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Use rampant in a sentence

Definition of rampant:

  • (adjective) rearing on left hind leg with forelegs elevated and head usually in profile
  • (adjective) unrestrained and violent; "rampant aggression"
  • (adjective) (of a plant) having a lush and unchecked growth; "a rampant growth of weeds"

Sentence Examples:

Union men became rampant, aggressive, and, if you will, intolerant.

In his seminary he's a fox, but in the inquisition a lion rampant.

They grow and spread freely, and are therefore useful where unchecked and rampant shrub growth is desirable.

This is a well-known species of not too rampant growth, and a native of Spain and Italy.

Learning is rampant in the land, and valuable information is pasted up in the streetcars so that he who rides may read.

At some period, however, vandalism has evidently been rampant.

The reaction from the rampant wickedness of the eighteenth century drove men into strict and even puritanical courses.

What friendly city will receive us when they see rampant lawlessness in our midst?

We are apt to hope too much, not considering that the seeds of death are sown in us when we begin to live, and grow up, till, like rampant weeds, they choke the tender flower of life; which declines in us as those weeds flourish.

The craving for vile debaucheries seizes austere people and base desires grow rampant in the brains of respectable men.

Garrison's rampant and impersonal egotism was good politics, but bad taste.

I found myself reverting to the old condition of rampant lust that had been such a curse to me in my university days.

The emancipated Press was rampant.

At last the authorities gave it up as a bad job, and joy and happiness ran rampant and unrestrained.

This form of blasphemy is as rampant now as it ever was.

Infantile mortality is very high, immorality is widespread, and, in consequence, venereal disease is rampant.

One is the male transformed into neuter gender; and the other is rampant with the fierceness of his sex.

Crime went unpunished or was taken in hand, when it got too rampant, by vigilance committees.

No human passion grows with so steady, so imperceptible, yet so rampant a growth as avarice.

In every case the animal is rampant, and assails his antagonist with three of his feet, while he stands on the fourth.

No more rampant secession speeches were to be heard.

Had she yielded her mind to their influence, the desires of her heart might have been numbed to a transient despair more nearly akin to a virtuous resignation to circumstance than the revolt that was now rampant within her.

Lawlessness was rampant.

And there be the cruel, rampant, remorseless devils with their claws, hoofs, and horns.

Several American Y.M.C.A. workers lately turned rampant Pacifists and had to be sent home.

Rampant wept tears for him and sent money to him in secret, and they had no difficulty in deciding why: "He'd got his father's temper, and it stood to reason that he and the old gentleman couldn't put up their horses together."

Rampant came out with us, looking more glum than usual, and with such a short neck!

It was American girlhood rampant on the shield of their native land.

Instead, poverty and squalor and filth were rampant.

Moreover, the new government's lack of experience in administering economic and technical assistance programs, and rampant corruption among officials, will slow the growth of critical public sector investment.

I do not know but that a jackass rampant would be about as comprehensive of my virtues as anything I might select.

It is a rampant grower, and sure to kill any dwarf subject that may be in its way.

In a word, women are more fastidious; the racial instinct is weaker in them, less rampant and less roving.

It effaced itself before the rampant pink and its magenta-tainted brood.

He is a three-months' brigadier, and a rampant demagogue.

On his shield was portrayed a silver griffin rampant, and upon a golden helmet, the ancient arms of Britain.

A moment later, he came back again, his coat under his arm, his hair rampant and his tie already gloriously askew.

Lawlessness was rampant, but it did not touch us.

While the self was rampant during the glare of day, everything I perceived was mingled with and hidden by it.

When night fell, oratory was again rampant in all parts of the city.

Then ensued a scene of rampant wildness and hideous ferocity of action beyond description.

A term applied to a griffin when rampant.

Things in the colony had at this time come to what may be styled a complicated pass, for distress and starvation were rampant on the one hand, while on the other hand the weather was superb, giving prospect at last of a successful harvest.

A few minutes more, and the lines were down, and expectation was breathlessly rampant.

The walls were crumbling, decay was rampant, the place breathed corruption.

Corruption rampant in the foundling homes.

Vane grew rampant in his corner as he listened; his mental language became impossibly lurid.

All through Pagan times infidelity in man was rampant and recognized, and not looked upon as sin.

The laws are inadequately administered, and crime has been rampant and unpunished.

And they can not assimilate each other, and the divorce courts are running rampant.

From the seventh to the twelfth century, the tendency to asceticism was rampant.

