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Use rampant in a sentence

Definition of rampant:

  • (adjective) rearing on left hind leg with forelegs elevated and head usually in profile
  • (adjective) unrestrained and violent; "rampant aggression"
  • (adjective) (of a plant) having a lush and unchecked growth; "a rampant growth of weeds"

Sentence Examples:

I read the other day of the truck system being "rampant" in a certain district; and every day we may meet with similar echoes of familiar words which betray the flaccid condition of the writer's mind drooping under the labor of expression.

It is this latter which is rampant and at present unchecked in Europe, and this also is a constant menace to the success of those sane and righteous movements which take their lead from the guild system of the Middle Ages.

The spring, long retarded by previous cold, had now begun in all its comeliness, and life was rampant.

She was still mired in the rampant egotism of untried youth, as yet the sublime individualist.

Some ruined Gothic archways may still be seen from the valley, the upper stones yellow with rampant wallflowers in the early spring.

A vast amount of rampant Americanism was crowded into all these matters.

Carnage is now rampant; the bloodshed intoxicates the soldiers to a high degree.

The escutcheon below his portrait bears, very suitably, three loaded muskets rampant.

This plot of grass was separated from an extensive park, that opened in front of the hall, by tall iron gates, on each of the pillars of which was a lion rampant supporting the escutcheon of the family.

And because of all this, exulting in my young life, able to hold my own at work or fight, I was a rampant individualist.

It is upon this that the rampant individualist bases his individualism.

Amateurishness was rampant.

The sign of the red horse rampant creaked mournfully as it swung slowly to and fro in the gentle breeze; with palsied arms and in cracked tones the old inn seemed to bid us stay and rest beneath its sheltering eaves.

It is well to record these names before they are effaced by the commercialism rampant in the suburbs of Boston.

Pepin, sword in hand, has plunged his left arm, which is enveloped in his mantle, into the mouth of the lion; the animal stands, with extended claws, in that attitude which in heraldry represents the lion rampant.

How she exists where rampant cows bellow at you, frogs croak, mosquitoes consume you, the butter goes to oil in summer and bricks in winter, while the pump freezes every day, and there is no earthly amusement, and no society!

Most of his cronies were rampant atheists, disgusted with the commercialism of the believers.

Such a jolly, rampant, screaming, fighting, maddening, jostling, polyglot, quarrelling, laughing broth of a Vanity Fair!

The proper caper for him would be the caribou rampant with a whitefish flotsam.

Round her neck she wore little quadrangular plates of gold, representing a woman between two rampant lions; and her costume was a complete reproduction of the equipment of the goddess.

Murder ran rampant, and the roads were everywhere strewn with the bodies of slaughtered men.

Yet those very days saw the uprising of a whole generation of noble servants of humanity, resolute to tight and overcome the rampant evils that surrounded them.

Democracy rampant on all sides of him, during his sojourn in France, found in him not only an ardent sympathizer, but a passionate advocate.

The doors of the principal entrance are painted red, and have gilt hinges fashioned in the shape of rampant lions spreading over nearly their entire surface.

In the door stood the blind piper with outstretched arms and hands ready to clutch, the fingers curved like claws, his knees and haunches bent, leaning forward like a rampant beast prepared to spring.

She wound the old martinet round her finger, subdued her rampant Americanism in his society, and amused herself sowing the seeds of rebellion in the minds of "those poor Niebuhr girls."

Carlyle dealt the deathblow to the "laissez-faire" theory rampant in his day, and made each individual responsible for the race.

His rampant grizzled forelock stood straight up and his jaws were squared and grim.

And rampant young orators stormed out detestation of kings; and augurs swore that their birds presaged immortality to freedom.

This is one of the instances where exaggeration has served as a healthy antidote to the tendency toward extreme dinginess rampant about ten years ago, resulting from an obsession to antique everything.

Business had been at a complete standstill, the shops and houses barred and barricaded, and many of the inhabitants were taking a hurried departure; while bitterness, discord, and racial feeling were rampant.

Extortion was rampant and profiteering went unpunished.

Already in just this trice of time she felt her rampant young mouth resettle tamely into lines of smug, determinate serenity.

The dragon looked rather like a frog rampant, and the crowned cushion bore a singular resemblance to a mushroom with an angry ladybird on its apex.

Long gray locks curled around his ears and a rampant forelock stood up defiantly upon his wide, high brow.

