovers.

It is the most difficult question attending the modern currency crisis, whether such assumption of an unaltered situation is permissible.

For some reason, probably because of a permissible vagueness in statements couched in a foreign tongue, he insisted on using English.

This is the sense in which it is permissible to maintain that religion is as independent of metaphysics as it is of cosmology.

The battle plan having been thus crystallized, no subsequent alterations were permissible, under any circumstances, no matter how tempting.

Dissonances, according to Helmholtz, are only permissible as transition points for consonants, having no right of their own to be.

Four ways of preparing fish were according to custom pickled, roasted, baked, or boiled; with the latter, eggs were permissible.

Such variations would seem to be permissible when the acceptance of the payment in kind is left optional with the workmen.

Thanks to beautiful and permissible hyperbole, you have begun with sensation in your description of love, and have ended with sentiment.

Analogous situations in broad farce and farcical comedy are frequent and permissible: but surely not in a drama of real life.

If, however, antipathy or resentment develop between the marriage partners, divorce is permissible after the lapse of one full year.

These events have been sufficiently startling in the light of all previous history to make it perhaps permissible to glance over them.

Where there are good artillery positions falling within the sphere of protection of the redoubts, large intervals will be permissible.

Still, it is permissible to adduce an illustration taken from actual life, and to ask the reader to form his opinion independently.

It requires tact and judgment to know when it is permissible to have recourse to this artifice and how to practice it safely.

The phrase, spiritual passion, had occurred to him without forethought, and he wondered if it were permissible, if it meant anything?

They failed to realize that permissible abstraction from specific contents or methods of knowledge does not obliterate reference to matter or content.

Paraffin is also very liable to deposit carbon, owing to the small range of variation permissible in the strength of the mixture.

If a fair dawn promises a cloudless day, we may look forward with the highest degree of confidence permissible in human affairs.

As before, he willingly responded, adding to his repertoire, if the term be permissible, new feats of the most startling character.

In such a case the use of the septic tank combined with an anaerobic filter would probably give a permissible degree of purity.

Why should this particular bit of camouflage be taboo, when so many other forms of it are regarded as permissible or even obligatory?

He told him that the chambers of Princes ought to be inviolable and sacred ground, in which brawling was not permissible.

An analogous appearance of merely general connection, on grounds which are converse to the above, is permissible to certain types of lyrical poetry.

Naval history abounds with evidence that to attack coast defenses is not the proper or even the permissible work of warships.

"Even though the hour and place were not especially consecrated to love, was it not permissible to evoke its charming images?"

It is permissible, therefore, to ask whether accident leads the discoverer, or the discoverer accident, to a successful outcome in scientific quests.

Without orders from these headquarters no firing is permissible except by the pickets, and that only when they are attacked.

Or perhaps no attempt would be made to hide his death since, after all, it is always permissible to shoot an armed burglar.

While a reflection on the poor fellow's infirmity may be permissible, it is too bad to charge him with pretending not to see.

A certain amount of judicious bedding would be permissible, but it would be best that even this should be confined to private places.

Carlyle, who devotes a page of his memoirs to a compilation of the worst epithets and opinions permissible to a Doctor of Divinity.

If the goods were bulky, awkward, or risky to handle, perhaps requiring special appliances or equipment, relatively high classification was permissible.

Here, again, my scruples would be removed, if it were only generally understood that the metaphorical interpretation was possible and permissible.

No sexual intercourse is permissible while a woman is pregnant, nor during menstruation, nor during the first three months after childbirth.

A few bibliographical details are equally necessary, and permissible, and the elementary principles of Chekhov criticism will also be found useful.

In summer a gray morning suit with fancy waistcoat, or white flannels or linen, with appropriate hat, shoes, and tie, is permissible.

In truth, were laughter on such a subject permissible, nothing would suggest ideas more burlesque than this fantastic institution of hereditary kings.

It is harmoniously beautiful, pure French-Gothic, graceful and elegant, classic if the word is permissible for the unrestrained individualism of Gothic art.

I have read somewhere that the recognition of belligerents is not permissible until it is proved that they can hold their own.

To my surprise I found that the commentators were chiefly occupied with the endeavor to define under what conditions anger was permissible.

It is not permissible to encourage Slavery, while every principle of economy and every sentiment of justice and humanity urge its discouragement.

Nevertheless, there is a law of Constantine, whereby the sale of children, in cases of great poverty or destitution, was made legally permissible.

As for inventing stories about real people, that may well have seemed permissible in an age when historians recorded mere hearsay as actual fact.

A few brass dishes on the wall, a tall palm by one curtain, elks' antlers, etc., are permissible where space is obtainable.

In an inadmissible and unlawful way we have learned to know him; whereas to believe in him is the only permissible mode of approach.

No doubt it is permissible to have them floating about in one's pocket, or to decorate the interior of one's chest of drawers with them.

