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Use rebuke in a sentence

Definition of rebuke:

  • (noun) an act or expression of criticism and censure;

Sentence Examples:

The elderly gentleman did not again rebuke him.

She accepts his words as a kind rebuke.

The old servant suffered the rebuke in silence.

Keenly sensitive to her rebuke, he spoke half-apologetically.

Gibson's eyes; and he felt a little rebuked.

Rhoda smiled, bending her head to the rebuke.

A few eyes look at it in a rebuking way.

The rebuke had cut Gardner to the quick.

For my part, I should be much rebuked.

He did not spare them in his rebukes.

Again Gardiner rebuked him more severely than before.

Dick received the gentle rebuke with calm indifference.

Her silence touched him somehow as a rebuke.

Yet another suffered the pain of personal rebuke.

"A proper rebuke perhaps, if you have been in trouble."

He conveyed all rebukes by means of looks.

The dog is rebuked sharply, and finally quieted.

There was rebuke and disappointment in his eyes.

He felt himself rebuked by their superior genius.

Sometimes the writer thinks he will rebuke sharply.

Why bear you these rebukes and answer not?

What an exquisite rebuke to some of our ignorant Americans!

He shocked these gentlemen with a well-spoken rebuke.

Prosper felt the rebuke and got more angry.

It was a silly speech, and deserved rebuke.

A less stinging rebuke would have served your purpose.

Now, please spare me even the mildest of rebukes.

There was a hint of rebuke in her tone.

That he should have dared actually to rebuke her!

The falsehood was serious; the editorial rebuke was serious.

He rebuked people who used to pray and say.

I flushed up very much at this polite rebuke.

Came in gentle tones of rebuke from his mother.

I do not propose to rebuke myself for that.

Could even a first citizen rebuke such eager apology?

He hung his head in shame at the rebuke.

There had been mild rebuke in his leader's voice.

A glance of mild rebuke was turned upon him.

She shook her head at me in half-serious rebuke.

He took this rebuke quite well and went off.

This action was rebuked by a resolution of Congress.

Gray had felt, like the rebuke of an angel.

In vain did the officers rebuke the insane delusion.

He was in a mood for punishment, and rebuke.

His neighbor asked in a tone of friendly rebuke.

Officers looked on and spoke no word of rebuke.

They have been refused or rebuked in angry letters.

The first rebuke has fallen upon you from above.

Interrupted Father Jerome, in a tone of stern rebuke.

Claudia laughed, and then became grave to rebuke him.

Without further rebuke Napoleon walked out of the gallery.

He was too thick to be rebuked that night.

It was a merited rebuke, delivered like a gentleman.

She looked at him, arch rebuke in her eyes.

The order and quiet within were like a rebuke.

In his eyes there was no rebuke, no question.

That was the only rebuke he ever gave her.

In any case, she had no fear of rebuke.

Teresa rebuked them, as if they had been children.

The captain bowed stiffly at young Jack's rebuke.

Do not interpret anything I have said as a rebuke.

Jackson was not even rebuked for his course.

Miss Arabella felt the gentle rebuke, and sighed.

His companion remained silent under the apparent rebuke.

Tad rebuked the fat boy with a look.

My mother sometimes wept when I was rebuked.

By this rebuke the king was much affected.

For this I was properly rebuked and silenced.

And the next moment he administered another rebuke.

The sense of humor often tempered his rebukes.

Adrian rebuked her: for her bad grammar, apparently.

Encourage them by promises rather than by rebuke.

It has not surprised me to see you rebuke it.

Cartwright, and she felt just a little rebuked.

Words of rebuke were audible, and the riot died down.

Leslie turned angrily and rebuked the old woman.

He never forbade comfort, but only rebuked luxury.

His profession forbids it; his experience rebukes it.

The Rhinoceros shrank back at being thus rebuked.

Said Harry weakly, under the Sergeant's rebuking glance.

His granddaughter rebuked him with a gentle scratch.

Perhaps he had really deserved his hostess' rebuke.

Although I stood rebuked, the order was signed.

I rebuked myself for having thus long delayed.

If I am more than just to myself, rebuke me.

Her conscience rebuked her more than her heart.

He queried, in a tone half amused and half rebuking.

I endured her homage sometimes; sometimes I rebuked it.

Gentle as it was, Ruth felt the rebuke keenly.

I listened to some stinging rebukes delivered by Mlle.

General movement of virtuous satisfaction at this well-merited rebuke.

"Not to be so impatient," she rebuked him gently.

Open rebukes are for Magistrates, and Courts of Justice!

She did not choose to listen to these rebukes.

This he said very sternly, as though rebuking me.

Loud were our exclamations, but his calm rebuked us.

Whilst hopes of life continued, this rebuke still applied.

The rebuke was enough; he was interrupted no more.

Paul then openly rebuked the leader of the apostles.

This seemed like a rebuke, and Janet kept silent.