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Definition of rebuke:

  • (noun) an act or expression of criticism and censure;

Sentence Examples:

It is not surprising that a prince impatient even of wholesome rebuke was enraged at this monkish tirade.

Hodges' crushing rebuke or the old man's mild resentment, they went their ways silent and uncommunicative.

She was horrified when at last she heard the rebuking strokes of the town clock, ten!

The girl was sure to resent a rebuke before others, and already the gaffers were grinning at her.

He was in the act of uttering this dignified rebuke when a porter came and stood before them.

For this impolitic act he was immediately rebuked, and such redress granted that no mischief ensued.

This magnificent reasoning was of course unanswerable; and the rebuked petitioner abandoned her bootless errand in despair.

A wily old minister was deputed, by his brethren, to rebuke the king for this heinous scandal.

And here, on this hallowed spot, of all places on earth, should they be met and rebuked.

I should let other people do as they would without formally and sententiously rebuking them for it.

In one cave, some old Spanish padre has come and carved a huge cross, in rebuke to pagan symbols.

She would rebuke it by saying, "The mothers and wives of brave men must be brave women."

Her words of rebuke dropped back unsaid, her throat choked up and tears welled into her eyes.

A most deadly sophism is this, and prevalent yet, notwithstanding the rebuke and condemnation of universal history.

Nevertheless, the President did not hesitate to rebuke him in sharp words for his imprudence and meddlesomeness.

Manifold occupations supply a salutary rebuke of pettiness, and help to drive the matter from his mind.

"In time to take my rightful place amongst the defenders of my country," was the dignified rebuke.

He heard every word of Mendoza's imprecation and thought it proper to rebuke him for speaking so freely.

I had stood in it once before and admired the courtly and costly thoroughness of the Earl's rebuke.

"Not at all," she told him, either much chastened by the late rebuke or much amused by it.

I cannot kill them; though flaming is their blood's rebuke, it is aristocratically as well as theologically blue.

Rousseau the moralist is present to rebuke Rousseau the sentimentalist; yet the sentimentalist has his own persuasive power.

Ten Eyck's reproving frown might be a comment on his tardiness or a rebuke for his bad faith.

He publicly rebuked a poor old dame whom he caught staggering homeward with her apron full of laths.

Mary anoints the master with a costly balm, and Judas and others rebuked her for profligacy.

More decided than his master, however, he seemed, by his promptness, to rebuke the dilatory genius of Philip.

It'll be a rebuke to all these vulgarians who are trying to show how much money they've got.

Canute, after the rebuke he gave to his flatterers, refused to wear thenceforth any symbol of royalty at all.

There was no soft music of appeal in the bronze volleying: it was the hoarse monitory voice of rebuke.

Silent and abashed, the other members of the princely household took the rebuke and did the same.

Nevertheless, he failed to rebuke the ill-timed mirth of the child, appearing to be altogether engrossed in his work.

Before the day was ended she was so tired that she did indeed merit Ninepins' sharp rebuke.

He looks at her seriously, a little sadly, in no whit abashed by the eloquent rebuke of her silence.

He saw her kiss a Turkish sword encrusted with valiant French blood, and did not rebuke her.

Letters of rebuke, of expostulation, of anathema even, addressed to her, personally, came in to her from every direction.

His religion exhausts itself in ejaculations and rebukes, and knows no medium between the ecstatic and the sententious.

"Not one," he said with an emphasis which sternly rebuked the ill-timed, and, as he deemed, untruthful flattery.

His religion exhausts itself in ejaculations and rebukes, and knows no medium between the ecstatic and the sententious.

The background is an office which by its military order and punctuality rebukes the habitual slovenliness of Russia.

Rebuked for untidiness, he was condemned to a detail of policing barracks that filled him with righteous wrath.

He rebuked me for a false quantity, and I, very cocksure, disputed the point and read my line.

Gesticulating, he pressed forward among them from where he had retired to the rear after my late rebuke.

The reason of modern times as sternly rebukes them as the heart of the Middle Ages sickened at them.

He pelted Gladstone with rebukes and taunts and gibes, and the recipient of these attentions "rose freely."

A sharp word of reproof sent Lady skulking into a corner; anger forgotten in humiliation at the public rebuke.

Armstrong's sated admiration, and the child's naive ideas of right and wrong were a rebuke to the man's sophistries.

Presumption and pride are rebuked, and warnings given against the allurements of luxury and its concomitant vices.

Then the wrong, wherever found will be rebuked and cloven down, and the right will be enthroned.

It is unfair and ungenerous to single him out to meet a purpose, as the sole object of obloquy and rebuke.

Reuben, on his part, could not face the artist's somewhat rigid self-possession without feeling rebuked and abashed.