Uncle Tucker's big eyes were bright with excitement, his gray lavender muffler, which always formed a part of his early morning costume, flew at loose ends, and a rampant, grizzly lock stuck out through the slit in the old gray hat.

The rampant respectability of the ward even went so far as to refuse to wash her in those early morning hours when the night nurse, flying about with her cap on one ear, was carrying tin basins about like a blue-and-white cyclone.

Mary and his Excellency were friends of very old standing indeed, their intimacy having begun thirty-five years before, when the future great man was a rampant baby, and Mary his nurse and his adorer, which last she was still.

In the center was a raised dais, hung round with cloth of blue embroidered with lions rampant.

If I had to choose a new family escutcheon, I think I should insist upon having Beautiful Dog rampant upon it!

He is more false than a siren, more rapacious than a griffin, more poisonous than a wyvern, and more cruel than a lion rampant.

Conjecture was now rampant as to the cause of his sudden flight and self expatriation to the Indian Territory.

In the sunny garden the fresh air revived him, and he paused to stare at a rose-bush, rampant, covered with white blossoms against which the bees were humming.

It is therefore a matter for unfeigned rejoicing to find that they are not only alive but rampant, with all their old splendid command of polysyllabic periphrasis.

Wars were waged with relentless cruelty by brother against brother, bad passions ruled, the rich oppressed the poor, and became in turn the victims of their own excesses, and vice, disease, and misery were rampant throughout the land.

A straggling brook at its lowest point was more or less rampant in springtime, though during July and August it contained but little water.

It was not that he was more provincial than he had to be; for that matter, there is no provincialism so rampant as that of the thronging, striving, self-sufficient city.

Rampant were to say, 'Cockatoos and kingfishers!

A third consideration is Herndon's enthusiasm for the agnostic deism that was rampant in America in his day.

It seems almost incredible that ignorance and vandalism should still be so rampant in the twentieth century that the most important historical monuments are not safe from desecration in order to obtain a few turquoises, but it is so.

While we have eliminated profiteering in several branches of industry it still runs impudently rampant in others.

For many years undressed and neglected, they had come at last to a rather rampant state of anarchy and misrule.

That a Dictator should have continued to hold the reins of power for this length of time in the face of the opposition and hatred which, although smothered, were rampant on every side of him was undoubtedly a most amazing feat.

He was an individual among other individuals who were unconsciously actuated by rampant individualism except in moments of peril, when stark necessity compelled them to social action.

Comparing the situation in two diseases for which we have specifics, such as syphilis and malaria, malaria has lost most of its seriousness as a problem in any part of the world, while syphilis is rampant everywhere.

We had not even a suspicion that what to our unaided vision appeared inert elements held a rampant, multitudinous life, nowhere dead, but always surging and changing, ever replacing death and decay with a new life all its own.

One man he had employed three or four years before, when Jacobitism was rampant, in running to earth the writers of seditious pamphlets and broad sheets.

Much of the literary criticism in the first few volumes is inexcusably brutal; fortunately, Blackwood's soon became less rampant in its critical outbursts.

There was an instant of guilty silence, and then the two conspirators beheld a freckled face, crowned by a mass of rampant sandy hair, protrude itself through the doorway.

It cannot well be planted wrong as regards position, as it will thrive anywhere, providing the soil is enriched, it being a gross feeder; it should not, however, be planted where it will be likely to overgrow smaller and less rampant subjects.

In the last-named situation it proves useful all the year round, but care should be taken that it does not overgrow less rampant rock plants.

He also sent his servant to the mansion of the latter to cut down the rampant mugwort, and he restored the grounds to proper order.

The first is the voice, distant and piteous, of those sister communities which now, alas, are fettered by the falling chains of religious orthodoxy and isolated through the cruel barriers set up by a rampant nationalism.

The flowers were gone, the rarer shrubs choked by rank weeds, the trees disfigured by rampant climbers.

Considered as a gloriously rampant mass, the aspect of the field was appalling.

As many of you as like not this service, or are but ill-armed, do you man the top of the outwork, draw your bowstrings to your ears and quell with your shot whoever shall appear upon the rampant.

Sniping was also rampant, and periscopes, no matter how small, survived not longer than a few minutes.

In all the great men of Norway we recognize something of the rampant individualism of their Viking forefathers.