If we speak in terms of the part of the universe that we know and have to do with, we find free agencies rampant among organic life; so that "freedom of action" is a definite and real experience, and for practical convenience is so expressed.

The lion rampant might mean the anger of a person in authority, as the lion is the avowed king of beasts.

Let not this lesson be lost on the rampant and half-crazed speculators of the present day.

The English Snob rampant always does this to the present day.

When each missionary is given absolute independence to develop his own work on his own lines it will soon be found that whatever mission policy there may have been will be crushed out by rampant individualism.

Indeed, the defendants in this action for copyright infringement would have this court believe that stealing is rampant in the music business and, for that reason, their conduct here should be excused.

The churches and schools were practically closed, while crime and immorality were rampant.

Many Crusaders, indeed, fell far short of this high ideal; but there can be no doubt that, on the whole, it elevated the standard of morality, and checked the rampant tyranny which had previously prevailed.

Louis, where secession was rampant.

There were rampant Tories, who declared boldly for the King; there were more faint-hearted ones who had much business at stake and cared only for making money, and many of the Friends who counseled peace at any price.

Credit is woefully inflated; speculation and waste are rampant.

Not long since, the writer found a family of four children in a home where diphtheria was rampant.

It was genius, rampant and undisciplined, but unmistakable; and she told him so.

Another throb of the rampant member.

And here the lecherous doctor took the rampant little cock in his hand and pressed it.

She soon grew madly lewd, and began a side wriggle on my rampant prick.

A loaf was broken asunder, and placed on a pole, with a flag of white and blue, on which was a rampant lion.

One is rampant just when another is moodily silent; one wishes to sleep when another must shout or split.

Its intricate traceries were capped by a lion rampant, which had pawed the air for generations.

Summer came with the heat that wakens all the mountain silences to a roar of rampant life.

Eccentricity is still rampant, and decks itself with all sorts of revolutionary ideas.

The opportunities rampant in the one are a sad commentary on the sure defilement of the other.

Bigotry, prejudice, falsehood, and passion will be rampant and rife, and truth and reason will be trampled under foot.

Then we went up the gorge, mopping our brows, and staring to the sky through arches of rampant foliage.

Athletics are feverish there, suffrage rampant, politics frenzied, labor militant.

She crowded her rampant hair, flowing as Ophelia's, into her cheap little boyish hat and fumbled into her jacket.

In this position he is much more alert than a crouching lion, and less aggressive than the rampant lion.

The individual is rampant, and all are enslaved.

He rode at random under the spur of the energy that was rampant within him, demanding to be expended.

Each piece, large and small, was marked with the greyhound rampant and the motto.

She recognized the rampant reddish, hair, the dent at the corner of one exposed eye.

It was inevitable that Lilly, in an existence of this sort, in which were rampant all the evils of married life, without any of its rights and dignity, should become more and more self-centered, and look forward to the future with increasing sadness.

His rampant egotism sowed his consciousness with resentments that poisoned his blood and bred bitterness.

The rot is less serious when the vines are kept off the ground and the rampant suckers are cut out.

In the next letter the virtuous little damsel becomes quite rampant.

Slop and shiver and rotting leaves were rampant.

The antipathy which at the beginning was rampant quickly toned down.

Checked and subdued in small societies, but now happily rampant in the uncontrollable English-speaking communities.

It hears in an indefinite way that corruption is rampant, and then there is an investigation, but the average citizen rarely realizes what is going on until some personal business brings him in contact with the suspected officials.

Superstition and torture rampant after the Reformation.

Such events, transpiring in a country so long abandoned to a rampant individualism, are portents of a newer time.

Cannibalism is still rampant in some districts, but in others has died out.

It seemed to rake across all the rampant, violent passions of his nature.

The prejudice against the World under its new management was still rampant, and my appointment seemed to many newspapers a mystery, for the reason that my work before that time had always been done on newspapers of a very different kind.

Her jealousy was rampant because of the beauty of their wearers.

Without his imagination, which was rampant under the spur of loneliness, he would have succumbed long ago.

In his early years he found orthodoxy rampant and defiant, consequently he inclined to heresy; at a later period heresy became rampant and defiant, and as inevitably he returned to the older faith and views.

Religious swindle and charitable fraud are more rampant than ever, and make life in our country very unpleasant.

First, we read in scripture that so late as the reign of David, idolatry was still rampant among the Hebrews, and the attempt to explain this fact upon the theory of a relapse, is contrary to the testimony of the Bible itself.