Professorial intervention he resented strongly; and severely rebuked Freeman, the historian, for a violent and unpatriotic speech.

Rebuke, revile, contemn, tread upon me, if you will; I am at your feet, to do with as it pleases you.

This impolitic clemency to an unrelenting national foe was sternly rebuked by one of the sons of the prophets.

The manly seething of his soul's insurrection rebuked him, but unfortunately his legs and his voice surrendered.

Not a word of rebuke had passed his lips as to the infamous attempt at spoliation which had been made.

When he heard that, Mentor was wroth, and rebuked Odysseus as slow of hand and cold of heart.

Truth rebukes error; and whether stall-fed or famishing, theology needs Truth to stimulate and sustain a good sermon.

Still rebuking his impulsiveness, he shouldered his gun again, and followed slowly in the direction Archie had taken.

"I know," Mary answered simply, and with something of the humbleness of a child rebuked by high authority.

Stella always remained cool and exasperatingly debonair under his rebukes, whereas he felt himself growing hot and awkward.

She replied, raising her head with a dignified air, as if she were getting ready to rebuke some impertinent speech.

Her anxiety presently overcoming the sense of rebuke, the overwrought girl asked, "He will live, won't he?"

In the answer which a German prince was given there seems to be a rebuke for his misgovernment implied.

If so, do not hesitate to rebuke my importunity, which springs entirely from my excessive interest in the matter.

The terms are on record with which she rebuked some unlucky scandalmonger, and they are of an eighteenth-century plainness.

Send for this nice-looking pair, rebuke them fittingly for any slight impertinence, and then forgive them handsomely.

Many a wave of the fan rewarded, many an angry glance from men's dark eyes rebuked the bold wooer.

Gnawing discontent; energy, rebuked and tamed into mere disquietude, for want of a proper object, preyed upon his soul.

Let us then be tender with the erring and the sinful, rather than censorious, and full of rebuke.

It must be observed, however, that if the faith were endangered, a subject ought to rebuke his prelate even publicly.

In his quiet moments Sir Joseph does not rebuke himself more than he regrets the moral myopia of other people.

All of a sudden she seemed to realize that she was giving them a drubbing instead of a gentle rebuke.

Then he flounced out of the room, impatient of that single word of rebuke which had been administered to him.

These men also had learned that human progress is not much accelerated by whips of fault-finding and rebuke.

I stood abashed and confused under a rebuke which, at the same time, I felt to be but half deserved.

If he did not presume to rebuke the ribaldry of his master, neither would he condescend to smile at it.

The husband snubs her openly for her mental defects, and she with perfect placidity accepts his rebukes.

Did I rebuke him because he had fraudulently kept me for so many years in the position of a younger son?

After some consultation we decided to light a furtive cigarette, but were ignominiously caught by the doctor and rebuked.

And his grave and tender rebuke did even more to tranquilize her jealousy than all his caresses had done.

She was oddly abashed; glanced up at him and glanced down, with the grave air of a rebuked child.

And without giving affront, and without rebuke, I kissed the maiden with fair tresses, as well as the lady.

The tartness of the barberry matches the crispness of the air and rebukes the lack of vigor in us.

While his mother voiced her dignified rebuke, his quick eye glanced along the stage to take in its possibilities.

It was a rebuking, reproachful voice, which he could silence neither with a witty epigram nor with convincing preachment.

Their buildings, with their bare walls and low rafters, were a rebuke to the splendid edifices of the richer orders.

I have never regretted it, and have lived to see the slanderers of my fame rebuked by the whole country.

Quote me as confident of a verdict approving my public course and rebuking the slanderous attack on my private character.

I thought those pictured lips would have broken into voice to rebuke the recreant American, the slanderer of the dead.

If Ellen sensed this jocose rebuke, she at least neither resented it nor paid the slightest heed to its innuendo.

As he was the father, it fell to him to rebuke his son and to excommunicate him for his sin.

Yet although many must have lamented this, no one had been bold enough to rebuke and abolish the glaring profanation.

The Holy Roman Emperor withdrew from his pompous intervention, abashed by a rebuke, but consoled by a promise.

Many times did we rebuke them for their faithlessness (for, so it seemed to us), but they would not cease.

Beneath the fair surface of the remonstrance there must have been some unlovely thing that had to be rebuked away.

She reappeared much later, and was rebuked by her father for having shown such discourtesy to his guests.

He was never heard to reproach or revile, whatever injury he received, but rather rebuked those who did so.

The missionary buried his face in his hands, and Gilbert, abashed by the solemn rebuke, kept a respectful silence.

Both the doctor and his hearers seemed appalled by the audacity, as well as the fitness of the rebuke.

I could not bear to look upon the humiliation of Ernest, who stood like one transfixed by his mother's rebuking glance.