They turned to this sanctified ignorance which is rampant in almost any nursery, which presides at family councils, flourishes among "reformers"; which from time immemorial has haunted legislatures and courts.

Don't you know that you are calling out a list of the most rampant heretics and disbelievers, every one of whom is probably on the Index?

In the center of the back were the royal arms, the lion and the unicorn rampant, embroidered in the most costly style.

"Like dewdrops from the lion's mane" (as is figuratively said); the lion swiftly rampant again!

Although the arms were defaced by the magistracy of the twelve, who took pains to obliterate every memorial of that duke, yet on the square shield there remained the form of the lion rampant with two tails, as any attentive observer may see.

Being of a slender habit of growth, and rather rampant, they should have some sort of support, and it is advisable to either train them to a trellis, or upon wires, or a string stretched over and along the window sash.

The upper part of his body was cased in a blue jacket, with leaden buttons, stamped with the rampant lion, with a little tail behind, which was shoved up in the air by the protuberance of the parts.

Intemperance was rampant through the eighteenth century and more than half the nineteenth.

In the same way, she was always on a battleground between the claims of her own rampant freewill and her sanctified belief in predestination.

The doctor ruffled his hair until it stood on end, rampant and tousled as a corn-husk mat.

The city was found to be in no little confusion on the arrival of the Movable Column, mutiny being rampant among the troops, and the military authorities taking scarcely any precautions to prevent an outbreak.

Distracted biographic figures rampant everywhere.

In its worst form this is rampant egoism and dogmatism.

Or, possibly his brute intelligence penetrated the dwarf's knavish pusillanimity, and, changing his tactics that he might still range on the side of perversity, resolved himself from immobility into a rampant agency of motion.

The French officials pointed out that smallpox, hitherto rampant, was being rapidly extirpated.

It is at the time when the extremists among nihilists are rampant, and when the secret police does its deadly work unquestioned; a time five years ago.

When Turner was but five years old he is said to have made, from memory, a fair copy of a lion rampant engraved on a silver salver, which he had seen while accompanying his father to the house of a customer.

They rode on and on and in and out through what at times was a teeming hive of misery and degradation, where filth and disorder seemed to be rampant.

The rampant luxuriousness which is willing to throw away large means for a trial and for a fancy which may lead to nothing, and yet a scrupulous economy which reaches its ends with the smallest possible waste, must blend.

The pureness of her blood was more rampant than ever, and I poked my nose into my navigation books and kept quiet.

The sun shone on the gilded monster that stood "rampant" under the bows and lit up the tall figure of Morgan, who stood watching the muddy waters as they ran lapping along the sides of the ship.

Then he stands gazing about him like a small, rampant lion; his eyes flashing, his nostrils quivering, his whole manner betokening that he is warming to his work.

The house, where the opposition was most rampant, determined, and unscrupulous, responded most affectionately to the president's message, and tacitly rebuked the demagogues for their personal abuse of Washington.

That very evening, after Nannie, like the cow, was corralled (and we may use this term without reproach, since she had been rampant all day), a small figure slipped from out the house and hastened to the garden.

The bees, raging out of their house and looking about them for the enemy who had knocked so rudely at their back door as to overturn the entire building, beheld Sarah Maria standing rampant over the prostrate Steve.

A lion, rampant, with a folio in his paw, with a man standing on each side of him, with a telescope over his head, and with a Persian motto under his feet, must seem to them either very mysterious, or very absurd.

Men were little more than mechanical figures, but the brain ran rampant and uncontrolled until the wild memories of furious German attacks earlier in the day surged up with acute pregnancy and the victim fell prey to poignant hallucination.

The route for the new road, on the contrary, according to the Pennsylvanians, who saw in it a great advantage to themselves, lay through a region where the mountains were not by far so lofty, the woods so thick, the rocks so huge, the swamps so deep, nor the streams so swift, or half so given to running rampant over their banks.

And now, when irreligion, and immorality, and skepticism are rampant, we must not despise the humblest instruments.

It was an evening to make one think with joy of succulent crumpets and rampant fires and warm slippers and noggins of whiskey; but it was not an evening for cats or timid people.

"There have been few more searching studies of the rampant English plutocracy than is afforded by this brilliantly written volume."

The Inn was of olden times, and apart near the water, with a landlady of the good old English type; and her son, the waiter, rampant about canoes, kept an aviary under the porch and a capital swimming dog in the stable.