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Definition of railroad:

  • (noun) line that is the commercial organization responsible for operating a system of transportation for trains that pull passengers or freight
  • (noun) a line of track providing a runway for wheels
  • (verb) compel by coercion, threats, or crude means;
  • (verb) supply with railroad lines; "railroad the West"
  • (verb) transport by railroad

Sentence Examples:

Then the German armies were to be rushed back over their marvelous system of government-owned railroads to meet the on-coming German tide of Russians.

You'll be building your roads and flumes and railroad, getting your mill up, buying your machinery and all the rest of it.

Ben had come along the year before Ed and got a steady job as brakeman on the railroad, over on the Coeur d'Alene Branch.

In comfort and elegance the second-class cars of the Atlantic and Pacific Road correspond to the omnivorous cars in use on our railroads generally.

And hence it was that the railroad company was willing to pay well for the apprehension of the chief of these marauders.

They were below the rocks and needed only to steady themselves as the resistless current swept them down toward the railroad yards.

A few cases were fought out in the courts with results very disconcerting to the railroads who had hired these private detectives.

All the railroad magnates and clerks had been watching her over their newspapers, and in one instant she had captured the car.

Attorney General Olney, acting for the railroads, was hatching a scheme to incarcerate the officers of the union and refuse them bail.

The lumbermen could not work at cutting down trees, floating or sledding them to the mill or carting them to the railroad.

Once, in a big storm, Flossie and Freddie had seen the railroad snowplow, pushed by two locomotives, cut through a high drift.

When the railroad was built along the river bank at this point, the graders ran into a perfect forest of petrified wood.

The fetters previously prepared are placed on your limbs, and in a few minutes you are travelling with railroad velocity to a Southern market.

Under Forrest's direction the 9th and 10th were spent in tearing up railroad track encased in snow and sleet, terribly cold work.

One young man had discovered a way to keep worms out of railroad-ties and had promptly bludgeoned the railroad companies out of fabulous royalties.

It was a signal gun, and quickly followed by a volley from the men stationed behind the abutment of the railroad bridge.

He was some poor old foxy grandpa, totally deaf, whom Hoop-La had found walking upon the railroad track and was taking home.

It accuses the German representatives and their hirelings of plotting to blow up railway tunnels, railroads, railroad trains, and bridges, already mentioned.

No one must expect quick time on Mexican railroads, for twenty-five miles an hour is fast travelling, and the average is nearer fifteen miles.

Two railroads, American and Canadian, skirt the shores of the Northern Lakes, making, with the line of lake steamers, three competing lines.

There was no regular commissariat, there were no railroads, there were no good roads, there were no accurate maps, there was no trained staff.

Whether legislation will ever come to the point of recognizing the railroad man's shibboleth, "charge what the traffic will bear," is perhaps dubious.

In the accusation, which was shot through with tremulous imprecations, the "organization" and the railroad company were implicated as if they were one.

He will be cross-examined as to the condition of the railroad and as to what caused the accident, and there will be a heated argument.

A long line of rebel skirmishers came down through the cornfield, and two other parties approached us along the railroad on both sides.

I do not believe the Confederate army can reach our railroad-lines except by cavalry-raids, and Wilson will have cavalry enough to checkmate them.

I spoke of the work of the traveler through the wilderness as art; the term was applied also to railroad-building and to housekeeping.

He was considered "half-cracked" in those days when he would enthuse over his undersea railroad, but his animated face was lit with inspiration.

The agricultural depression was even greater than in preceding years, while the great railroad strikes were evidence of the distress of the workingmen.

It is indeed doubtful whether any other railroad combination ever maintained itself longer or pursued its ends with greater pertinacity than this pool.

A band played at the railroad station just above our hotel, and the park attached to it swarmed with excursionists during the afternoon.

The underground railroad, complete with drainage pumps, storage rooms and electric lights, crosses the border and connects with the Canadian hotel.

"He used to be a clerk in Maxwell's railroad office, and he was mixed up in some kind of crookedness, I don't remember just what."

Sometimes a group of trainmen from some freight awaiting orders will gather there to swap stories and the keen wit of the railroad.

On the landward side of the railroad undulate the hills in soft nuances of green, speckled and flecked with ever-changing light and shade.

Dahlgren was killed, and his body was mutilated and exposed to an enraged public at one of the railroad depots in the city.

Yet this pious zealot helped wreck the finances of a great railroad system, and with part of the proceeds built a theological seminary.

The building of railroads and other governmental enterprises have been retarded by parliamentary obstructionists, to whom language is more than bread and butter.

Speeders, motor cars, and hand cars on railroads or logging roads are often used when an agreement has been made with the company.

These men move about on foot, on horseback, on railroad speeders, in automobiles, or in any other conveyance adapted to the country they are in.

Every electric railroad uses the bond wire or plate in some form, originally invented and used by Robinson, for electrically bonding rails together.

A Belgian company was organized to introduce sleeping cars by contracts with railroad companies, somewhat like those of the Pullman Company in America.

These encamped about the town and along the railroad, and at least a month will be needed before they can be sent home.

The present roadbed would become a cross-town thoroughfare (Boundary Street) and the railroad would be in a cut just west of the street.

This simply means that newsboys to sell or wait for papers at railroad stations must not swear, steal, lie, smoke cigarettes or gamble.

If reduced to tons this would make nearly a full carload when the time came for moving the vast wealth to the railroad.

Nothing disorganizes a railroad more quickly than impeded or inefficient wires, for the reason that its operation depends wholly upon its telegraph system.

It is probable that our attack at the railroad so disconcerted them that before they recovered, it was too late to interrupt our rapid retreat.

The men engaged in the business were usually of the unscrupulous kind, and their crookedness caused the railroads no little amount of trouble.