Almost any sort of menu is permissible, but salads, sandwiches, olives, ice cream and liquid refreshments of all kinds are always in order.

One very simple brooch, or perhaps a pair of cuff links, is permissible; but bracelets, rings and neck ornaments are in bad taste.

Many good people still act up to this degree of truthfulness: when they feel unselfish they think it permissible to treat truth more lightly.

If then he is deceived in his hopes, which are only a deduction from his own infatuation, it is certainly permissible to laugh at it.

The omission of the cumbersome auxiliary, wherever permissible, already characteristically employed in his tale, is conspicuous, as in all his writings and letters.

The canons of conduct in France are so different from those in America that what is permissible in one country is heinous in the other.

In a much lighter vein it is permissible to pun in the repeated lines so that the last repetition comes in with a different meaning.

It was holiday-time, and liberties were taken such as were not permissible, when they might have afforded a bad precedent to the boarders.

We do not know at all; nor can we tell whether it be permissible to draw any conclusion from all these incontestable phenomena.

You begin to wonder if your tie is straight, if it would be permissible to rid your chafing neck of the unholy contrivance encircling it.

We do not know at all; nor can we tell whether it is permissible to draw any conclusion from all these incontestable phenomena.

It is really difficult to decide when we come to the extreme edge of veracity, when and when not it is permissible to create an illusion.

Turner raised the chord of color a whole octave, if it is permissible to say so, illustrating one art by the terms of another.

Congregational singing of hymns is much to be desired; but, though difficult to obtain, it is not permissible to provoke it by undignified music.

This extraordinary brilliancy would be intelligible were it permissible to suppose that we see nothing of the planet but a dense canopy of clouds.

The case shews that it is not permissible to assume the absence of granules, when the ordinary staining methods are not at once successful.

Many psychological theorists would uphold such a deceit as not only permissible, but even praise-worthy, if practiced for the furtherance of a good cause.

The grove or fields surrounding the temples were often regarded as inviolate, so that no act of violence would be permissible within their precincts.

Of course, it will be understood that every portion of the stove must be put together with rivets, no soldered work being permissible.

He should understand that my age and the rank I owe to my sword render inappropriate the pleasantries permissible when I was eighteen.

Nor is it permissible to draw up a spoonful of soup or coffee and blow upon it; one must wait until it is sufficiently cooled of itself.

Nature being too strong for any convention of ours, courtship has asserted itself as permissible on the Sabbath, if not as a Sabbatical institution.

Legal measures are also permissible for combatting obscene and indecent literature as well as for the protection of youth at public plays and spectacles.

I hope it is no treason to say that much, for a good deal of dignity is permissible, even peremptory, when a man fills great positions.

Sir Herbert Tree was again the most likely exotic, and played his revolting part with great gusto and a permissible amount of humor.

It is permissible to assume in advance that they were written originally and in the order in which they follow each other in the sketchbook.

And, making due allowance for the permissible hyperbole of a grateful guest, it is a compliment to any family to receive such a warm tribute.

There is delicious fragrance in the juicy cob, too, and in the bosom of your family it is permissible (and decidedly advisable) to suck it.

And here again but one child was permissible, lest they should be embarrassed, delayed, forever impeded in the attainment of the future they coveted.

He could tell by the fraction of an inch the amount of water permissible between the treacherous rocks and the keel of his boat.

As there will be no need to recur to him again, it will be permissible to justify my criticism by some account of his personal experiences.

Popularly, no doubt, it is permissible to speak of the soil as a "producer," just as we may talk of the daily movement of the sun.

It was permissible, however, to censure a mustache, which at that time was considered a wayward appendage, not strictly in accordance with the regulations.

Set this frame in some part of the yard where it will not look unsightly but as near the source of leaf supply as is permissible.

These are very objectionable, and not permissible in producing sewing thread, as they cause thick places which catch in the eye of the needle.

Two men at least I saw next day wandering about with a lantern, a pretense that it is still night and dunning still permissible.

It is permissible to obtain assistance from others, but never to the extent that you are standing on the sidelines watching someone else do your work.

The near kindred, on hearing of the death of a relative, take a fowl and strangle it; the shedding of its blood is not permissible.

On the other hand, for safety and for certainty of detonation, stronger detonators are recommended for use with permissible explosives, preferably electric detonators.

Is it permissible to ask for whose advantage this large number of ducks is reared and fattened for the table at so small a cost?

Defiance of the standing social and domestic code, was in his eyes only permissible to what he termed free-lance adventurers, like himself, Peter, or Sebastian.

It is as if life itself passed before one's eyes seen wrong side out, seen from the perfectly permissible standpoint of the dreamer or the delirious fever-patient.

Style deals only with what is permissible to all, and even revokes, on occasion, the rigid laws of Grammar or countenances offenses against them.