The nostrums offered to railroad managers for purifying feed-water are legion, but it is doubtful if a single remedy has proved entirely successful.

Large numbers of railroad employees were forced to work from twelve to fourteen hours a day, and their efficiency and stamina thus lowered.

At one point, as we ascended a steep hill, athwart whose base a railroad, yet constructing, took its course, we came upon an Irish colony.

Around the lake the scenery was rather wild, and had it been closer to the railroad would have been a great spot for sportsmen.

The story of the incident was embalmed in railroad history, and no history is so full of vivid incident as that of the rail.

Stephen Girard and John Jacob Astor, of the olden time, would in our day almost excite the sympathy of some of our railroad magnates.

A railroad brings civilizing influences; but the first thing it does is to induct a surging tide of forces contending against law and order.

And there's a mountain gorge with plenty of water in it, where the railroad runs on a shelving level blasted out of the wall.

She had been riding out of town in a buckboard, with Aunt Hannah beside her, and Lawler had just come from the railroad station.

A short distance down the railroad a body of cavalrymen had dismounted, and soon they were as busy as ants, tearing up the track.

For Jane, more than all of them, realized the blessings a railroad would bring to her people in that wild area beyond Snarly Knob.

At indoor stations, in offices or buildings belonging to the railroad, the regular magneto sets may be employed, as in the first case outlined.

A few years ago a lady complained to the president of a Western railroad that a brakeman had spoken to her with great rudeness.

The railroad brotherhoods secured one concession after another in hours, wages, and operating rules, concessions which the nonunion men could not get.

Several pontoon boats had been floated down a stream running from the Railroad to a point within a mile or two of the Ferry.

It must be remembered there were no telegraphs, no railroads, no steamboats, in those days, and time taken by the forelock was time gained.

Bryan made a speech stating that his European experience had convinced him that it was desirable to nationalize the railroads of the United States.

Our brigade moved on and turned sharply to the right, in a southwesterly direction, to strike the railroad again about eight miles below Jonesboro.

The memories of his own days as a railroad brakeman are evidently working within him, and he seizes a green lantern and waves it.

The two men crossed the railroad track and entered the little eating-house which bore the high-sounding and euphonious title of "Hotel Holloway."

He had been a fireman on a railroad, a farm-hand, a general jobber; he had tried his hand at almost everything without much success.

The west coast will be sidetracked, and our trunk railroads will cut down their schedules and their dividends at the same time.

It transported its great, lumbering bulk with more than railroad speed, and set itself phlegmatically down on whatever spot she glanced at.

The story goes that the selection of this unpropitious spot for the terminus of the railroad was due to the passion of a moment.

The railroad has become one of the great mediums of enlightenment to mankind, and joins in a social fraternity the disunited elements of a country.

Convinced of their innocence and enraged by the efforts to railroad them to the gallows, they did their best to provide adequate defense.

Steam, railroads, electricity, have worked a revolution so stupendous, that we find it difficult to realize the facts of the life which our forefathers lived.

Would woman be willing to take upon herself the responsibility of planning to economize, of building churches, railroads, of entering into a competition with man?

Railroads could use it to prevent men once employed and discharged for incompetency obtaining employment on another division, thus doing away with inspectors.

"Oh, dear, yes," she mocked; "a great, gouty gentleman, who owns a couple of railroads and wears an electric light in his shirt-front."

That railroad is going to flood this country with farmers, and settlement means a network of railroads and skyrocketing ascension of land values.

The armor was of railroad iron dovetailed together, the rails running up and down on the inclined ends and horizontally along the sides.

The railroad communications were bad and immediately became congested by the movements of troops, thus interfering with the shipping of badly needed material.

The railroad has become one of the great mediums of enlightenment to mankind, and joins in a social fraternity the disunited elements of a country.

Let us look charitably now upon a certain very serious obstacle which lies in the way of their sudden acceptance of a great railroad system.

In spite of this, he allowed his former schoolmate and another stout fellow to bring his heavy trunk from the railroad into camp.

There is still no change in the method of remunerating the railroads, and hence in the unscientific and discriminating methods of fixing rates.

Somewhere beyond the neighborhood where Emmy Lou lived with Aunt Cordelia and Uncle Charlie, was the roundhouse and the yards of a railroad.

I was appalled when mentally I compared these factory plans with those of the average railroad shop, which rarely has any at all.

"Puffing Billy" had driven the backwardness out of him, and he was willing, at all hazards, boldly to advocate railroads and the steam-horse.

If he were in the metropolitan district he would be unknown except to a little coterie of railroaders; up here he is the voice of the railroad.

We have nothing that is effective against these dodo tanks but the twelve-inch railroad artillery, using armor-piercing shell and securing a direct hit.

One day all of us who were able to walk were made to fall in and march over to the railroad, where we were loaded into boxcars.

The city changed character on the other side of the elevated railroad, and presently they were walking through a dirty, evil-smelling, congested neighborhood.

The men of the party crept along, skulking through the bushes that grew on the mountain side along the railroad right of way.

The latter, flustered, flattered, went to extremes of confidence and laid frankly bare his railroad hopes and fears which were now all fears.

In this manner is formed the following table, giving the scantling of sticks for railroad stringer bridges, of twenty feet span and under.

Throughout the summer the railroads had been congested with traffic, and now there were a quarter of a million freight cars laid by.

This style of panel is largely employed by railroads as windbreaks in winter to keep the tracks from becoming covered with drifted snow.

And to what base purpose the railroad magnates put these brotherhoods to still further entrench their power and perpetuate their reign of robbery!

He missed the factories and the tall chimneys belching forth smoke; he saw no railroad crossings, or culverts, or streets crowded with toilers.